​Eleventh Meeting of the Asia Pacific Regional Aviation Safety Team  

(Bangkok, Thailand, 20-24 November 2017)

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Final Report on APRAST_11.pdfReport of APRAST/11 Meeting  
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AP101-17-FS - 01_INV APRAST11.pdf.State Letter - Eleventh Meeting of the Asia Pacific Regional Aviation Safety Team (APRAST/11) — Bangkok, Thailand, 20 to 24 November 2017 
AP101-17-FS - 04_Att C - Nomination_Registration Form revised.pdf..Nomination / Registration Form  
APRAST11 - 01 Provisional Agenda.pdf01Provisional Agenda 
APRAST11 - Detailed Programme rev. 20Nov2017.pdf02Tentative Programme (Revised)20 November 2017 
APRAST11 - 03 Meeting Bulletin.pdf03Meeting Bulletin 
APRAST11-WP_IP Template.docx04WP / IP Template11 September 2017 
group photo - APRAST11.pdf05Group Photo20 November 2017 
group-photo-APRAST11.jpg05Group Photo20 November 2017 
APRAST_11 - Appdx A - List of Participants asof20Nov2017.pdf06List of Participants - (any update please send to asirivichitvorakarn@icao.int)20 November 2017 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(16)
APRAST11 WP-01 AI_1 - [ICAO_SEC] Provisional Agenda.pdfWP/01Adoption of the Provisional Agenda7 November 2017Secretariat 
APRAST11 WP-02 AI_2 - [ICAO_SEC] Election of Co-chair[States].pdfWP/02Election of Co-chair (States)9 November 2017Secretariat 
APRAST11 WP-03 AI_4 - [ICAO_SEC] Update of RASG-APAC D n C.pdfWP/03Progress update of RASG-APAC /7 Decisions and Conclusions9 November 2017Secretariat 
APRAST11 WP-04 AI_4 - [ICAO_SEC] Update of RASG-APAC Work Programme.pdfWP/04Update of RASG-APAC 2017/2018 Work Programme9 November 2017Secretariat 
APRAST11 WP-05 AI_4 - [SEI WG] !UPRT.pdfWP/05UPRT Provision Implementation and Guidance9 November 2017SEI WG 
APRAST11 WP-06 AI_5 - [ICAO_SEC] Update of APRAST Dec n Con rev.pdfWP/06Update of APRAST/9 and APRAST/10 Decisions and Conclusions14 November 2017Secretariat 
APRAST11 WP-07 AI_5 - [APRAST Co-chair] Priorities and targets.pdfWP/07Revision of Regional Priorities and Targets14 November 2017APRAST Co-chair (Industry) 
APRAST11 WP-08 AI_5 - [APAC-AIG] Update on APAC-AIG activities.pdfWP/08Update of APAC-AIG Activities18 November 2017Chairman, APAC-AIG 
APRAST11 WP-09 AI_05 - [APAC-AIG] ICAO Reg Acc Inv Wksp 3-4 Aug 17.pdfWP/09ICAO Asia Pacific Regional Accident Investigation Workshop 18 November 2017Chairman, APAC-AIG 
APRAST11 WP-10 AI_5 - [ICAO_SEC] PIRG-RASG n DGCA.pdfWP/10Update of outcome of 4th APANPIRG/RASG-APAC Coordination Meeting / 54th DGCA Conf.17 November 2017Secretariat 
APRAST11 WP-12 AI_6 - [ICAO_ATM] Airspace Safety Reporting.pdfWP/12Airspace Safety Reporting16 November 2017Secretariat 
APRAST11 WP-13 AI_6 - [FSF-MITRE] Data collection.pdfWP/13Regional Data Collection, Analysis and Information Sharing Status Report14 November 2017FSF and MITRE 
APRAST11 WP-14 AI_6 - [PAK] Runway Safety Programme Implementation.pdfWP/14Runway Safety Programme Implementation9 November 2017Pakistan 
APRAST11 WP-15 AI_5 - [SIN] Proposed key considerations for the Review of Regional Priorities and Targets.pdfWP/15Proposed Key Considerations for the Review of the Asia Pacific Regional Aviation Safety Priorities and Targets17 November 2017Singapore 
APRAST11 WP-15 AI_5 Addendum No 1 - [SIN] Proposed key considerations for the Review of Regional Priorities and Targets.pdfWP/15 Addendum No. 1Proposed Approach to Review Asia-Pacific Aviation Safety Regional Priorities and Targets30 November 2017Singapore 
APRAST11 WP-16 AI_6 - [FSF] GSP WP submission V1.pdfWP/16Global Safety Information Project Status Report10 November 2017Fligth Safety Foundation 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(1)
APRAST10 IP-01 - List of Papers.pdfIP/01List of Papers18 November 2017 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(2)
APRAST Collaboration Portal.pdfAPRAST collaboration portal21 November 2017NokScoot 
PPT 02 [WP-15] - [SIN] Proposed key considerations for Review of Regional Priorities and Targets (slides) - update.pdfProposed Approach to Review Asia-Pacific Aviation Safety Regional Priorities and Targets30 November 2017Singapore 
collapse Type Name : WORKSHOP 1 - SSP IMPLEMENTATION ‎(6)
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APRAST 11_SSP Contributing Agency exercise.docxSSP Contributing Agency – Workshop Exercise17 November 2017 
02 - APRAST 11- SSP implementation_CAAT.pdfSharing SSP Implementation Experience20 November 2017Thailand 
03 - APRAST 11 SDCPS presentation_CAAT.pdfSafety Data Collection and Processing System (SDCPS) : ECCAIRS20 November 2017Thailand 
04 - APRAST 11_SSP workshop_results_A.pdfSSP Implementation Workshop – “Exercise on Identifying Contributing Agency”21 November 2017 
05 - Summary of key points from SSP implementation workshop_CAAT.pdfSummary of CAAT’s SSP Implementation Workshop21 November 2017Thailand 
06 - SSP  DGCA India.pdfIndia’s SSP Implementation – Sharing its Experience21 November 2017India 
collapse Type Name : WORKSHOP 2 – SEI (Runway Safety) IMPLEMENTATION ‎(1)
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Report back SEI WG_APRAST11 BKK Nov2017.pdfSEI (Runway Safety) Implementation Workshop Summary21 November 2017Airport Council International (ACI)  


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