Ninth Meeting of the Collaborative Arrangement for the Prevention
and Management of Public Health Events in
Civil Aviation Asia Pacific (CAPSCA-AP/09)
(Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, 14 - 17 November 2017)

collapse Type Name : 2017 CAPSCA ‎(32)
collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(2)
Summary Report - CAPSCA-AP-9 (Malaysia, 14-17 November 2017).pdf01Summary Report - CAPSCA-AP-9 16 November 2018Secretariat 
CAPSCA-AP 09 Group Photo.pdf02Group Photo15 November 2017Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(7)
Invitation Letter.pdf01Invitation Letter8 September 2017Secretariat 
Final Agenda CAPSCA-AP_09 Meeting.pdf02Agenda16 November 2017Secretariat 
Final Order of Business CAPSCA-AP 09 Meeting.pdf03Order of Business16 November 2017Secretariat 
Attachment C - Meeting Bulletin.pdf04Meeting Bulletin8 September 2017Secretariat 
Attachment D - List of Hotels.pdf05List of Hotels8 September 2017Secretariat 
Attachment B - Attendance Form.doc06Form Meeting Attendance8 September 2017Secretariat 
Form Notification of Participation (CAPSCA-AP).docx07Form Participation in CAPSCA-AP10 November 2017Secretariat 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(3)
Opening Remarks Dr. Manjit Singh , DRD, ICAO APAC Office.pdf01Opening Remarks14 November 2017ICAO 
Opening Remarks-Dr Masayo Kato (WHO WPRO).pdf02Opening Remarks14 November 2017WHO 
Opening Remarks-DGCA Malaysia and Chairman of CAPSCA-AP.pdf03Opening Remarks14 November 2017DGCA Malaysia 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(20)
1.1 Mr Dissanayake-Review of Last Meeting Conclusions.pdf011.1 Review of Last Meeting Conclusions14 November 2017ICAO 
1.2 Dr Ansa-CAPSCA global activities and achievements.pdf021.2 CAPSCA global activities and achievements14 November 2017ICAO 
2.1 Dr Jarnail-ICAO health related SARPs and Guidelines Airport Certification.pdf032.1 ICAO health related SARPs and Guidelines Airport Certification14 November 2017ICAO 
2.2 Dr Ansa-ICAO Disinsection Health Assessment Risk Tool.pdf042.2 ICAO Disinsection Health Assessment Risk Tool14 November 2017ICAO 
2.3 Dr Masaya-APSED IHR CAPSCA 2017.pdf052.3 IHR Framework and Implementation14 November 2017WHO 
2.4 Dr Jarnail-CAPSCA TA Training and CBT development with JAA TO.pdf062.4 CAPSCA Technical Advisor Training and CBT Development14 November 2017ICAO 
3.1 Country Presentation-Ministry of Health Malaysia.pdf073.1 Country Presentation14 November 2017MOH Malaysia 
3.2 Country Presentation-Malaysia Airlines.pdf083.2 Country Presentation14 November 2017Malaysia Airlines 
3.3 Country Presentation-CAA of Bangladesh.pdf093.3 Country Presentation14 November 2017CAA Bangladesh 
3.4 Country Presentation-Health Bureau Macao China.pdf103.4 Country Presentation15 November 2017Health Bureau Macao China 
3.5 Country Presentation-CAA Sri Lanka.pdf113.5 Country Presentation15 November 2017CAA Sri Lanka 
3.6.1 Country Presentation-MOPH Thailand (AV Preparation).pdf123.6.1 Country Presentation (AV Preparation)15 November 2017MOPH Thailand 
3.6.2 Country Presentation-MOPH Thailand (MERS-CoV).pdf133.6.2 Country Presentation (MERS-CoV)15 November 2017MOPH Thailand 
4.1 Dr Wang-The IHR and Air Travel.pdf144.1 The IHR and Air Travel15 November 2017WHO 
4.2 Dr Wang-WHO Information on Outbreaks and Emergencies.pdf154.2 WHO Information on Outbreaks and Emergencies15 November 2017WHO 
4.3 Dr Kato-Regional update on JEE at PoE.pdf164.3 Regional update on JEE at PoE15 November 2017WHO 
4.4 Dr Wang-WHO Learning Program of Event Management in Air Travel.pdf174.4 WHO Learning Program of Event Management in Air Travel15 November 2017WHO 
4.5 Dr Wang-Vector Surveillance and Control at PoE.pdf184.5 Vector Surveillance and Control at PoE15 November 2017WHO 
6.1 CAPSCA - The way forward.pdf196.1 CAPSCA - The way forward16 November 2017ICAO 
6.2 - Dates and Venue and Dates for the 10th CAPSCA AP Meeting.pdf206.2 - Dates and Venue and Dates for the 10th CAPSCA AP Meeting16 November 2017ICAO 

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