Sixth Meeting of the FANS Interoperability Team-Asia (FIT-Asia/6)

(Bangkok, Thailand, 03 - 05 July 2017)

collapse Type Name : 2017 FITAsia6 ‎(40)
collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(1)
Final Report FIT-Asia 6.pdfFINAL Report FIT-Asia 613 July 2017Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(8)
IP WP.docm01Template FIT-Asia610 February 2017Secretariat 
FITAsia6.pdf02Provisional Agenda09 February 2017Secretariat 
FIT-Asia.pdf03Invitation Letter09 February 2017Secretariat 
FIT-Asia Attach B RegForm.pdf04Registration Form09 February 2017Secretariat 
FIT-Asia Attach C MeetingBul.pdf05Meeting Bulletin09 February 2017Secretariat 
Order of Business.pdf06Order of Business29 June 2017Secretariat 
Order of Discussion.pdf07Order of Discussion05 July 2017Secretariat 
Group Photo.pdf08FIT-Asia 6 Group Photo04 July 2017Secretariat 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(15)
WP01 Provisional Agenda.pdfWP/01Provisional Agenda29 June 2017Chair 
WP02 FIT-Asia CRA Arrangements, Problem Reporting and Performance Analysis Reporting.pdfWP/02FIT-Asia CRA Arrangements, Problem Reporting and Performance Analysis Reporting29 June 2017Secretariat 
WP03 FIT-Asia Problem Report Briefing 2017.pdfWP/03FIT-Asia Problem Report Briefing 201729 June 2017Boeing CRA 
WP04 China CPDLCA ADS-C  Problem Reporting.pdfWP/04China ADS-C/CPDLC Problem Reporting29 June 2017China 
WP05 Data Link Performance Report for China.pdfWP/05Data Link Performance Report for China29 June 2017China 
WP06 Data Link Performance Report for India.pdfWP/06Data Link Performance Report for India29 June 2017India 
WP07 Updated Data Link Performance Reporting Template.pdfWP/07Updated Data Link Performance Reporting Template30 June 2017Secretariat 
WP08 Asia_Pacific Performance-Based Separation Implementation Status.pdfWP/08APAC Region Performance-Based Separation Implementation Status2 June 2017Secretariat 
WP09 Performance-Based Communications and Surveillance Implementation.pdfWP/09Performance-Based Communications and Surveillance Implementation29 June 2017IATA 
WP10 ANS Deficiencies Related to Data Link Performance Monitoring and Analysis.pdfWP/10ANS Deficiencies Related to Data Link Performance Monitoring and Analysis29 June 2017Secretariat 
WP11 ICAO Doc 7030 PfA Templates.pdfWP/11ICAO Doc 7030 Proposal for Amendment Templates2 July 2017Secretariat 
WP12 PBCS Safety Monitoring.pdfWP/12PBCS Safety Monitoring03 July 2017Secretariat 
WP13 PBCS Performance Monitoring and Analysis.pdfWP/13PBCS Performance Monitoring and Analysis03 July 2017New Zealand and Secretariat 
WP14 PBCS Operational Approvals.pdfWP/14PBCS Operational Approvals03 July 2017Secretariat 
WP15 FIT-Asia Terms of Reference and Task List.pdfWP/15FIT-Asia Terms of Reference and Task List03 July 2017Secretariat 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(9)
IP01 List of Papers.pdfIP/01List of Papers05 July 2017Secretariat 
IP02 Satellite and HF Ground Stations.pdfIP/02Satellite and HF Ground Stations29 June 2017Boeing CRA 
IP03 Establishing a Central Reporting Agency Capability.pdfIP/03Establishing a Central Reporting Agency Capability29 June 2017Boeing CRA 
IP04 Data Link Performance Report for Indonesia.pdfIP/04Data Link Performance Report for Indonesia29 June 2017Indonesia 
IP05 RASMAG Fourth Monitoring Agencies Working Group Reports.pdfIP/05RASMAG Fourth Monitoring Agencies Working Group Reports29 June 2017RASMAG Chair 
IP06 Data Link Performance Report for Singapore.pdfIP/06Data Link Performance Report for Singapore30 June 2017Singapore 
IP07 PBCS On-line Analysis Tool Update.pdfIP/07PBCS Online Analysis Tool Update1 July 2017New Zealand 
IP08 PBCS Developments.pdfIP/08PBCS Developments1 July 2017New Zealand 
IP09 Regional Monitoring Agency Contribution to the PBCA Monitoring Program.pdfIP/09Regional Monitoring Agency Contribution to the PBCS Monitoring Program05 July 2017USA 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(6)
SP01 Boeing CRA Problem Report Briefing 2017.pdfSP/01Boeing CRA Problem Report Briefing30 June 2017Boeing CRA 
SP02 PBCS Implementation Update.pdfSP/02PBCS Implementation Update03 July 2017United States 
SP03 On line PBCS Analysis Tool update.pdfSP/03PBCS Online Analysis Tool Update03 July 2017New Zealand 
SP04 PBCS Developments New Zealand.pdfSP/04PBCS Developments03 July 2017New Zealand 
SP05 FAA PBCS Monitoring.pdfSP/05FAA PBCS Monitoring03 June 2017United States 
SP06 RMA PBCS Monitoring Contribution.pdfSP/06RMA PBCS Monitoring Contribution03 July 2017FAA 
collapse Category : Flimsies ‎(1)
Flimsy 01 Manila FIR ADS-C_CPDLC Update.pdfFlimsy 01Manila FIR ADS-C/CPDLC Update04 July 2017Philippines 

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