​Surveillance Seminar  & Second Meeting of the Surveillance Implementation

(Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 12 - 15 June 2017)


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Final Report.pdfFinal Report06 July 2017Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(7)
AP043-17-CNS.pdfLetter of invitation04 Apr. 2017Secretariat 
Attachment 1 - Provisional agenda for SURICG2.pdfAttachment 1 - Provisional agenda for SURICG04 Apr. 2017Secretariat 
Attachment 2 - Meeting Bulletin.pdfAttachment 2 - Meeting bulletin04 Apr. 2017Secretariat 
Attachment 3 - Registration Form.pdfAttachment 3 - Registration form04 Apr. 2017Secretariat 
WP-IP template with CAA Mongolia logo.docxWP-IP Template01 June 2017Secretariat 
ADS-B Seminar - Rev 10 June 2017.pdfTentative Seminar Programme12 June 2017Secretariat 
Tentative Meeting programme -11 Jun 17 -rev allocation.pdfTentative Meeting Programme13 June 2017Secretariat 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(19)
WP01_ICAO - Provisional agenda.pdfWP/01Provisional Agenda31 May 2017Secretariat 
WP02_ICAO AI.2 - Outcome of APANPIRG27 on Surveillance.pdfWP/02 Outcome of APANPIRG/27 on Surveillance31 May 2017Secretariat 
WP02_ Att-ADS-B Implementation Status reviewed-Nov16.docxWP/02Attachment to WP/0213 June 2017Secretariat 
WP03_ICAO AI.6 - Review Report SEABOB WG12.pdfWP/03Review Report of the Twelfth Meeting of South-East Asia Bay of Bengal Sub-regional ADS-B Implementation Working Group (SEA/BOB ADS-B WG/12)31 May 2017Secretariat 
WP03-Att B - D0260B GS States Update at SEABOB WG12.docxWP/03Attachment B to WP/0313 June 2017Secretariat 
WP04_ICAO AI.4 - Review actions items of SURICG.pdfWP/04Review Action Items for the SURICG31 May 2017Secretariat 
WP05_NZ AI. 7 -  USE of MODE S DAPS.pdfWP/05Use of Mode S DAPS Data (IAS and MACH)31 May 2017New Zealand 
WP06_NZ AI. 10 - Use of NUCp 0 and NUCp 6 for ADS-B APT.pdfWP/06Use of ADS-B for Airport Surface Movements 31 May 2017New Zealand 
WP07_ICAO AI. 8 -  Review Mode S II codes.pdfWP/07Regional SSR Mode S Interrogator Identifier Codes31 May 2017Secretariat 
WP08_ICAO AI. 7-  ICAO Aircraft address managment.pdfWP/0824 BIT Aircraft Address Management01 June 2017Secretariat 
WP09_ICAO AI. 5-  Update on APAC APRD status_comment_by_HK.pdfWP/09Implementation of  ADS-B Avionics Problem Reporting Database 09 June 2017Hong Kong China and the Secretariat 
WP10_ICAO AI. 3- Regional Surveillance requirements - Revised.pdfWP/10Review Regional Surveillance Requirements (Revised 12/06/17)12 June 2017Secretariat 
WP11_AUS AI.3 - Amendment to DOC 7030.pdfWP/11Amendments to Doc 7030 Regional Supplementary Procedures ADS-B Provisions05 June 2017Australia 
WP12_AUS AI.10 - DO-260C.pdfWP/12DO-260C – Considerations for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems08 June 2017Australia 
WP13_HKG AI. 3 - Enhancing Mode A_C Radar Surveillance through the Use of ADS-B HKG - v2.1 dated 6 June 2017_clean.pdfWP/13Enhancing Aviation Safety through the Use of ADS-B07 June 2017Hong Kong, China 
WP14_AUS-HKG-SIN-USA AI.3 - Review of requirements template.pdfWP/14Review of Avionics Requirements Template07 June 2017Australia, Hong Kong China, Singapore and USA 
