​Civil/Military ATM Cooperation Workshop
(Bangkok, Thailand, 1-3 November 2017)

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Invitation Letter - CMAC Workshop (1-3 Nov 2017).pdf01Invitation Letter28 August 2017Secretariat - RSO 
Attachment B-Registration form V4.0.docx02Registration form (MS Word)28 August 2017Secretariat - RSO 
Attachment A-Workshop Program Outline V4.0 rev.pdf03Workshop Program Outline28 August 2017Secretariat - RSO 
Attachment C-Workshop Bulletin V4.0 rev.pdf04Workshop Bulletin28 August 2017Secretariat - RSO 
Hotel information V4.0.pdf05Hotel information28 August 2017Secretariat - RSO 
Group Photo CMAC Workshop (Bangkok, Thailand, 1-3 Nov 2017).pdf06Group Photo02 November 2017Secretariat - RSO 
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Day1 Global and Regional Policy (APAC).pdf01Day1 Global and Regional Policy (APAC)01 November 2017Mr. Len Wicks (ICAO APAC) 
Day1 Airspace Management and Flex Use of Airspace (RSO).pdf02Day1 Airspace Management and Flexible Use of Airspace (RSO)01 November 2017Mr. Yan Yonggang (ICAO RSO) 
Day2 Implementation of CMAC in India.pdf03Day2 Implementation of CMAC in India02 November 2017Mr. Damodaran Dilip Kumar (AAI CHQ) 
Day2 Implementation of CMAC in Malaysia.pdf04Day2 Implementation of CMAC in Malaysia02 November 2017Mr. Mior Adli Mior Sallehuddin (DCA Malaysia) 
Day2 Civil Military Cooperation in Thailand.pdf05Day2 Implementation of CMAC in Thailand09 November 2017Mr. Kom Promsuttikul (Aerothai) 
Day2 Implementation of CMAC in USA.pdf06Day2 Implementation of CMAC in USA02 November 2017Mr. Michael Watkins (FAA) 
ICAO APAC CMAC WORKSHOP BRIEF  FINAL.PDF07Day2 Implementation of CMAC in Australia15 November 2017Mr. St. John Morris (CASA) 

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