Twenty Eighth Meeting of the Asia/Pacific Air Navigation Planning and
Regional Group (APANPIRG/28)

(Bangkok, Thailand, 11 to 14 September 2017)

In view of limited internet capacity and limited login accesses to ICAOAPAC WiFi, Delegates are advised to; 
1) Download documents from the website prior to attending the meeting on a USB or save the documents in your laptop prior to the meeting.
2) Login on one device per person to ensure connectivity and accessibbility for all delegates.

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!Final Report of APANPIRG28.pdfFinal Report5 October 2017Secretariat 
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AP065-17_AGA_Member States.pdf01Invitation Letter_Member States14 June 2017 Secretariat 
AP065-17_AGA_IO.pdf02Invitation Letter_IO14 June 2017 Secretariat 
Draft_Order of Presentations_rev 1_for website.pdf03Order of Business7 September 2017Secretariat 
group photo.pdf04Group photo12 September 2017Secretariat 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(27)
WP 01 - Adoption of  Provisional Agenda.pdfWP01 Adoption of the Provisional Agenda29 August 2017Secretariat 
WP 02, AI 1.1 ANC actions on APANPIRG 27 Report.pdfWP02Review of the Actions of the Air Navigation Commission on the Report of the APANPIRG/271 September 2017Secretariat 
WP 03, AI 1.2 - APANPIRG 27 Conclusions-Decisions.pdfWP03Status of Implementation of APANPIRG/27 Conclusions and Decisions4 September 2017 Secretariat 
WP 04 AI 1.3 - Outstanding Conclusions- Decisions.pdfWP04Status of Implementation of Outstanding APANPIRG Conclusions and Decisions4 September 2017 Secretariat 
WP 05, AI 3.1 - AOP Outcomes.pdfWP05Report on the First Meeting of AOP Sub Group 31 August 2017Secretariat 
WP 06, AI 3.4_REV 1 - CNS SG21 Outcome - Rev 08-09-17.pdfWP06              Revision 1Report on the Twenty First Meeting of CNS Sub-Group8 September 2017Chairman of CNS SG 
WP 07_REV 2 - ATM SG5 Report.pdfWP07              Revision 2ATM/SG/5 Report8 September 2017Secretariat 
WP 08 - RASMAG22 Report.pdfWP08RASMAG/22 Outcomes29 August 2017Secretariat 
WP 09, AI 3.3_REV 1 - Regional Supplementary Procedures for Performance-Based Communications and Surveillance.pdfWP09             Revision 1Regional Supplementary Procedures for Performance-Based Communications and Surveillance8 September 2017Secretariat 
WP 10, AI-3.5_REV 1 - MET-SG-21 Report_final_revised_2017-09-12.pdfWP10             Revision 1Meteorology Sub-Group Report13 September 2017Chairman of MET SG 
WP 11 AI 4_REV 3 - AN Deficiencies.pdfWP11                Revision 3Status of Air Navigation Deficiencies in the Asia/PAC Region13 September 2017Secretariat 
WP 12 AI 5_REV 1 - ICAO Future Work Programme_Revision 03.pdfWP12               Revision 1APANPIRG Work Programme 2018+8 September 2017 Secretariat 
WP 13, AI 1.1 - Review of the Action taken by the ANC.pdfWP13Review of the Action taken by the ANC and the Council on the Report of APANPIRG/271 September 2017Secretariat 
WP 14, AI 3.2 - THE NECESSITY OF COLLABORATION_r4.pdfWP14The Necessity of Collaboration among Stakeholders and Clarification of Respective Roles for the Challenge1 September 2017Japan 
WP 15, AI 3.6_REV 1 - APAC RSO past and future activities v1.1.pdfWP15             Revision 1Past and Future Activities of the ICAO Asia and Pacific Regional Sub-Office6 September 2017Secretariat 
WP 16, AI 2 - Initiatives from Hong Kong China in Supporting the ICAO NGAP Programme_01.09.pdfWP16Initiatives by Hong Kong China in Supporting the ICAO Next Generation Aviation Professionals Programme1 September 2017Hong Kong China 
WP 17, AI 3.2 - Air Traffic Growth in Asia-Pacific and the role of ATFM.pdfWP17Air Traffic Growth in Asia-Pacific and the Role of Air Traffic Flow Management1 September 2017Hong Kong China 
WP 18, AI 3.2 - TBO_revised.pdfWP18Support for a Global TBO Concept1 September 2017USA 
WP 19, AI 3.3_REV 1 - APANIRG Monitoring of Data Link Performance and Problem.pdfWP19               Revision 1APANPIRG Monitoring of Data Link Performance and Problem Reporting7 September 2017Secretariat 
WP 20, AI 3.0 - Adopting the ICAO GANP KPI Framework for AsiaPac.pdfWP20Adopting the ICAO GANP KPI Framework for Asia Pacific5 September 2017Singapore, USA and EUROCONTROL 
WP 21, AI 3.4 - APAC-NAT ADS-C RITF disband.pdfWP21Dissolution of APAC/NAT ADS-C Reporting Interals Task Force6 September 2017Secretariat 
WP 22, AI 1B - APRAST-10_RASG-7 Outcomes.pdfWP22APRAST/10 and RASG/7 Meeting Outcomes6 September 2017Secretariat 
