Interregional APAC/EUR/MID Workshop on Workshop Service improvement through integration

of AIM, MET (EUROCONTROL Headquarters) and ATM Information Services

(2-4 October 2017, Brussels, Belgium)

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AP070-17-CNS.pdfInvitation Letter29 June 2017 
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Summary and Conclusions-Final.pdfSummary and Conclusions25 Oct. 2017ICAO 
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Session 10.1 B1-DATM by ICAO.pdfSession 10.1B1-DATM by ICAO25 Oct. 2017ICAO 
Session 10.2 ICAO AIRM status by Eurocontrol.pdfSession 10.2ICAO AIRM by Eurocontrol25 Oct. 2017Eurocontrol 
Session 10.3 AIXM status by Eurocontrol.pdfSession 10.3AIXM Status by Eurocontrol25 Oct. 2017Eurocontrol 
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Session 11.1 B1-SWIM by Eurocontrol.pdfSession 11.1SWIM by Eurocontrol25 Oct. 2017Eurocontrol 
Session 11.2 B1-SWIM by ASEAN.pdfSession 11.2B1-SWIM by ASEAN25 Oct. 2017ASEAN 
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Session 12.1 Integrated Services by FAA.pdfSession 12.1Integrated Services by FAA24 Oct. 2017FAA 
Session 12.2 Integrated Services by Thales.pdfSession 12.2Integrated Services by Thales25 Oct. 2017Thales 
Session 12.3 Integrated Services by Frequentis.pdfSession 12.3Integrated Services by Frequentis25 Oct. 2017Frequentis 
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Session 13.1 Regional Breakout APAC.pdfSession 13.1Regional Breakout APAC25 Oct. 2017ICAO  
Session 13.2 Regional Breakout EUR.pdfSession 13.2Regional Breakout EUR25 Oct. 2017ICAO 
Session 13.3 Regional Breakout MID.pdfSession 13.3Regional Breakout MID25 Oct. 2017ICAO 
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Session 2.1 IATA Perspective on SWIM.pdfSession 2.1IATA Perspective on SWIM25 Oct. 2017IATA 
Session 2.2 IFATCA Perspective on SWIM.pdfSession 2.2IFATCA Perspective on SWIM25 Oct. 2017IFATCA 
Session 2.3 CANSO Perspective on SWIM.pdfSession 2.3CANSO Perspective on SWIM25 Oct. 2017CANSO 
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Session 3.1 ICAO Perspectives on GANP PIA2.pdfSession 3.1ICAO Perspective on GANP PIA-225 Oct. 2017ICAO 
collapse Category : Session 4 ‎(3)
Session 4.1 ICAO Regional Perspective on B0-AMET implementation.pdfSession 4.1ICAO Regional Perspective on B0-AMET Inplementation25 Oct. 2017ICAO 
Session 4.2 ICAO Reional Perspective on B0-DATM implementation.pdfSession 4.2ICAO Regional Perspective on B0-DATM Implementation25 Oct. 2017ICAO 
Session 4.3 ICAO Regional Perspective on B0 FICE implementation - final.pdfSession 4.3ICAO Regional Perspective on B0-FICE Implementation25 Oct. 2017ICAO 
collapse Category : Session 5 ‎(4)
Session 5.1 Perspective on PIA-2 B0 by Singapore.pdfSession 5.1Perspective on PIA-2 B0 by Singapore25 Oct. 2017Singapore 
Session 5.2 Perspective on PIA-2 B0 by Belgocontrol.pdfSession 5.2Perspective on PIA-2 B0 by Belgocontrol25 Oct. 2017Belgocontrol 
Session 5.3 Perspective on PIA-2 B0 by ICAO COG AIM TF.pdfSession 5.3Perspective on PIA-2 B0 by ICAO COG AIM TF25 Oct. 2017ICAO COG AIM TF 
Session 5.4 Perspective on PIA-2 B0 by CANSO.pdfSession 5.4Perspective on PIA-2 B0 by CANSO25 Oct. 2017CANSO 
collapse Category : Session 6 ‎(3)
Session 6.1 Perspective on PIA-2 B0 by ICCAIA.pdfSession 6.1Perspective on PIA-2 B0 by ICCAIA25 Oct. 2017ICCAIA 
Session 6.2 Perspective on PIA-2 B0 by IFAIMA.pdfSession 6.2Perspective on PIA-2 B0 by IFAIMA25 Oct. 2017IFAIMA 
Session 6.3 Perspective on PIA-2 B0 by Jeppesen.pdfSession 6.3Perspective on PIA-2 B0 by Jeppesen25 Oct. 2017Jeppesen 
collapse Category : Session 7 ‎(1)
Session 7.1 ICAO Overview GANP B1.pdfSession 7.1ICAO Overview GANP B125 Oct. 2017ICAO 
collapse Category : Session 8 ‎(2)
Session 8.1 B1-FICE by Eurocontrol.pdfSession 8.1B1-FICE by Eurocontrol25 Oct. 2017Eurocontrol 
Session 8.2 FIXM Status by Eurocontrol.pdfSession 8.2FIXM Status by Eurocontrol25 Oct. 2017Eurocontrol 
collapse Category : Session 9 ‎(1)
Session 9.1 B1-AMET by ICAO.pdfSession 9.1B1-AMET by ICAO25 Oct. 2017ICAO 


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