Tenth Meeting of the Asia Pacific Regional Aviation Safety Team

(Bangkok Thailand, 17 to 21 April 2017)​

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01 - APRAST10 1_INV.pdfInvitation Letter 
02 - Corrigendum - APRAST10.pdfInvitation Letter - Corrigendum 
03 - Provisional Agenda.pdfProvisional Agenda 
05 - Meeting Bulletin.pdfMeeting Bulletin 
06 - List of Hotels.pdfList of Hotels 
APRAST_10 WP_IP Template.docxWP / IP Template 
APRAST_10 - Detailed Programme.pdfMeeting Programme 14 April 2017 
APRAST_10 - Group photo.pdfGroup Photo17 April 2017 
APRAST_10 - Appdx A - List of Participants asof 18 April 2017.pdfList of Participants (any update please send to asirivichitvorakarn@icao.int)18 April 2017 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(12)
APRAST10 WP-01 AI_1 - [ICAO_SEC] Provisional Agenda.pdfWP/01Adoption of the Provisional Agenda5 April 2017Secretariat 
APRAST10 WP-03 AI_3 - [SEC] Update of 2016-2017 Work Programme.pdfWP/03Update of RASG-APAC 2016/2017 Work Programme11 April 2017Secretariat 
APRAST10 WP-05 AI_4 - [APRAST Co-chair] Update of Regional Priorities and Targets_finalasof12Apr_clean.pdfWP/05Update on APAC Regional Aviation Safety Priorities and Targets12 April 2017APRAST Co-chair 
APRAST10 WP-06 AI_4 - [APAC-AIG] Update of APAC-AIG activities.pdfWP/06Update of APAC-AIG Activities11 April 2017Chairman of APAC-AIG 
APRAST10 WP-07 AI_7 - [CBTF] !Update on Regional Capacity Building Action Plan v4.pdfWP/07Update on Regional Capacity Building Action Plan 21 April 2017Capacity Building Task Force 
APRAST10 WP-08 AI_5 - [SEC] Coordination between APANPIRG-RASG-APAC.pdfWP/08Coordination between APANPIRG and RASG-APAC subsidiary bodies11 April 2017Secretariat 
APRAST10 WP-09 AI_5 - [ICAO_HQ] 2017 GASP update paper for regional meetings.pdfWP/09Update of the Global Aviation Safety Plan (GASP)5 April 2017Secretariat 
APRAST10 WP-10 AI_5 - [ICAO_HQ] 2017 SM update paper for regional meetings.pdfWP/10Enhancing Support for Safety Management Implementation 5 April 2017Secretariat 
APRAST10 WP-11 AI_5 - [SIN] Enhancements to Singapore aerodrome certification framework.pdfWP/11Enhancements to Singapore’s Aerodrome Certification Framework11 April 2017Singapore 
APRAST10 WP-12 AI_4 - [SEC] Survey on Trg Demands for Acc Inv Topics.pdfWP/12Survey on Training Demands for Accident Investigation Topics11 April 2017Secretariat 
APRAST10 WP-13 AI_5 - [PAK] Review of descreiption to terminologies_aeronautical study safety assessment and safety reviews.pdfWP/13Review of Description of Terminologies Related to Aeronautical Study, Safety Assessment and Safety Reviews5 April 2017Pakistan 
APRAST10 WP-14 AI_5 - [FSF_MITRE] Data Sharing Status.ver1.pdfWP/14Regional Data Collection, Analysis and Information Sharing Status Report12 April 2017Flight Safety Founcation and MITRE 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(6)
APRAST10 IP-01 - List of Papers Rev 1.pdfIP/01-Revision 1List of Working Papers and Information Papers21 April 2017 
APRAST10 IP-03 AI_5 - [ICAO_ATM] RASMAG Airspace Safety Issues.pdfIP/03Airspace Safety Monitoring5 April 2017Secretariat 
APRAST10 IP-04 AI_6 - [US_CAST] Workshop Forecast_2016-2018 from SIN.pdfIP/04Reducing Risk Related to Cargo Operations5 April 2017Federal Aviation Administration on behalf of the U.S. CAST 
APRAST10 IP-05 AI_5 - [PAK] SEI Implementation-URPT.pdfIP/05Safety Enhancement Initiative (SEI) Implementation 5 April 2017Pakistan 
APRAST10 IP-06 AI_5 - [FSF] BARS program update.pdfIP/06Basic Aviation Risk Standard5 April 2017Flight Safety Foundation 
APRAST10 IP-07 AI_4 - [SIN] TSIB Annual Training - Singapore.pdfIP/07TSIB Annual Training11 April 2017Singapore 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(2)
PRES 01- WP_05  [Co-chair] Update of Regional Priorities and Targets final.pdf02 - WP/05Update on APAC Regional Aviation Safety Priorities and Targets18 April 2017APRAST Co-chair 
PRES 03 - Instructions for breakout sessions_Co-Chairs 18 Apr.pdf03Instructions for Breakout Sessions18 April 2017APRAST Co-chairs 
collapse Type Name : Workshop on SMS Acceptance and SEI Implementation  ‎(13)
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APRAST_10 - Workshop Programme.pdfProgramme for  Workshop on SMS Acceptance and SEI Implementation 15 March 2017 
collapse Category : Presentations ‎(12)
ICAO_APRAST 10_SMS Assessment_v2.pdf01Safety Management Systems Assessment17 April 2017Australia 
ICAO_APRAST 10_SMS Workshop.pdf02Safety Management Systems Assessment Workshop Exercise12 April 2017Australia 
SMS Assessment Worksheet.docx03SMS Assessment Workshop Exercise Sheet12 April 2017Australia 
APRAST10 IP-02 AI_2 - [MAL] ALoSP_Implementation_.pdf04 (IP/2)Analysis of Safety Data Collection for Acceptable Level of Safety Performance (ALOSP)14 April 2017Malaysia 
APRAST10 ALoS_Trng_Malaysia.pdf05SPI Acceptance – ALOSP Implementation14 April 2017Malaysia 
APRAST10 ALoS_Trng_Malaysia_Workshop.pdf06SPI Acceptance – ALOSP Implementation Workshop14 April 2017Malaysia 
ALoS Table Ex1 ATS.docx07Exercise 1 - ALoS Table-ATS14 April 2017Malaysia 
ALoS Table Ex1 OPS.docx08Exercise 1 - ALoS Table-OPS14 April 2017Malaysia 
ALoS Worksheet Ex2 per1000FH.xls09Exercise 2 - ALoS Worksheet per 1000FH17 April 2017Malaysia 
ALoS Worksheet Ex2 per10000movt.xls10Exercise 2 - ALoS Worksheet per 10000movt17 April 2017Malaysia 
APRAST10 WP-15 AI_2 - [FSF] GADME project.pdf11 (WP/15)Go-Around Decision-Making & Execution Project11 April 2017Flight Safety Foundation 
[Airbus] Basic_Flying_Skills_and_Upset Prevention Training_ ICAO_ Bangkok.pdf12Basic Flying Skills and Upset Prevention and Recovery Training18 April 2017Airbus 


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