Tenth Meeting of the Collaborative Arrangement for the Prevention and Management of

Public Health Events in Civil Aviation Asia Pacific (CAPSCA-AP/10)

(Bangkok, Thailand, 22-23 November 2018) 

collapse Type Name : 2018 CAPSCA-AP10 ‎(25)
collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(2)
Summary Report - CAPSCA-AP-10 (Thailand, 22-23 Nov 2018).pdf01Summary Report20 February 2019Secretariat 
group photo CAPSCA-AP10.pdf02Group Photo22 November 2018Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(5)
Invitation Letter.pdf01Invitation Letter26 October 2018Secretariat 
10th CAPSCA - AP Provisional Meeting Programme (final).pdf02Meeting Programme23 November 2018Secretariat 
Nomination Form.pdf03Nomination Form26 October 2018Secretariat 
Meeting Bulletin.pdf04Meeting Bulletin26 October 2018Secretariat 
Participant List-CAPSCA-AP_10 (22-23Nov2018).pdf05Participant List23 November 2018Secretariat 
collapse Category : 3-Opening Speeches ‎(3)
Welcome Remarks by Mr. Arun Mishra, Regional Director, ICAO APAC Office.pdf01Welcome Remarks23 November 2018ICAO/Mr Arun Mishra 
Opening Remarks by Dr. Thilaka Chinnayah, Medical Officer for IHR, WHE, WHO WPRO.pdf02Opening Remarks23 November 2018WHO/Dr Thilaka Chinnayah 
Opening Remarks by the Chairman, Mr. Preeda Yungsuksathaporn, Deputy Director General of CAAT.pdf03Opening Remarks23 November 2018CAA Thailand/Mr Preeda Yungsuksathaporn 
collapse Category : 4-Day 1 (22 November 2018) ‎(8)
Day1 10.00hrs (ICAO) Recap of 9th Meeting of CAPSCA-AP.pdf01Recap of the CAPSCA-AP/9 Meeting Conclusions22 November 2018ICAO/Mr Parakrama Dissanayake 
Day1 ICAO CAPSCA global activities Nov 2018.pdf02Meeting objectives and CAPSCA Global Feedback22 November 2018ICAO/Dr Ansa Jordaan 
Day1 11.30hrs (WHO) APSED IHR CAPSCA 2018 Thila.pdf03Advancing Implementation of  International Health Regulations (2005) in the Region - Asia Pacific Strategy for Emerging Diseases and Public Health Emergencies (APSED)22 November 2018WHO/Dr Thilaka Chinnayah 
Day1 ICAO update Nov 2018.pdf04ICAO Update22 November 2018ICAO/Dr Ansa Jordaan 
Day1 13.30hrs (WHO) JEE POE CAPSCA 2018 Thila.pdf05IHR (2005) - Joint External Evaluation (JEE) with Focus on Point of Entry22 November 2018WHO/Dr Thilaka Chinnayah 
Day1 14.00hrs (China) Prevention and Control Measures for Public Health Management.pdf06Prevention and Control Measures for Public Health Management in China Southern Airlines22 November 2018China/Dr Haifeng Wang 
Day1 (Thailand) Ebola capsca.pdf07Health measures for Ebola, Thailand - From Government regulator to service provider22 November 2018Thailand/Capt Permsak Thongpibul 
Day1 (Sri Lanka) Updates on activities and achievements.pdf08Updates on activities and achievements22 November 2018Sri Lanka/Dr Dilhani Samarasekera 
collapse Category : 5-Day 2 (23 November 2018) ‎(7)
Day2 11.00hrs (WHO) Vector surveillance and control at PoE in the IHR framework.pdf01IHR (2005) - Vector Surveillance and Control at PoE23 November 2018WHO/Dr Thilaka Chinnayah 
Day2 11.30hrs (WHO) PAGnet 2018_WHO Secretariat.pdf02Introduction to PAGNet 23 November 2018WHO/Dr Thilaka Chinnayah 
Day2 13.00hrs (ACI and Qatar) Airport Preparedness for Disease Outbreaks.pdf03Guidance Materials on Airport Preparedness for Disease Outbreaks and Practical Case on Implementation23 November 2018ACI/Mr SL Wong and Qatar/Ms Sheila Cantos 
Day2 15.30hrs (ICAO) Drones in humanitarian operations CAPSCA Nov 2018.pdf04Drones in Humanitarian Operations23 November 2018ICAO/Dr Ansa Jordaan 
Day2 15.00hrs (ICAO) CAPSCA on-line training Nov 2018.pdf05CAPSCA on-line training23 November 2018ICAO/Dr Ansa Jordaan 
Day2 Updates from TANZANIA.pdf06Updates on activities and achievements23 November 2018Tanzania/Dr Alexander Mkwizu 
Day2 (ICAO) CAPSCA Membership and Venue for 11th CAPSCA AP.pdf07CAPSCA Membership and Venue for 11th CAPSCA AP23 November 2018ICAO/Mr Parakrama Dissanayake 


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