​Fifth Meeting of the Asia Pacific Accident Investigation Group
(Singapore, 1-2 August 2017)

collapse Type Name : 2017 APAC-AIG5 ‎(42)
collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(1)
APAC-AIG-5 - Record of Discussions and Conclusions.pdfRecord of Discussions and Conclusions of the APAC-AIG/5 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(5)
APAC-AIG5 - photo.pdfGroup Photo 
APAC-AIG5 - Meeting Programme Revised 31July2017.pdf-Meeting Programme31 July 2017 
AP056-17-FS - SL APAC-AIG5.pdf01Invitation Letter 
AP056-17-FS - APAC-AIG5 - Att A - Provisional agenda.pdf02Provisional Agenda 
AP056-17-FS - APAC-AIG5 - Att C - Bulleting and hotel reservation forms.pdf03Meeting Bulletin 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(14)
AI0 - APAC-AIG5 - WP01 - Adoption of Agenda.pdfWP/01Adoption of Agenda24 July 2017Secretariat 
WP02 AI_1 - Update on work done by APAC-AIG - Chairman.pdfWP/02Updates on Work Done by APAC-AIG25 July 2017Chairman APAC-AIG 
AI2 - APAC-AIG5 - WP04 - Establishment of An Independent AIA in Hong Kong China - Hong Kong China.pdfWP/04Establishment of An Independent Accident Investigation Authority in Hong Kong, China24 July 2017Hong Kong, China 
WP05 AI_3 - Malaysian AAIB Experience on USOAP CMA Audit - Malaysia.pdfWP/05Malaysian Air Accident Investigation Bureau (AAIB) Experience On USOAP CMA Audit25 July 2017Malaysia 
AI3 - APAC-AIG5 - WP06 - ICAO Regional Safety Management Symposium - Secretariat.pdfWP/06ICAO Regional Safety Management Symposium24 July 2017Secretariat 
WP07 AI_4 - Survey on Trg Demands for Acc Inv Topics - Chairman.pdfWP/07Survey on Training Demands for Accident Investigation Topics26 July 2017Chairman APAC-AIG 
AI4 - APAC-AIG5 - WP08 - Survey of 8.8 kHz Beacon Standard Implementation in National Regulations - France.pdfWP/08Survey of 8.8 kHz ULB (or ULD) Standard Implementation in National Regulations24 July 2017France 
AI4 - APAC-AIG5 - WP09 - Investigation Exercise in Cold Environment - China.pdfWP/09Investigation Exercise in Cold Environment24 July 2017People’s Republic of China 
WP10 AI_4 - Participation in Foreign Training - Singapore.pdfWP/10Participation in Foreign Investigation Training Event26 July 2017Singapore 
AI6 - APAC-AIG5 - WP11 - Updates to Workplan - Chairman.pdfWP/11Updates to Work Plan24 July 2017Chairman APAC-AIG 
WP12 AI_4 - 3rd TSIB Wksp on Underwater Search of Flight Recorders - Singapore.pdfWP/123rd TSIB Workshop on Underwater Search of Flight Recorders26 July 2017Singapore 
WP13 AI_5 - Attachment to TSIB Singapore - Bhutan.pdfWP/13Attachment to TSIB Singapore25 July 2017Bhutan 
WP14 AI_5 - Attachment to UK AAIB - Singapore.pdfWP/14Attachment to UK AAIB28 July 2017Singapore 
WP15 AI_3 - Preparation For USOAP CMA Audit - Cambodia.pdfWP/15Preparation for USOAP-CMA Audit28 July 2017Cambodia 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(12)
IP01 AI_0 - List of Papers.pdfIP/01List of Papers28 July 2017- 
AI2 - APAC-AIG5 - IP02 - Independence of AIA -Secretariat.pdfIP/02Independence of Accident Investigation Authority24 July 2017Secretariat 
IP03 AI_2 - Bangladeshs Move for Independent ACFT AIA - Bangladesh.pdfIP/03Bangladesh’s Move For Independent Aircraft Accident Investigation Authority28 July 2017Bangladesh 
