​PBN Safety Assessment Workshop

(Beijing China (ICAO APAC RSO),  16-18 October 2018)

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collapse Type Name : 2018 PBN-SA Workshop ‎(14)
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AP067-18 ICAO Invitation PBN Safety Assessment Workshop (Beijing, China, 16-18Oct2018).pdf01Letter of invitation28 June 2018Secretariat 
Attachment A_PBN Safety Assessment Workshop Programme.pdf02Attachment A - Workshop programme28 June 2018Secretariat 
Attachment B_Registration Form.docx03Attachment B - Registration form28 June 2018Secretariat 
Attachment C_Workshop Bulletin.pdf04Attachment C - Workshop bulletin28 June 2018Secretariat 
Workshop Program_final-updated.pdf05Workshop Program22 October 2018Secretariat 
Summary and Outcomes of PBN Safety Assessment Workshop.pdf06Summary and Outcomes of PBN Safety Assessment Workshop22 October 2018 
List of Participants(55) for PBN SA Workshop.pdf07List of Participants for PBN SA Workshop22 October 2021 
Group Pic - PBN Safety Assurance Workshop.jpg08Group Pic - PBN Safety Assurance Workshop22 October 2018 
collapse Category : Day 3 ‎(6)
3-1 PBN Implementation Process Briefing-APAC RSO.pdf3-1PBN Implementation Process Briefing - APAC RSO22 October  2018 
3-2 RSO Workshop October 2018_PBN safety studies.pdf3-2RSO Workshop October 2018_PBN safety studies22 October 2018 
3-3 CAAP PBN Safety Assessment_amended.pdf3-3CAAP PBN Safety Assessment22 October 2018 
3-4 XJ CAAC PBN SAFETY ASSESSMENT.pdf3-4XJ CAAC PBN Safety Assessment22 October 2018 
3-5 IFP Safety Assessment in CAAS.pdf3-5IFP Safety Assessment in CAAS22 October 2018 
3-6 RENAMING and ATC PIL phraseology.pdf3-6RENAMING and ATC PIL phraseology22 October 2018 

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