​ Aeronautical Surveillance Workshop

(Bangkok, Thailand, 5 - 6 November 2018)

collapse Type Name : 2018 WASS  ‎(30)
collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(1)
Final_Report of ICAO Workshop on Aeronautical Surveillance Systems.pdfFinal Report07 Jan. 2019Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(7)
AP091-18-CNS.pdf01Letter of invitation10 Sept. 2018Secretariat 
Attachment 1 - Provisional Agenda for the workshop.pdf02Provisional work programme10 Sept. 2018Secretariat 
Attachment 3 - Meeting Bulletin.pdf03Meeting bulletin10 Sept. 2018Secretariat 
Attachment 4 - Nomination Form.pdf04Registration/Nomination form10 Sept. 2018Secretariat 
Workshop Tentative Programme Nov 5.pdf05Workshop Tentative Programme05 Nov. 2018Secretariat 
Attachment 1 - Final List of participants as of 13-11-18.pdf06List of participants 21 Nov. 2018Secretariat 
group photo 5-6 Nov 2018.pdf07Group photo07 Nov. 2018Secretariat 
collapse Category : Agenda Item 01: Familiarization of the work conducted/to be conducted by Surveillance Panel ‎(1)
1-1_Surveillance Panel Activities_up.pdf01Surveillance Panel (SP) Activities05 Nov. 2018ICAO 
collapse Category : Agenda Item 02: Current ADS-B Implementation and Operation ‎(2)
2-1_Introduction to ADS-B.pdf01Introduction to ADS-B31 Oct. 2018Singapore 
2-2_ADS-B Regulation and Service Concepts_up_with notes.pdf02ADS-B Regulation and Service Concepts04 Nov. 2018Australia 
collapse Category : Agenda Item 03: Space Based ADS-B Implementation and Operation ‎(2)
3-1_Aireon Status Briefing_up_REV2.pdf01Aireon Space - Based ADS-B Implementation and Operation05 Nov. 2018ICCAIA (Aireon)  
3-2_Space-Based ADS-B ANSP Perspective.pdf02Space-Based ADS-B - an ANSP Perspective05 Nov. 2018Canada 
collapse Category : Agenda Item 04: Airborne Surveillance Application (ADS-B IN Application) Operation ‎(7)
4-1_Airborne Surveillance Applications_ADS-B-IN.pdf01Airborne Surveillance Applications (ADS-B IN)31 Oct. 2018France 
4-2_ADS-B In-Out Flight Trial in China.pdf02ADS-B IN Application Flight Trial in China31 Oct. 2018China 
4-3_Studies on the Interval Management targeting Tokyo International Airport.pdf03Studies on the Interval Managment Targeting Tokyo International 31 Oct. 2018ENRI 
4-4_Airline interest in future surveillance capabilities_mu.pdf04Airline Interest in Future Surveillance Capabilities01 Nov. 2018United Airlines 
4-5_Airbus presentation-ICAO Aeronautical Surveillance Systems Worshop.pdf05ADS-B Status05 Nov. 2018Airbus 
4-6_ICAO PBN, Time Based Management and ADS-B IN.pdf06ICAO PBN, Time Based Management and ADS-B IN05 Nov. 2018L3 Technologies 
4-7_IFALPA Perspective_Surv Workshop.pdf07IFALPA Perspective05 Nov. 2018IFALPA 
collapse Category : Agenda Item 05: Current and Future Surveillance Systems ‎(4)
5-1_Application Technologies for PSR and SSR in Japan.pdf01Activities Regarding Application Technologies for Primary and Secondary Surveillance Radars in Japan31 Oct. 2018ENRI 
5-2_Multiple Illuminators Based Passive Radar Reseach and Development.pdf02Multiple Illuminators Based Passive Radar (MIPAR) Research and Development31 Oct. 2018China 
5-3_SSR ModeS.pdf03SSR Mode S06 Nov. 2018Thailand 
5-4_24-bit aircraft address management.pdf0424-Bit Aircraft Address Management31 Oct. 2018France 
collapse Category : Agenda Item 06: Use of Data from Surveillance and other Systems ‎(2)
6-1_Use of DAPs.pdf01Use of Downlink of Aircraft Parameters (Mode S)31 Oct. 2018France 
6-2_Implementation Plan of DAPs in Japan.pdf02Implementation Plan of DAPs in Japan31 Oct. 2018Japan 
collapse Category : Agenda Item 07: Current and Future Operation of Airborne Collision Avoidance Systems (ACAS) ‎(1)
7-1_ACAS X for ICAO APAC ADS-B workshop - v1.2.pdf01Current and Future Operations of Airborne Collision Avoidance Systems06 Nov. 2018USA 
collapse Category : Agenda Item 08: Spectrum Considerations ‎(1)
8-1_Spectrum briefing.pdf01Spectrum Considerations01 Nov. 2018USA 
collapse Category : Agenda Item 09: Future ADS-B ‎(1)
9-1_Future ADS-B - presentation.pdf01Future ADS-B31 Oct. 2018USA 
collapse Category : Agenda Item 10: Regional Activities ‎(1)
10-1 APAC Regional Activities in Surveillance.pdf01Regional Activities in Surveillance01 Nov. 2018ICAO 


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