IP04 AI_2 - Setting Up An Independent Accident Investigation Authority in Thailand - Thailand.pdfIP/04Setting Up An Independent Accident Investigation Authority in Thailand28 July 2017Thailand 
AI2 - APAC-AIG5 - IP05 - Establishment of Independent Accident Investigation Authority in India - India.pdfIP/05Establishment of  Independent Accident Investigation Authority in India 24 July 2017India 
IP06 AI_3 - USOAP CMA Implementation Status for Macao China - Macao China.pdfIP/06USOAP CMA Implementation Status for Macao, China31 July 2017Macao, China 
IP07 AI_3 - MOU Between AIA and CAA in Support OF SSP - Singapore.pdfIP/07Memorandum of Understanding Between Accident Investigation Authority And Civil Aviation Authority in Support of State Safety Programme26 July 2017Singapore 
AI3 - APAC-AIG5 - IP08 - ICAO Wksp on Protection of Safety Info - Secretariat.pdfIP/08ICAO Regional Workshop on the Protection of Safety Information24 July 2017Secretariat 
AI3 - APAC-AIG5 - IP09 - Benchmarking the Best Practices to Improve AIG EI Rate - Philippines.pdfIP/09Bench Marking the Best Practices to Improve the AIG  Effective Implementation Rate24 July 2017Philippines 
IP10 AI_4 revised - Investigation Analysis - Australia.pdfIP/10Investigation Analysis 27 July 2017Australia 
IP11 AI_5 - from Japan_APAC_AIG5 Rev 1_.pdfIP/11 (Revision No. 1)Example of Cooperative Investigation in Japan31 July 2017Japan 
IP12 AI_5 - Regional Cooperation in ECCAIRS Training - Myanmar_Singapore revised.pdfIP/12Regional Co-operation in ECCAIRS Training 4 Augusg 2017Singapore and Myanmar 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(10)
PPT-01 WP5 AI_3 -  Malaysian Air Accident Investigation Bureau (AAIB) Experience On USOAP CMA Audit - Malaysia.pdf01 (WP/5)Malaysian Air Accident Investigation Bureau (AAIB) Experience On USOAP CMA Audit27 July 2017Malaysia 
PPT-02 WP09 AI_4 - Presentation on Investigation Exercise In Cold Environment - China.pdf02 (WP/9)Investigation Exercise in Cold Environment27 July 2017People’s Republic of China 
PPT-03 WP13 AI_5 - Presentation on Attachment to TSIB Singapore - Bhutan.pdf03 (WP/13)Attachment to TSIB Singapore27 July 2017Bhutan 
PPT-04 AI_5 - Adhoc - Presentation on Air Accident Investigation Bureau of Mongolia - Mongolia.pdf04Air Accident Investigation Bureau of Mongolia27 July 2017Mongolia 
PPT05 - AI_7 - Adhoc - Presentation on  Annual Safety Report 2017 - Bangladesh.pdf05Annual Safety Report 2017 27 July 2017Bangladesh 
PPT-06 - IP10 AI_4 - Investigation Analysis - Australia version 2.pdf06 (IP/10) - Revision No. 1Investigation Analysis31 July 2017Australia 
PPT-07 - AI2 - Ad Hoc Presentation on ATSB org restructure v1 - Australia.pdf07ATSB Organisational Restructure31 July 2017Australia 
PPT-09 - WP08 AI_4 - Survey 8.8 of kHz ULD Standard Implementation in National Regulations- France.pdf09 (WP/08)Survey of 8.8 kHz ULD Standard Implementation in National Regulations3 August 2017France 
PPT-10 - AI2  Presentation on AICC- Maldives.pdf10Accident Investigation Coordinating Committee 3 August 2017Maldives 
PPT-11 - Presentation on ICAO AIG Panel - Singapore.pdf11ICAO Accident Investigation Panel (AIGP)3 August 2017Vice-Chairman (AIGP) 


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