Seventh Meeting of the South Asia/Indian Ocean ATM Coordination Group

(Bangkok, Thailand, 01-03 March 2017)                                                                                                         

OOD.pdfTentative Order of Discussions27 February 2017Secretariat
IP WP.docm01Template SAIOACG710 February 2017Secretariat
SAIOACG7.pdf02Invitation Letter26 January 2017Secretariat
Attachment A.pdf03Provisional Agenda26 January 2017Secretariat
Attachment B.pdf04Registration Form26 January 2017Secretariat
Attachment C.pdf05Meeting Bulletin26 January 207Secretariat
DR01.pdfDR01Draft Report 03 March 2017Secretariat
FR01.pdfFR01Final Report14 March 2017Secretariat
GP01.pdfGP01Group Photo02 March 2017Secretariat
IP01.pdfIP01List of Papers27 February 2017Secretariat
IP02.pdfIP02ANS USOAP PQ Update28 February 2017Secretariat
IP03.pdfIP03Alphanumeric Aircraft Identification24 February 2017Secretariat
IP04.pdfIP04Application of ATC Separation Standards24 February 2017Secretariat
IP05.pdfIP05SID STAR Phraseologies24 February 2017Secretariat
IP06.pdfIP06VTBS Runway 19L Major Maintenance Project02 March 2017Secretariat
IP07.pdfIP07Multi-Nodal ATFM Ops Trial Progress Update24 February 2017Thailand
IP08.pdfIP08Update on ATM Activities in the Maldives27 February 2017Maldives
IP09.pdfIP09Indonesia CNS-ATM Update27 February 2017Indonesia
IP10.pdfIP10Indonesian Civil Military Cooperation27 February 2017Indonesia
IP11.pdfIP11ICAO Training27 February 2017Secretariat
SP01.pdfSP01BOBCAT Operational Updates01 March 2017Secretariat
SP02.pdfSP02Multi-Nodal Briefing01 March 2017Secretariat
SP03.pdfSP03Suvanabhumi Airport Runway Maintenance07 March 2017Thailand
WP01.pdfWP01Provisional Agenda24 February 2017Secretariat
WP02.pdfWP02Outcomes of Relevant Meetings24 February 2017Secretariat
WP03.pdfWP03Airspace Safety Monitoring24 February 2017Secretariat
WP04.pdfWP04ANP Update24 February 2017Secretariat
WP05.pdfWP05Regional ATFM Status24 February 2017Secretariat
WP06.pdfWP06Regional AIM Status28 February 2017Secretariat
WP07.pdfWP07Weather Balloons24 February 2017IATA
WP08.pdfWP08BOBCAT Operational Update06 March 2017Thailand
WP09.pdfWP09Seamless ATM Monitoring27 February 2017Secretariat
WP10.pdfWP10Pakistan ATS Route Structure Optimization24 February 2017Pakistan
WP11.pdfWP11ATS Route Catalogue24 February 2017Secretariat
WP12.pdfWP12Regional SAR Status24 February 2017Secretariat
WP13.pdfWP13Regional ATM Contingency Planning24 February 2017Secretariat
WP14.pdfWP14Release of Upper Flight Levels within Pakistan Airspace24 February 2017Secretariat
WP15.pdfWP15Regional Civil Military Cooperation24 February 017Secretariat
WP16.pdfWP16SAIOACG Task List24 February 2017Secretariat
WP17.pdfWP17Establishing Coordinated Flight Levels on N56324 February 2017Indonesia
WP18.pdfWP18Establishing Indonesian FIR - Singapore FIR Routes24 February 2017Indonesia
WP19.pdfWP19Enhancing Enroute Capacity over Bay of Bengal Area27 February 2017Singapore

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