​Twenty Ninth Meeting of the Asia/Pacific Air Navigation Planning and

Implementation Regional Group (APANPIRG/29)

(Bangkok, Thailand, 3 - 5 September 2018)

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Final Report_APANPIRG-29.pdfFinal Report of APANPIRG/295 October 2018Secretariat 
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Improving State Regional Interaction - Workshop Information.pdf01Improving State’s Engagement in Regional Air Navigation Planning and Implementation30 August 2018Secretariat 
WORKSHOP ACTIVITY GROUP 1.pdf02Workshop Activity Group 14 September 2018Secretariat 
WORKSHOP ACTIVITY GROUP 2.pdf03Workshop Activity Group 24 September 2018Secretariat 
Breakout Group 1 Report Template.pptx04Breakout Group 1 Report Template4 September 2018Secretariat 
Breakout Group 2 Report Template.pptx05Breakout Group 2 Report Template4 September 2018Secretariat 
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AP-054-18 (AGA) - Invitation Letter_Member States.pdf01Invitation Letter_Member States7 June 2018Secretariat 
AP-054-18 (AGA) - Invitation Letter_IOs.pdf02Invitation Letter_IOs7 June 2018Secretariat 
Order of Business-Ver. 2.0.pdf03Order of Business31 August 2018Secretariat 
List of Papers - APANPIRG 29.pdf04List of Papers3 September 2018Secretariat 
List of Sponsors and Exhibitors.pdf05List of Sponsors and Exhibitors3 September 2018Secretariat 
group photo APANPIRG29.pdf06Group photo4 September 2018Secretariat 
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Adoption of the Provisional Agenda - Adoption of the Provisional Agenda.pdfWP01Adoption of the Provisional Agenda27 August 2018Secretariat 
WP 02 REV 1, AI 1A - Outcome of the First APAC Min. Conf. on Civil Aviation.pdfWP02              Revision 1Outcome of the First Asia/Pacific Ministerial Conference on Civil Aviation29 August 2018Secretariat 
WP 03, AI 1B.1 - ANC actions on APANPIRG 28 Report.pdfWP03Review of the Actions of the Air Navigation Commission on the Report of the APANPIRG/2827 August 2018Secretariat 
WP 04 REV 1, AI 1B.1 - Review of the Action taken by the ANC.pdfWP04             Revision 1Review of the action taken by the ANC and the Council on the Consolidated Annual Report on APANPIRG/2829 August 2018Secretariat 
!WP 05, AI 1B.2 - APANPIRG 28 Conclusions-Decisions.pdfWP05Status of Implementation of APANPIRG/28 Conclusions and Decisions27 August 2018 Secretariat  
!WP 06REV 1 AI 1B.3 - Outstanding Conclusions- Decisions.pdfWP06                Revision 1Status of Implementation of Outstanding APANPIRG Conclusions and Decisions30 August 2018Secretariat 
!WP 07, AI 1C - Report on 5th APANPIRG RASG Coordination Meeting1.pdfWP07Report of the Fifth Coordination Meeting between the Chairpersons of APANPIRG and RASG-APAC 27 August 2018 Secretariat  
!WP 08, AI 1C - RASG-7_APRAST 11_12 Outcomes.pdfWP08RASG/7 and APRAST/11 - 12 Meeting Outcomes27 August 2018 Secretariat  
WP 09_REV 1, AI 3.1 - AOPSG Outcomes.pdfWP09                  Revision 1Report on the Second Meeting of AOP Sub Group 31 August 2018Chairman of AOP/SG 
!WP10 REV1 2c AI 3.2 - ATMSG6 Outcomes_updated.pdfWP10                  Revision 1ATM/SG/6 Report29 August 2018Secretariat 
!WP 11 2c AI 3.3 - RASMAG23 Outcomes.pdfWP11RASMAG/23 Outcomes27 August 2018 Secretariat  
!WP12_CNS SG22 Outcome -updated on 27Aug18_v3.pdfWP12Report on the Twenty Second Meeting of CNS Sub-Group27 August 2018 Chairman of CNS SG 
WP 13, AI 3.5 - Report-of-MET-SG-22.pdfWP13Meteorology Sub-Group Report28 August 2018Chairman of MET SG 
WP 14 AI 3.6 - APAC RSO past and future activities v1.51.pdfWP14Past and Future Activities of the ICAO Asia and Pacific Regional Sub-Office27 August 2018 Secretariat  
WP 15_REV 3, AI 4 - AN Deficiencies.pdfWP15                 Revision 3Status of Air Navigation Deficiencies in the Asia/PAC Region4 September 2018Secretariat 
WP 16, AI 5 - ICAO Future Work Programme.pdfWP16APANPIRG Work Programme 2019+31 August 2018Secretariat 
!WP 17, AI 6 - Review of effectiveness of Sub Group.pdfWP17Report of the Review of Effectiveness of Sub Groups' Empowerment to adopt Conclusions and Decisions27 August 2018 Hong Kong, China on behalf of Small Working Group  
WP 18, AI 1C - CANSO Standard of Excellence in SMS and SEANS-Safety_V2.pdfWP18CANSO Standard of Excellence in SMS and SEANS-Safety27 August 2018 CANSO 
WP 19, AI2 - Global and Inter Regional Activities-V4.pdfWP19Potential of Space-based ADS-B to improve Global Aviation Safety27 August 2018 ICCAIA 
WP 20, AI 3.4 - Acquisition Excellence for ANSPs_V2.pdfWP20Acquisition Excellence for ANSPs27 August 2018 CANSO 
