​Thirteenth Meeting of the Asia Pacific Regional Aviation (APRAST/13)

(Bangkok, Thailand, 3-7 December 2018)

collapse Type Name : 2018 APRAST13 ‎(29)
collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(1)
APRAST13 - Final Report.pdfFinal Report of the APRAST/13 Meeting13 Dec. 2018 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(8)
! group photo.pdf-Group Photo03 Dec. 2018 
AP126-18-FS - INV-APRAST_13.pdf01Invitation Letter16 Oct. 2018 
APRAST13 - Provisional Agenda_R1.pdf02Provisional Agenda (Revision 1)27 Nov. 2018 
APRAST13 - Programme_R2 [30Nov2018].pdf03Meeting Programme (Revision 1)30 Nov. 2018 
AP126-18-FS Att D - Meeting Bulletin.pdf04Meeting Bulletin16 Oct. 2018 
List of Hotel.pdf05List of Hotel16 Oct. 2018 
AP126-18-FS Att C - Nomination_Registration Form.pdf06Registration / Nomination Form16 Oct. 2018 
APRAST13-WP_IP Template.docx07WP / IP Template1 Nov. 2018 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(14)
APRAST13-WP-01.AI_1 - [SEC] Adoption of Agenda.pdfWP/01Adoption of the Provisional Agenda30 Nov. 2018Secretariat 
APRAST13-WP-02.AI_2 - [SEC] Election of SRP Vice-chair [State].pdfWP/02Election of SRP WG Co-chair30 Nov. 2018Secretariat 
APRAST13-WP-03.AI_3 - [CHN] Civil Aviation Safety Programme [SSP] in China.pdfWP/03Civil Aviation State Safety Program (SSP) in China30 Nov. 2018China 
APRAST13-WP-04.AI_3 - [CHN] SMS PERFORMANCE EVALUATION IN CHINA.pdfWP/04SMS Performance Evaluation in China30 Nov. 2018China 
APRAST13-WP-05.AI_3 - [CHN] 3_DATA-DRIVEN QUALIFICATION MANAGEMENT FOR AIRLINE PILOTS.pdfWP/05Data-driven Qualification Management for Airline Pilots30 Nov. 2018China 
APRAST13-WP-06.AI_3 - [CHN] IMPROVEMENTS OF SAFETY PERFORMANCE BY SDR DATA SCREENING.pdfWP/06Improvements of Safety Performance by SDR Data Screening30 Nov. 2018China 
APRAST13-WP-07 AI_4 - [ICAO_SEC] update of the RASG-APAC8 Dec and Con.pdfWP/07Progress Update of the RASG-APAC/8 Decisions and Conclusions30 Nov. 2018Secretariat 
APRAST13-WP-08.AI_4 - [ICAO_SEC] update on Yearly Work Programme 2018-19.pdfWP/08Update of RASG-APAC/8 Annual & Standing Work Program 2018/201930 Nov. 2018Secretariat 
APRAST13-WP-09.AI_5 - [ICAO_SEC] Update of APRAST 12 Decisions and Conclusions.pdfWP/09Update of APRAST/12 Decisions and Conclusions30 Nov. 2018Secretariat 
APRAST13-WP-11.AI_5 - [SEI_WG] SEIs Implementation and other Safety Tools Survey_201811.pdfWP/11SEIS Implementation and other Safety Tools Survey30 Nov. 2018SEI WG 
APRAST13-WP-12.AI_5 - [FSF] APSHARE V3.pdfWP/12Regional Data Collection, Analysis and Information Sharing (AP-SHARE) Demonstration Project Status Report30 Nov. 2018Flight Safety Foundation 
APRAST13-WP-13.AI_6 - [SIN]Proposed approach to develop the AP-RASP.pdfWP/13Proposed Approach to Develop the Asia-Pacific Regional Aviation Safety Plan (AP-RASP)30 Nov. 2018Singapore 
APRAST13-WP-14.AI_6 - [IATA] IOSA.pdfWP/14IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA)30 Nov. 2018IATA 
APRAST13-WP-15.AI_6 - [USA_IATA] SIP Enables Proactive Safety Programs.pdfWP/15Safety Information Protections Enable Proactive Safety Management30 Nov. 2018United States and IATA 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(1)
APRAST13 IP-02 AI_3 - [USA] SMS Evolution.pdfIP/02SMS Implementation and Evolution30 Nov. 2018United States 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(5)
PPT 01 - [ICAO_HQ] 181203 - APRAST - PANC Brief.pdfPPT 01SARPs: from Development to Implementation02 Dec. 2018Secretariat 
PPT 04.AI_6 WP13 - [SIN] Proposed approach to develop AP-RASP.pdfPPT 04 - Agenda Item 6Proposed Approach to Develop the Asia-Pacific Regional Aviation Safety Plan (AP-RASP)02 Dec. 2018Singapore 
PPT 05.AI_6 - [COSCAP-SEA] ICAO_RSP_APAC_2018-11-30.pdfPPT 05 - Agenda Item 6Runway Safety Go-Teams02 Nov. 2018COSCAP-SEA 
PPT07.AI_5 - [SIN_FSF] 181130 APRAST13_APSHARE_v2.pdfPPT 07 - Agenda Item 5Regional Data Collection, Analysis and Information Sharing (AP-SHARE) Demonstration Project Status Report03 Dec. 2018Jointly presented by APRAST Co-Chair (Industry) and Singapore 
PPT 08.AI_5 WP11 - SEIs Implementation and other Safety Tools Survey_20181202 Rev.3.pdfPPT 08 - Agenda Item 5SEIS Implementation and other Safety Tools Survey04 Dec. 2018SEI WG 
collapse Type Name : Agenda Item 3 – Workshop Sessions ‎(7)
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CN-1 Civil Aviation State Safety Program in China v2.pdf01Civil Aviation State Safety Programme in China03 Dec. 2018China 
CN-2 SMS performance evaluation in China v2.pdf02SMS Performance Evaluation in China03 Dec. 2018China 
CN-3 DATA-DRIVEN QUALIFICATION MANAGEMENT FOR AIRLINE PILOTS.pdf03Date-driven Qualification Management for Airline Pilots04 Dec. 2018China 
CN-4 SAFETY PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT BY SDR DATA SCREENING v2.pdf04Safety Performance Improvement by SDR Data Screening04 Dec. 2018China 
PPT 02.AI_3 - CANSO SoE SEAN - APRAST 13 Updated 03122018.pdf05CANSO Standard of Excellence in SMS and SEANS-Safety03 Dec. 2018CANSO 
PPT 06.AI_3 - [SIN]SSP implementation_APRAST.pdf06Singapore’s SSP Implementation Journey03 Dec. 2018Singapore 
PPT 03.AI_3 - [USA] Driving Change Through Safety Management (FAA).pdf07Driving Change Through Safety Management02 Dec. 2018United States 


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