WP 23, AI 3.2 - Achieving operational predicatblity and harmonisation of ATFM.pdfWP23Achieving Operational Predictability for Demand and Capacity Imbalance on ATS Routes and Harmonisation of Air Traffic Flow Management for the Asia and Pacific Regions7 September 2017Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore 
WP 24, AI 3.3 - Asia Pacific Region Readiness for PBCS Implementation.pdfWP24Asia/Pacific Region Readiness for PBCS Implementation8 September 2017 Secretariat 
WP 25, AI 3.5 - IATA_Proposal-for-a-regional-AN-agreement-on-requirements-for-MET-service_revised_2017-09-08.pdfWP25Proposal for a Regional Air Navigation Agreement on Requirments for Meteorological Service at Aerodromes8 September 2017 IATA 
WP 26, AI 1B - Report on 4th APANPIRG RASG Coordination Meeting.pdfWP26Report of the Fourth Coordination Meeting between the Chairpersons of APANPIRG and RASG-APAC 8 September 2017 Secretariat 
WP 27, AI 1B - Enhancing Support for Safety Management_07.09.17.pdfWP27Enhancing Support For Safety Management Implementation8 September 2017 Secretariat 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(20)
IP 03, AI 3.2 - Transition from AIS to AIM_01.09.pdfIP03Transition from Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) to Aeronautical Information Management (AIM)4 September 2017Hong Kong, China 
IP 04, AI 3.2 - C-ATFM.pdfIP04C-ATFM Implementation in India4 September 2017India 
IP 05, AI 3.4 - ADS-B Implementation Status - India.pdfIP05ADS–B Implementation Status in India4 September 2017 India 
IP 06, AI 3.4 - GAGAN Ver 1.0.pdfIP06GAGAN Status and Expansion4 September 2017 India 
IP 07, AI 3.4 - Implementation of GBAS in India Ver 1.0.pdfIP07Implementation of First GBAS in India4 September 2017 India 
IP 08, AI 3.4 - Air Navigation Improvements in Pakistan.pdfIP08Air Navigation Improvements in Pakistan4 September 2017 Pakistan 
IP 09, AI 3.0 - JPN contribution to NCLB.pdfIP09Japan’s Contribution to NCLB Initiative4 September 2017 Japan 
IP 10, AI 3.4 - ICAO Aircraft Address MONITORING.pdfIP10ICAO Aircraft Address Monitoring4 September 2017 Japan 
IP 11, AI 3.1 - EMAS.pdfIP11Engineered Material Arresting System Update4 September 2017 USA 
IP 12, AI 3.1 - CANSO efforts in ACDM.pdfIP12CANSO Efforts in Airport Collaborative Decision Making4 September 2017 CANSO 
IP 13, AI 3.4_REV 1 - Automation Interface between FIR.pdfIP13           Revision 1Automation Interface between Flight Information Regions6 September 2017CANSO 
IP 14, AI 6 - PIRG and RASG Meetings in ICAO Regional Offices.pdfIP14PIRG and RASG Meetings in ICAO Regional Offices6 September 2017Secretariat 
IP 15, AI 3.5 - SIGMETdemonstration_31Aug2017_Japan and others.pdfIP15Collaborative SIGMET Issuance Demonstration Project6 September 2017Japan, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam) 
IP 16, AI 2 - APANPIRG ATFM Global V3.pdfIP16ICAO ATFM Global Symposium in Singapore, from 20 to 22 November 2017 7 September 2017Secretariat 
IP 17, AI 2 - PBN Approach Charts.pdfIP17PBN Approach Charts – Transition from RNAV to RNP 8 September 2017 Secretariat 
IP 18, AI 2 - Implementation Strategy for Aeronautical Charting.pdfIP18Implementation Strategy for Aeronautical Charting 8 September 2017 Secretariat 
IP 19, AI 2 - Planning and Implementation Regional Group.pdfIP19Planning and Implementation Regional Group (PIRG) Activities in Other Regions 8 September 2017 Secretariat 
IP 20, AI 1.2 - Response Mechanism against Jamming in Indonesia.pdfIP20Response Mechanism against Jamming in Indonesia 10 September 2017Indonesia 
IP 21, AI 3.6 - UAS Integration IP-FAA APANPIRG 2017-FINAL.pdfIP21Update on the FAA’s UAS Integration Efforts 12 September 2017USA 
IP 22, AI 3.6 - SBS ASEPS IP-FAA-APANPIRG 2017-FINAL v2.pdfIP22Surveillance And Broadcast Services Advanced Surveillance Enhanced Procedural Separation (SBS ASEPS) Project12 September 2017USA 
collapse Category : 5-Workshop Session ‎(5)
Advance Preparation Brief_APANPIRG 28 Workshop Session_Rev. 03_for website.pdf01Advance Preparation Brief7 September 2017Secretariat 
ATM  - Action Plan-Follow-up.pdf02ATM - Action Plan Follow-up7 September 2017Secretariat 
CNS follow-up Acton 4 items -APANPIRG27.pdf03CNS - Action Plan Follow-up7 September 2017Secretariat 
MET Action-Plan-follow-up.pdf04MET - Action Plan Follow-up7 September 2017Secretariat 
Group of States - Workshop Session.pdf05Group of States/IOs – Breakout Session8 September 2017 Secretariat 
collapse Category : 6-Presentations ‎(1)
AN Global Update final AZ.pdf01Air Navigation Global Update11 September 2017Secretariat 


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