First Meeting of the Asia/Pacific Wildlife Hazard Management Working Group (AP-WHM WG/1)

Bangkok, Thailand from 8 to 10 May 2019



collapse Type Name : 2019 AP-WHM WG/1 ‎(26)
collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(1)
FINAL Report of AP-WHM WG.pdfFinal Report of AP-WHM WG/131 May 2019Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(9)
AP-019-19 [AGA].pdf01Invitation Letter7 March 2019Secretariat 
AP-019 - Attachment A - Tentative Programme.pdf02Attachment A — Tentative Programme7 March 2019Secretariat 
AP-019 - Attachment B - Provisional Agenda.pdf03Attachment B - Provisional Agenda7 March 2019Secretariat 
AP-019 - Attachment C - Meeting Bulletin.pdf04Attachment C — Meeting Bulletin7 March 2019Secretariat 
AP-019 - Attachment D - Registration Form.docx05Attachment D — Registration Form7 March 2019Secretariat 
AP-019 - Attachment E - IP_WP Template.docm06Attachment E — Template of Paper7 March 2019Secretariat 
AP-019 - Attachment F - TOR of WHM WG.pdf07Attachment F — TOR of WHM WG7 March 2019Secretariat 
Order of Business-Revision 1.pdf08                    Order of Business - Revision 1  7 May 2019Secretariat 
2019-APWHMWG1-group-photo.jpg09Group Photo9 May 2019Secretariat 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(9)
WP01, AI 1 - Adoption of Agenda.pdfWP01Adoption of Agenda AP-WHM WG/1 4 May 2019Secretariat 
WP02, AI 3 - TOR of the AP-WHM WG.pdfWP02TOR of the AP-WHM Working Group 4 May 2019 Secretariat 
WP03, AI 4 - WHM Programme.pdfWP03Wildlife Hazard Management Programme 4 May 2019 Secretariat 
WP04, AI 4 - APPA_Challenges in Wildlife Hazard Reporting in APAC - AAPA v03.pdfWP04Challenges in Wildlife Hazard Reporting in Asia Pacific 4 May 2019 AAPA 
WP05, AI 5 - BD_Establishment of National Wildlife Strike Control Committee_Revision 1.pdfWP05                  Revision 1Establishment of National Wildlife Strike Control Committee 7 May 2019Bangladesh 
WP06, AI 5 - NP1_National Wildlife strike Control Committee.pdfWP06Establishment of National Wildlife Hazards Management Committee 4 May 2019 Nepal 
WP07, AI 6 - NP2_Development of the Generic Wildlife Hazard Management Programme.pdfWP07Development of Regional Guidance on Airport Wildlife Hazard Management Programme 4 May 2019 Nepal 
WP08, AI 7 - USOAP CMA EI in WHM related PQs.pdfWP08Asia Pacific Average USOAP CMA EIs in Wildlife Hazards Management related PQs 4 May 2019 Secretariat 
WP09, AI 8 - APA-WHM WG Task List.pdfWP09AP-WHM/WG Task List 4 May 2019 Secretariat 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(4)
IP01 - List of Papers.pdfIP01List of Papers 4 May 2019 Secretariat 
IP02, AI 3 - List of Experts for AP-WHM WG_15 Nov. 2018.pdfIP02List of Experts - AP-WHM WG4 May 2019 Secretariat 
IP03, AI 2 - APANPIRG TOR, Composition, Framework Handbook.pdfIP03APANPIRG Composition, Framework and Procedural Handbook 4 May 2019 Secretariat 
IP04, AI 2 - Outcomes of APANPIRG 29.pdfIP04Outcomes of APANPIRG/29 Meeting 4 May 2019 Secretariat 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(3)
APAC wildlife presentation.pdf01A Holistic Approach to Wildlife Management 9 May 2019Mastermark 
Presentation No. 2.pdf02Bangladesh Experience on Airport Wildlife Hazards and Mitigation Processes 9 May 2019Bangladesh 
WBA_Presentation_ICAO_APAC.pdf03World Birdstrike Association (WBA) 10 May 2019WBA 
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