WP15_CHN AI. 7 -  The performance of Mode S and RADAR and Data Analyses.pdfWP/15The Performance of Mode S Radar and Data Analyses07 June 2017China 
WP16_AI. 9 - SURICG DAPS WG included comments.pdfWP/16Formation of a Mode S DAPS Working GROUP09 June 2017Secretariat 
WP17_ JPN AI7_NECESSITY OF MODE-S 24BIT ADDRESS MONITORING.pdfWP/17The Necessity of Mode-S 24bit Address Monitoring12 June 2017Japan 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(29)
IP01_ICAO - Meeting Bulletin.pdfIP/01Meeting Bulletin31 May 2017Secretariat 
IP02_USA AI.3 - Status of ADS-B Implementation rev.pdfIP/02Status of ADS-B Implementation in the U.S.31 May 2017USA/FAA 
IP03_USA AI.3 - ADS-B Avionics Performance Report v1.pdfIP/03U.S. ADS-B Avionics Performance Report31 May 2017USA/FAA 
IP04_USA AI.3 -  FAA Exemption 12555 v2.pdfIP/04U.S. Federal Aviation Administration Exemption 12555 Applicability and Process31 May 2017FAA/USA 
IP05_USA AI. 3 -  Performance of ADS-B V2 systems final.pdfIP/05Performance of Current ADS-B Version 2 Systems31 May 2017USA/FAA 
IP06_USA  AI.3 - format FAA ADS B Preparedness for 2020 Equip Mandate v3.pdfIP/06Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Out; Ensuring Preparedness for the 2020 Equipage Mandate31 May 2017USA/FAA 
IP07_MAL AI. 7 - ATC Surveillance Activities in Malaysia.pdfIP/07ATC Surveillance Activities in Malaysia31 May 2017Malaysia 
IP08_NZ AI. 3 - Revised ADS-B Implementation in New Zealand.pdfIP/08ADS-B implementation in New Zealand: Infrastructure and Regulation 31 May 2017New Zealand 
IP09_AI.3 - Boeing-AUS-SIN - Boeing 787 ADS-B Deficiency.pdfIP/09Boeing 787 ADS-B Deficiency Update02 June 2017Boeing, Australia, Singapore, and USA 
IP10_AI.3 - AIREON - Space Based ADS-B Update.pdfIP/10Space based ADS-B Update02 June 2017AIREON 
IP11_AI.3 - AUS - ATC Surveillance in Australia.pdfIP/11Update on ATC Surveillance Activities in Australia 05 June 2017Australia 
IP12_CHN AI.3 - ADS-B Project Progress in China - V1.5.pdfIP/12Progresses of ADS-B Project in China (Revised 12/06/17)12 June 2017China 
IP13_SIN AI.3 - Collaboration in South China Sea.pdfIP/13ADS-B Collaboration in South China Sea Region07 June 2017Singapore 
IP14_CHN AI.5  - Incorrect+GBS+from+ADS-B+Downlink+Data.pdfIP/14Incorrect GBS from ADS-B Downlink Data07 June 2017China 
IP15 NZ AI.10 - Integration of Surface Data into ATMS.pdfIP/15Integration of Surface Movements Surveillance data into the Air Traffic Management System07 June 2017New Zealand 
IP16_SIN AI.10 - Use of ADS-B under radar environment.pdfIP/16Use of ADS-B Under Radar Environment07 June 2017Singapore 
IP17_CHN AI. 7 - The application of Mode S Radar and Data in ATM systems.pdfIP/17The Application of Mode S Radar Data in Air Traffic Control System08 June 2017China 
IP18_MNG AI.3 - Current surveillance systems implementation and planning.pdfIP/18Current Surveillance System Implementation and Planning07 June 2017Mongolia 
IP19_MNG AI.3 - MSSR_ADSB_detection_edit.pdfIP/19Review After ADS-B Monitoring Data Study07 June 2017Mongolia 
IP20_SIN and ICAO AI.2 - the 5th ASWG and 3rd AIRB meetings - Revised.pdfIP/20The Fifth Meeting of the Aeronautical Surveillance Working Group (ASWG/5) and Third Meeting of the Airborne Surveillance Working Group (AIRB/3)09 June 2017Singapore and the Secretariat 
