​Eighth Meeting of the Regional Aviation Safety Group – Asia and Pacific Regions

(Bangkok, Thailand, 6-7 September 2018)


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Final Report of the RASG-APAC8.pdfFinal Report of the RASG-APAC/8 Meeting18 September 2018 
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Programme for web.pdfMeeting Programme (Revised) 
AP063-18-FS - SL_RASG-APAC8.pdf01Letter of Invitation 
Provisional Agenda revised.pdf02Provisional Agenda (Revised)31 August 2018 
AP063-18-FS Att C_Meeting Bulletin.pdf03Meeting Bulletin 
AP063-18-FS Att B_Nomination_Registration Form.pdf04Registration Form 
List of Sponsors and Exhibitors.pdf05List of Sponsors and Exhibitors7 September 2018 
group photo RASGAPAC8.pdf06Group Photo7 September 2018 
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RASG-APAC8 - WP-01 AI_1 - [SEC] Provisional Agenda.pdfWP/01Adoption of the Provisional Agenda28 August 2018Secretariat 
RASG-APAC8 - WP-02 AI_2 - [SEC] Election of Chair n Vice Chair.pdfWP/02Election of RASG-APAC Chairperson and Vice-chairperson28 August 2018Secretariat 
RASG-APAC8 - WP-03 AI_3 - [SEC] Outcome of First APAC Ministerial Conference -R1.pdfWP/03 (Revision 1)Outcome of the First Asia/Pacific Ministerial conference on Civil Aviation 4 September 2018Secretariat 
RASG-APAC8 - WP-04 AI_3 - [ICAO HQ] Enhancing Support for the Implementation of Effective Safety Management.pdfWP/04Enhancing Support for the Implementation of Effective Safety Management31 August 2018Secretariat 
RASG-APAC8 - WP-05 AI_4 - [SEC] Update of RASG7 Dec and Con.pdfWP/05Review of Progress of RASG-APAC/7 Decisions and Conclusions4 September 2018Secretariat 
RASG-APAC8 - WP-06 AI_5 - [SEC] Update of 2017-2018 Work Prog.pdfWP/06Update of RASG-APAC 2017/2018 Work Programme28 August 2018Secretariat 
RASG-APAC8 - WP-07 AI_5 - [SEC] Update of  APRAST11-12 Dec n Con.pdfWP/07Review of Decisions and Conclusions Adopted at APRAST/11 and APRAST/12 and its Progress28 August 2018Secretariat 
RASG-APAC8 - WP-08 AI_5 - [SEC] APAC-AIG Direct Reporting to RASG-APAC.pdfWP/08APAC-AIG direct reporting to RASG-APAC and corresponding change of ToRs in RASG-APAC procedural handbook28 August 2018Secretariat 
RASG-APAC8 - WP-09 AI_5 - [AP-RASPAT] Update on APAC Regional Aviation Safety Priorities and Targets.pdfWP/09Update on Asia Pacific Regional Aviation Safety Priorities and Targets31 August 2018APRAST Co-chairs 
RASG-APAC8 - WP-10 AI_5 - [AIG] Update on work done by APAC-AIG.pdfWP/10Update on Work Done by APAC-AIG28 August 2018Chairman APAC-AIG 
RASG-APAC8 - WP-11 AI_5 - [SRP WG] Annual Safety Report.pdfWP/11Progress of Development of Annual Safety Report 1 September 2018Co-chair of APRAST SRP WG 
RASG-APAC8 - WP-12 AI_5 - [SEI WG] SEI LOC6-UPRT.pdfWP/12Safety Enhancement Initiative (SEI) LOC/6 – Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT)4 September 2018SEI WG 
RASG-APAC8 - WP-13 AI_6 - [SEC] Regional Aviation Safety Plan.pdfWP/13Formulating a Regional Aviation Safety Plan (RASP) and Role of RASG28 August 2018Secretariat 
RASG-APAC8 - WP-14 AI_6 - [HKG] UAS in Hong Kong China.pdfWP/14Regulation of unmanned aircraft systems in Hong Kong, China28 August 2018Hong Kong, China 
RASG-APAC8 - WP-15 AI_6 - [HKG] OpsStdsForeignBizAircraft.pdfWP/15Operation Standards of Foreign Business Aircraft28 August 2018Hong Kong, China 
RASG-APAC8 - WP-16 AI_6 - [USA] RASG Safety Framework-FINAL_revised.pdfWP/16Importance of Maintaining the RASG Safety Framework in Support of the GASP28 August 2018United States 
