​Airport Collaborative Decision Making Seminar in Conjunction with the Third Meeting of

the Asia/Pacific Airport Collaborative Decision Making Task Force

(Bali, Indonesia, 13 – 16 August 2018)

collapse Type Name : 2018 APA-CDMTF3 ‎(37)
collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(1)
!FINAL Report.pdfFinal Report1 October 2018Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(6)
AP-056-18_(AGA) - SL - APA-CDMTF3.pdf01Invitation Letter8 June 2018Secretariat 
AP-056 - Attachment A - Tentative Programme.pdf02Tentative Programme8 June 2018Secretariat 
AP-056 - Attachment B - Meeting_Bulletin_ICAO APA-CDM TF3.pdf03Meeting Bulletin8 June 2018Secretariat 
Programme -ACDM Seminar_Final_REv. 03.pdf04Programme ACDM Seminar_Revision 113 August 2018Secretariat 
Order of Business-APA-CDM TF 3_Final (Rev. 01) 10 Aug. 2018.pdf05Order of Business for APA-CDM/TF/3_Revision 112 August 2018Secretariat 
photo group 02.pdf06Group Photo15 August 2018Secretariat 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(12)
AI01 WP01 - Adoption of Agenda.pdfWP01Adoption of the Provisional Agenda for A-CDM/TF/39 August 2018Secretariat 
AI02 WP02 - Outcome of the First APAC Min. Conf. on Civil Aviation.pdfWP02Outcome of the First Asia/Pacific Ministerial Conference on Civil Aviation9 August 2018 Secretariat 
AI02 WP03 - Outcomes of AOPSG-2 Meeting.pdfWP03Outcomes of AOP/SG/2 Meeting9 August 2018 Secretariat 
AI02 WP04 - ATFM SG Outcomes.pdfWP04 ATFM SG Outcomes9 August 2018 Secretariat  
AI04 WP05 - China_Operation data sharing system of CAAC to promote the development of A-CDM in China.pdfWP05Operation Data Sharing System of CAAC to promote the Development of A-CDM in China9 August 2018 China 
AI04 WP06 - India_Implementation of A-CDM at Airports in APAC Region.pdfWP06Implementation of Airport Collaborative Decision Making at Airports in Asia Pacific Region9 August 2018 India 
AI05 WP07 - India_Interfacing A-CDM with C-ATFM  Issues and Way Forward_Rev. 1.pdfWP07                Revision 1Interfacing A-CDM with C-ATFM – Issues and Way Forward20 August 2018India 
AI05 WP08 - Hong Kong China_Towards Inclusive Interoperability of ACDM and ATFM - 20180807.pdfWP08Towards Inclusive Interoperability of Systems, Procedures and Practices for Integrated Operations of Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) and Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM)9 August 2018 Hong Kong China 
AI05 WP09 - TH-SGP_ASEAN SWIM Update_Final.pdfWP09SWIM in ASEAN Demonstration9 August 2018 Singapore and Thailand 
AI06 WP10 - Report on ICAO APAC A-CDM Survey.pdfWP10 Report on ICAO APAC A-CDM Survey 9 August 2018 India and CANSO 
AI06 WP11 - APAC Guidance on ACDM Implementation Plan.pdfWP11Draft Asia/Pacific Guidance on A-CDM Implementation Plan9 August 2018 India 
AI06 WP12 - APA-CDMTF TOR and Task List.pdfWP12Review of APA-CDM/TF TOR and Task List9 August 2018 Secretariat 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(9)
IP01 - List of Papers_Rev. 01.pdfIP01               Revision 1List of Papers12 August 2018Secretariat 
IP02 - List of Experts for APA-CDM Task Force.pdfIP02List of Experts for APA-CDM Task Force9 August 2018 Secretariat  
IP03, AI 2 - Report on 5th APANPIRG RASG Coordination Meeting.pdfIP03Report of the Fifth APANPIRG and RASG-APAC Regional Coordination Meeting9 August 2018Secretariat 
IP04, AI 2 - Report on APANPIRG Midyear Review Meeting.pdfIP04Report on APANPIRG Midyear Review Meeting9 August 2018Secretariat  
IP05, AI04 - ROK_Incheon A-CDM Introduction.pdfIP05Incheon Airport Collaborative Decision Making Introduction9 August 2018 Republic of Korea 
IP06, AI04 - Indonesia_CGK AOCC Establishment to Support A-CDM Implementation update.pdfIP06CGK AOCC Establishment to Support A-CDM Implementation9 August 2018Indonesia 
IP07, AI04 -  India_Status of A-CDM Implementation in India (Revised).pdfIP07Status of A-CDM Implementation in India9 August 2018India 
IP08, AI04  - India_Implementation of ACDM at Chennai Airport.pdfIP08Implementation of A-CDM at Chennai Airport9 August 2018 India 
AI04 IP09 - Indonesia A-CDM Implementation Process to Support Airport Operation.pdfIP09A-CDM Implementation Process to Support Airport Operation12 August 2018Indonesia 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(6)
01 ICAO - APAC Region A-CDM Planning Update.pdf01Asia/Pacific Region A-CDM Planning Update 13 August 2018Secretariat 
02 CANSO-ICAO Seminar_A-CDM and ATFM Integration_01.00.pdf02A-CDM & ATFM Integration 13 August 2018CANSO 
03 IATA - ICAO APA-CDMTF3 - IATA AACG - Experiences with Harmonization in the European Domain.pdf03Experiences with A-CDM Harmonization in the European Domain13 August 2018IATA 
04 Indonesia - Workshop Vulcano Ash ACDM APAC.pdf04Airport Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) in the Event of Volcanic Eruptions - Study Case Agung Mountain13 August 2018Indonesia 
05 India - ACDM_20180807-BALI-V2.0.pdf05Challenges to ACDM Implementation: Mitigation Roadmap13 August 2018India 
06 SGP-Achieving a successful ACDM implementation.pdf06Achieving a successful A-CDM implementation - Singapore’s Experience13 August 2018Singapore 
collapse Category : 6-Flimsy ‎(3)
Flimsy 1 SWIM TF TOR.pdfFlimsy 1SWIM Task Force - Terms of Reference14 August 2018Secretariat 
Flimsy 2 A-CDM Seminar Outcomes - Revised.pdfFlimsy 2           RevisedA-CDM Seminar Outcomes 16 August 2018 Secretariat 
Flimsy 3 Milestone Approach.pdfFlimsy 3A-CDM Milestone Approach – Updated Version15 August 2018CANSO 


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