​Seventh Meeting of the FANS Interoperability Team-Asia (FIT-Asia/7)

(Bangkok, Thailand, 11-13 December 2017)

collapse Type Name : 2017 FIT-Asia7 ‎(39)
collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(1)
Final Report FIT-Asia7.pdfFIT-Asia/7 Final Report23 January 2018Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(6)
FIT-Asia7.pdfInvitation Letter09 October 2017Secretariat 
FIT-Asia7 IP WP Template.docmTemplate FIT-Asia 709 October 2017Secretariat 
Order of Business.pdfOrder of Business07 December 2017Secretariat 
Order of Discussion.pdfOrder of Discussion12 December 2017Secretariat 
List of participants as of 11-12-2017.pdfList of participants - For any update, please contact pchalayonnawin@icao.int11 December 2017Secretariat 
Group Photo.pdfGroup Photo11 December 2017Secretariat 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(8)
WP01 Provisional Agenda.pdfWP/01Provisional Agenda07 December 2017Secretariat 
WP02 PBCS Implementation Issues.pdfWP/02PBCS Implementation Issues07 December 2017IATA 
WP03 Global PBCS Charter.pdfWP/03Global PBCS Charter07 December 2017New Zealand 
WP04 PBCS-Related Proposals for Amendment to Regional Supplementary Proc.pdfWP/04PBCS-Related Proposals for Amendment to Regional Supplementary Procedures08 December 2017ICAO 
WP05 China PBCS Implementation Status.pdfWP/05China PBCS Implementation Status07 December 2017China 
WP06 PBCS Implementation and Readiness Status in Singapore FIR.PDFWP/06PBCS Implementation and Readiness in Singapore FIR07 December 2017Singapore 
WP07 FIT-Asia Terms of Reference and Task List.pdfWP/07FIT-Asia Terms of Reference and Task List08 December 2017Secretariat 
WP08 APAC Region Readiness for PBCS Implementation.pdfWP/08Asia/Pacific Region Readiness for PBCS Implementation10 December 2017Secretariat 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(18)
IP01 List of Papers.pdfIP/01List of Papers12 December 2017Secretariat 
IP02 IPACG Status in Relation to Conclusion APANPIRG_28_13.pdfIP/02IPACG Status in Relation to Conclusion APANPIRG/28/1307 December 2017IPACG FIT 
IP03 ISPACG status in relation to Conclusion APANPIRG_28_13.pdfIP/03ISPACG Status in Relation to Conclusion APANPIRG/28/1307 December 2017New Zealand 
IP04 Airbus Compliance Declaration.pdfIP/04Airbus Compliance Declaration07 December 2017Airbus 
IP05 IRIDIUM System 24-Hour Message Queueing.pdfIP/05IRIDIUM System 24-Hour Message Queueing07 December 2017United States 
IP06 FAA Status of PBCS Implementation - State Preparation.pdfIP/06FAA Status of PBCS Implementation – State Preparation12 December 2017United States 
IP07 PBCS Implementation Plan in Indonesia.pdfIP/07PBCS Implementation Plan in Indonesia07 December 2017Indonesia 
IP08 PBCS Implementation in Fukuoka FIR.PDFIP/08PBCS Implementation in Fukuoka FIR07 December 2017Japan 
IP09 Airways NZ ANSP PBCS Implementation.pdfIP/09Airways NZ Status of PBCS Implementation – ANSP Preparation 07 December 2017New Zealand 
IP10 Current Status and Future Developments in Pakistan Airspace.pdfIP/10Current Status and Future Developments in Pakistan Airspace07 December 2017Pakistan 
IP11 FAA Status of PBCS Implementation - ANSP Preparation.pdfIP/11FAA Status of PBCS Implementation – ANSP Preparation07 December 2017United States 
IP12 FAA FANS Problem-SolutionTracker.pdfIP/12FANS1/A Problem Solution Tracker07 December 2017United States 
IP13 PBCS Operational Approvals Guidance.pdfIP/13PBCS Operational Approvals Guidance08 December 2017New Zealand 
IP14 Asia_Pacific PBCS Transition Strategy.pdfIP/14Asia/Pacific PBCS Transition Strategy08 December 2017Secretariat 
IP15 CAA New Zealand Status of PBCS Implementation - State Preparation.pdfIP/15CAA New Zealand Status of PBCS Implementation – State Preparation08 December 2017New Zealand 
IP16 RMA PBCS Terms of Reference.pdfIP/16RMA PBCS Terms of Reference11 December 2017United States 
IP17 PBCS Implementation in Sri Lanka.pdfIP/17PBCS Implementation in Sri Lanka11 December 2017Sri Lanka 
IP18 Establishment of Data Link Problem  Reporting Flow in Indonesia.pdfIP/18Establishment of Procedure for Data Link Problem Reporting in Indonesia12 December 2017Indonesia 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(5)
SP01 PBCS - ICAO Perspective.pdfSP/01PBCS - ICAO Perspective11 December 2017New Zealand 
SP02 PBCS - Approvals.pdfSP/02PBCS - Approvals11 December 2017New Zealand 
SP03 ANSP Readiness.pdfSP/03 PBCS - ANSP Readiness11 December 2017New Zealand 
SP04  PBCS - Operator Readiness.pdfSP/04PBCS - Operator Readiness11 December 2017New Zealand 
SP05 PBCS Requirements and Status.pdfSP/05PBCS Requirements and Status12 December 2017Boeing 
collapse Category : Flimsy ‎(1)
Flimsy 01 Selected Distance-Based Separation Minima not requiring PBCS.pdfFlimsy 01Selected distance-based separation minima not requiring RCP/RSP specification31 January 2018Secretariat 


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