RASG-APAC8 - WP-17 AI_6 - [FSF] AP-SHARE_v6.pdfWP/17Regional Data Collection, Analysis and Information Sharing (AP-SHARE) Demonstration Project Status Report28 August 2018FSF and MITRE 
RASG-APAC8 - WP-18 AI_6 - [SIN] Cybersecurity.pdfWP/18System-of-systems Notion within Cybersecurity in Aviation 28 August 2018Singapore 
RASG-APAC8 - WP-19 AI_6 - [JPN] Preventing Objects Falling off Airplanes.pdfWP/19Preventing Objects Falling off Airplanes28 August 2018Japan 
RASG-APAC8 - WP-20 AI_6 - [SIN] ALOSP.pdfWP/20Challenges with the Implementation of the Concept of the Acceptable Level of Safety Performance (ALoSP)28 August 2018Singapore 
RASG-APAC8 - WP-21 AI_7 - [APRAST Co-chair] !RASG-APAC Proposed 2018_2019 Work Prog.pdfWP/21Proposed RASG-APAC 2018-2019 Yearly and Standing Work Programmes28 August 2018APRAST Co-Chairs 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(8)
RASG-APAC8 - IP-01 List of Papers R3 [6Sept2018].pdfIP/01List of Papers6 September 2018 
RASG-APAC8 - IP-02 AI_6 - [USA] GASP-FINAL.pdfIP/02Global Aviation Safety Plan28 August 2018United States 
RASG-APAC8 - IP-03 AI_6 - [USA] US interest in ANC13.pdfIP/03Areas of Interest for the United States at ICAO’s 13th Air Navigation Conference28 August 2018United States 
RASG-APAC8 - IP-04 AI_6 - [NEP] SARPs and PANs.pdfIP/04Challenges in Incorporating ICAO SARPS and PANS in National Regulations4 September 2018Nepal 
RASG-APAC8 - IP-05 AI_6 - [ICAOHQ] 2018 GASP update.pdfIP/05Update of the Global Aviation Safety Plan (GASP)4 September 2018Secretariat 
RASG-APAC8 - IP-06 AI_6 - [ICAOHQ] 2018 ICAO update.pdfIP/06ICAO Update4 September 2018Secretariat 
RASG-APAC8 - IP-07 AI_6 - [IBAC] IBAC safety.pdfIP/07International Business Aviation Commitment to Safety5 September 2018IBAC 
RASG-APAC8 - IP-08 AI_8 - [DPRK] impact analysis report.pdfIP/08Impact Assessment Report regarding Suspended Safety and Security Services6 September 2018DPR KOREA 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(11)
PPT-01 - [HQ] RASGAPAC8.pdfPPT-01Safety Travels – ICAO’s Agenda for Safety and Air NavigationICAO HQ 
PPT-02 - [HQ] GASOS RSOO RASG8.pdfPPT-02Global Aviation Safety Oversight System (GASOS) and Regional Safety Oversight Organizations (RSOOs)ICAO HQ 
PPT-03 - [ICAOHQ] Safety n Air Navigation.pdfPPT-03Safety & Air Navigation Overview – ImplementationICAO HQ 
PPT-04_WP10 - [Chairman APAC-AIG] Update on APAC-AIG activities.pdfPPT-04 (WP/10)Update on APAC-AIG ActivitiesChairman APAC-AIG 
PPT-05_WP11 - SRP REPORT FOR RASG-8.pdfPPT-05 (WP/11)SRP WG of APRAST Progress Report   for Co-chair of SRP WG 
PPT-06_WP12 - [SEI WG] Safety Enhancement Initiative [SEI] LOC_6 Upset Prevention and Recovery Training [UPRT].pdfPPT-06 (WP/12)Safety Enhancement Initiative (SEI); LOC/6 – Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT)Co-chair of SEI WG 
PPT-07_WP13 and IP-05 - [SEC] RASP for RASG.pdfPPT-07 (WP/13 and IP/5)Formulating a Regional Aviation Safety Plan (RASP) and Role of RASG (WP/13); Development of National Aviation Safety Plan (NASP) (IP/5)Secretariat 
PPT-08_WP14 - [HKG]Regulation of UAS in HK.pdfPPT-08 (WP/14)Regulation of Unmanned Aircraft SystemHong Kong, China 
PPT-09_WP17 - [SIN] RASG-APAC8_APSHARE_v3copy1.pdfPPT-09 (WP/17)Regional Data Collection, Analysis And Information Sharing (AP-SHARE) Demonstration ProjectSingapore 
PPT-10_WP18 - [SIN] System-Of-System Notion of Cybersecurity in Aviation_slides.pdfPPT-10 (WP/18)System-of-System Notion of Cybersecurity in AviationSingapore 
PPT-11_WP20 - [SIN] ALoSP.pdfPPT-11 (WP/20)Challenges with the Implementation of the Concept of Acceptable Level of Safety Performance  (ALoSP)Singapore 


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