Performance based Navigation Workshop and Fourth Meeting of Performance
based Navigation Implementation Coordination Group

(Bangkok, Thailand, 13 – 16 March 2017)

collapse Type Name : 2017 PBNICG4 ‎(42)
collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(1)
PBNICG 4 Final Report.pdfFinal Report28 Mar. 2017Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(6)
AP002-17-CNS.pdfLetter of invitation23 Jan. 2017Secretariat 
Attachment A.pdfAttachment A - Provisional Agenda23 Jan. 2017Secretariat 
Attachment B.pdfAttachment B - Registration Form23 Jan. 2017Secretariat 
Attachment C.pdfMeeting Bulletin23 Jan. 2017Secretariat 
WP-IP template.docxWP-IP Template10 Feb. 2017Secretariat 
group photo PBNICG4.pdfGroup photo16 Mar. 2017Secretariat 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(11)
WP01-Provisonal Agenda.pdfWP/01Provisional Agenda22 Feb. 2017Secretariat 
WP02-Review of APANPIRG27 outcomes.pdfWP/02Review of APANPIRG/27 Outcomes22 Feb. 2017Secretariat 
WP03-PBN Go Team initiative.pdfWP/03PBN Go Team Initiative22 Feb. 2017Secretariat 
WP04-PBN Training for ATC-amended.pdfWP/04PBN Training for Air Traffic Controllers (Revised 27/02/17)27 Feb. 2017Secretariat 
WP05-APAC FLT Inspection Unit Update.pdfWP/05Update of the Catalogue of Flight Inspection Units Asia Pacific Regions22 Feb. 2017Secretariat 
WP06-Review of PBNICG Action List.pdfWP/06Review of PBNICG Action List22 Feb. 2017Secretariat 
WP07-PBN implementation status in APAC and way forward.pdfWP/07PBN Implementation Status in APAC and Way Forward06 Mar. 2017Secretariat 
WP08-Review of PBN Implementation Progress Report_updated.pdfWP/08PBN Implementation Plan Status in APAC and Review of States’ PBN Implementation Progress Report (Revised 14/03/17)14 Mar. 2017Secretariat 
WP09- ICAO  GBAS ionopsheric threat model in APAC.pdfWP/09Ionospheric Model for the Asia-Pacific Region06 Mar. 2017Secretariat 
WP10_PBN Instrument Approach Title.pdfWP/10Performance-based Navigation (PBN) Instrument Approach Title07 Mar. 2017Hong Kong, China 
WP11-Implementing IFR in Non-instrument Airport or RNAV Visual.pdfWP/11Implementing IFR in Non-instrument Airport or RNAV Visual?14 Mar. 2017Philippines 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(20)
IP01- APAC FPP Update.pdfIP/01APAC FPP Update22 Feb. 2017Secretariat 
IP02-PBN Implementation in Pakistan.pdfIP/02PBN Implementation in Pakistan27 Feb. 2017Pakistan 
IP03-Thailand PBN Implementation.pdfIP/03Thailand PBN Implementation 27 Feb. 2017Thailand 
IP04_PBN IMPLEMENTATION IN REPUBLIC OF KOREA.pdfIP/04PBN Implementation in Republic of Korea27 Feb. 2017Republic of Korea 
IP05-PBN Implementation in Cambodia.pdfIP/05PBN Implementation in Cambodia27 Feb. 2017Cambodia 
IP06- Operational Concept for Next Generation GNSS.pdfIP/06Operational Concept for Next General GNSS27 Feb. 2017Secretariat 
IP07-PBN Implementation in the Maldives.pdfIP/07PBN Implementation in the Maldives 06 Mar. 2017Maldives 
IP08-Update on Hong Kong PBN Implementation.pdfIP/08Update on Hong Kong, China PBN Implementation06 Mar. 2017Hong Kong, China 
IP09-Malaysia PBN Implementation Progress.pdfIP/09Malaysia PBN Implementation Progress06 Mar. 2017Malaysia 
IP10-Transition to RNP Approach Chart Depiction.pdfIP/10Transition to RNP Approach Chart Depiction08 Mar. 2017Secretariat 
IP11-PBN Implementation in Mongolia.pdfIP/11PBN Implementation in Mongolia08 Mar. 2017Mongolia 
IP12_Status of Korean SBAS Program_updated.pdfIP/12Status of Korean SBAS Program (Revised 15/03/17)15 Mar. 2017Republic of Korea 
IP13-PBN Implementation Status_India.pdfIP/13PBN Implementation status - India13 Mar. 2017India 
IP14-PBN in Domestic En-route Airspace.pdfIP/14PBN in Domestic En-route Airspace13 Mar. 2017India 
IP15-Viet Nam PBN Implementation Progress.pdfIP/15Viet Nam PBN Implementation Progress13 Mar. 2017Viet Nam 
IP16-Implementation of RNAV1 SID-STAR at Tan Son Nhat.pdfIP/16Implementation of RNAV 1 SID/Star procedures13 Mar. 2017Viet Nam 
IP17-PBN Implementation in the Philippines.pdfIP/17PBN Implementation in the Philippines14 Mar. 2017Philippines 
IP18-PBN implementation in China.pdfIP/18PBN Implementation in China15 Mar. 2017China 
IP19-New Indonesia PBN Implementation Plan 2017-2022.pdfIP/19The New Indonesia PBN Implementation Plan (2017-2022)14 Mar. 2017Indonesia 
IP20-PBN Implementation in Myanmar.pdfIP/20PBN Implementation in Myanmar16 Mar. 2017Myanmar 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(2)
SP01_8 PBN Implementation Plans and Status - updated.pdfSP/01PBN Implementation Plans and Status for Pacific Island States06 Mar. 2017Secretariat 
SP02_WP06 related_Progress of PBNICG Action Items as of 21 Feb 2017.pdfSP/02Progresss of Action Items10 Mar. 2017Secretariat 
collapse Category : Flimsy ‎(2)
Flimsy01-Order of Business_13 March 2017.pdfFlimsy/01Order of Business14 Mar. 2017Secretariat 
Flimsy 02 - Discussion points raised from PBN workshop.pdfFlimsy/02Discussion Points Raised from PBN Workshop on 13 March 201714 Mar. 2017Secretariat 
collapse Type Name : 2017 PBN Workshop ‎(6)
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(2)
Attachment B.pdfRegistration Form23 Jan. 2017Secretariat 
PBN WORKSHOP March 17 - draft programme.pdfDraft Programme10 Feb. 2017Secretariat 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(4)
PBN Workshop BKK Session 1.pdfSP/01Session 1 - New Navigation Specifications06 Mar. 2017Secretariat 
PBN Workshop BKK Session 2.pdfSP/02Session 2 - Operational Approval Best Practice06 Mar. 2017Secretariat 
PBN Workshop BKK Session 3.pdfSP/03Session 3 - Instrument Flight Procedure Surveillance06 Mar. 2017Secretariat 
PBN Workshop BKK Session 4.pdfSP/04Session 4 - Safety Management06 Mar. 2017Secretariat 

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