IP21_ICAO AI.10 - response to SL on amendment of Annex 10 Vol IV.pdfIP/21State Letter on SARPS for SSR and WAM Amendment 08 June 2017Secretariat 
IP22_NZ AI.3_ADS-B installations - HW.pdfIP/22Progress Report on the Installation of a National ADS-B System 09 June 2017New Zealand 
IP23_SIN_AI. 2 - PBS Sub group of Surveillance Panel - revised.pdfIP/23Performance Based Surveillance Sub-group Under the Surveillance Panel09 June 2017Australia, Singapore and the Secretariat 
IP23_Annex D -Initial list of performance.docIP/23Annex D to IP/2313 June 2017Singapore 
IP24_JPN AI.3- Evaluation Results of Mode S Passive Acquisition.pdfIP/24Evaluation Results of Mode S Passive Acquisition12 June 2017Japan/ENRI 
IP25_JPN AI.7- STUDY OF DAPS BENEFIT AND IMPLIMENTATION PLAN.pdfIP/25The Study of DAPS Benefit and Implementation Plan12 June 2017Japan 
IP26_JPN_AI.3  -WAM Outgae and action assignment for future.pdfIP/26WAM Outage and Action Assignment for Future12 June 2017Japan 
IP27_ROK AI. 3 - ADS-B Implementation Status in Republic of Korea.pdfIP/27ADS-B Implementation Status in Republic of Korea12 June 2017Republic of Korea 
IP28_FIJI AI.3 - ADS-B Implementation Update.pdfIP/28ADS-B Implementation Update for Fiji13 June 2017Fiji 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(14)
SP05_Mode S ADS-B Information session - Australia.pdf01_0930Introduction to Mode S and ADS-B09 June 2017Australia 
SP11_ICAO ADS-B International Regulatory Development and APAC Implementation.pdf02_1000ADS-B International Regulatory Development and APAC Implementation12 June 2017Secretariat 
1100_Surveillance system implementation in Mongolia-Mongolia CAA.pdf03_1100Surveillance System Implementation in Mongolia12 June 2017Mongolia 
SP10_SIN - Singapore Experience in ADS-B.pdf04_1130Singapore's Experience in Implementing ADS-B12 June 2017Singapore 
SP08_USA - Status of ADS-B Implementation in US.pdf05_1150Status of ADS-B Implementation in US12 June 2017USA 
SP13_Aireon - Updated on Space-based ADS-B.pdf06_1210Updated on Space-based ADS-B12 June 2017Aireon 
SP01_Boeing - ADS-B Perspective.pdf07_1330ADS-B Perspective02 June 2017Boeing 
08_1400 - Airbus presentation_ADS-B seminar_Ulaanbaatar_12-06-20017.pdf08_1400ADS-B Presentation12 June 2017Airbus 
SP12_Rockwell Collins -  Connected Aircraft.pdf09_1430Connected Aircraft12 June 2017Rockwell Collins 
SP09_Comsoft - EUROCAE ED-129B.pdf10_1530EUROCAE ED-129B and implication on customer Site Acceptance Test12 June 2017Comsoft 
SP07_LES China - ADS-B Jamming and Solution.pdf11_1550ADS-B Jamming & Solution12 June 2017LES, China 
SP03_Thales - Evolutions and trends in cooperative surveillance.pdf12_1610Evolutions and Trends in Cooperative Surveillance12 June 2017Thales 
SP04_SAAB - ADS-B Overview.pdf13_1630The Rise of ADS-B: How the advent of ADS-B will affect airspace around the world09 June 2017SAAB 
SP02_ADAM and MXC Innovative Surveillance Solutions for A-SMGCSATM Environments.pdf14_1650ADAM and MXC Innovative Surveillance Solutions for A-SMGCS/ATM Environments08 June 2017Leonardo 

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