WP 21, AI 3.4 - Need for ATS Surveillance and DCPC Coverage Charts for the Region - Final.pdfWP21Need for ATS Surveillance and Direct Controller and Pilot Communication VHF Coverage Charts for the Region27 August 2018 Hong Kong, China 
WP 22, REV 1_AI 3.4 - Successful Implementation of CRV between Hong Kong and Manila - v2.pdfWP22            Revision 1Successful Implementation of Common Aeronautical Virtual Private Network Between Hong Kong and Manila29 August 2018Hong Kong, China 
WP 23, AI 2 - GRF_RG.pdfWP23Implementation Support for the Global Reporting Format for Runway Surface Conditions 29 August 2018Secretariat 
!WP 24_REV 2, AI 2 - RNP Charting_RG.pdfWP24                   Revision 2PBN Approach Charts – Regional Plan for Transition from RNAV to RNP1 September 2018Secretariat 
WP25_REV 1, AI 2 - SID Star_RG_v1_.pdfWP25              Revision 1Implementation Support for the New SID/STAR Phraseologies30 August 2018Secretariat 
WP 26, AI 2 - Risk Assessment_RG.pdfWP26Risk Assessment for Civil Aircraft Operations over or near Conflict Zones – Comprehensive Guidance Material and Practices for States, Operators, and ANSPs29 August 2018Secretariat 
WP 27, AI 1C - Enhancing Support for the Implementation of Effective SM.pdfWP27Enhancing Support for the Implementation of Effective Safety Management29 August 2018Secretariat 
WP 28_REV 1, AI 2 - ACORNS.pdfWP28               Revision 1Establishing the Aviation Community Operational Resilient Network Services (ACORNS)30 August 2018USA 
WP 29_REV 1, AI 2 - Global Swim.pdfWP29              Revision 1Promotion of a Global System-Wide Information Management Framework30 August 2018USA 
WP 30, AI 3.4 - DATACOM_Japan.Rev.pdfWP30Global Harmonaization of the DATACOM Implementation for Realization of TBO29 August 2018Japan 
WP 31, AI 3.4 - New Operation_Japan-Rev.pdfWP31The Necessity of Harmonization for Implementation of New Operations29 August 2018Japan 
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IP 01 - Meeting Bulletin.pdfIP01Meeting Bulletin27 August 2018 Secretariat  
IP 02, AI 2 - Cyber Resiliency.pdfIP02Promotion of Cyber Resilience through Global Awareness and Regional Exercises27 August 2018 USA 
IP 03, AI 2 - UAS IPP.pdfIP03UAS Integration Pilot Program27 August 2018 USA 
IP 04, AI 3.0 - CARATS_Japan.pdfIP04Status Upgrade of the Long-Term Vision for the Future Air Traffic Systems of Japan (CARATS)27 August 2018 Japan 
IP 05, AI 3.1 - ARP - FAA Assistance to Micronesia.pdfIP05FAA Assistance to Airports in the Micronesia Region27 August 2018USA 
IP 06, AI 3.1 - ARP - Aviaition Obstruction Lighting Compatibility with Nig.pdfIP06Infrared Specifications for Aviation Obstruction Light Compatibility with Night Vision Goggles27 August 2018 USA 
IP 07, AI 3.2 - Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety System2.pdfIP07Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety System27 August 2018USA 
IP 08, AI 3.2 - Enhancing Airspace Capacity.pdfIP08Enhancing Airspace Capacity through the Phased Implementation of AIDC Operation and Reduced Longitudinal Spacing in Hong Kong FIR27 August 2018Hong Kong, China 
IP 09, AI 3.4 - SBAS_Australia.pdfIP09Space Based Augmentation System in Australia27 August 2018Australia 
IP 10 AI 3.4 - Performance Framework for Regional Air Navigation Planning and Implementation V2.pdfIP10Status towards Commissioning Space-Based ADS-B27 August 2018ICCAIA 
IP 11, AI 3.5 - ALWIN_Japan.pdfIP11Airport Low-Level Wind Information (ALWIN)27 August 2018Japan 
IP 12, AI 3.5 - SPACE Weather_Japan.pdfIP12Facilitating Interactions between Space Weather Information Service Provides and Users27 August 2018Japan 
IP 13, AI 3.1 - Provisions on Permission for Using Civil Transport Airports in China.pdfIP13Provisions on Permission for Using Civil Transport Airports in China28 August 2018China 
IP 14, AI 2 - US Interests in ANC13.pdfIP14Areas of interest for the United States at ICAO’S 13th Air Navigation Conference29 August 2018USA 
IP 15, AI 2 - Two day workshop on current and future aeronautical surveillance systems v3.pdfIP15ICAO Workshop on Aeronautical Surveillance Systems, Thailand 05-06 November 20181 September 2018Secretariat 
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01 - Safe Travels Committed to leave no one behind.pdf01Safe Travels - Committed to leave no one behind3 September 2018Secretariat 
02 - Space based ADS-B.pdf02Space Based ADS-B3 September 2018ICCAIA 
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Flimsy 01 - Safety and Air Navigation Overview - Implementation.pdfFlimsy 01Safety and Air Navigation Overview - Implementation3 September 2018Secretariat 


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