Airport Collaborative Decision Making Seminar in conjunction with the Second Meeting of the

Asia/Pacific Airport Collaborative Decision Making Task Force

(Hong Kong, China, 29 November to 1 December 2017)


collapse Type Name : 2017 APA-CDM-TF2 ‎(36)
collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(1)
Final Report.pdfFinal Report19 January 2018Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(7)
AP095-17 (AGA).pdf01Invitation Letter11 September 2017Secretariat 
AP095 - Attachment A - Tentative Programme.pdf02Tentative Programme11 September 2017Secretariat 
AP095 - Attachment B - Meeting Bulletin.pdf03Meeting Bulletin11 September 2017Secretariat 
AP095 - Attachment C - Registration Form.docx04Registration Form11 September 2017Secretariat 
!Order of Business-APA-CDM TF 2_Ver. 08_28 Nov. 2017.pdf05Order of Business29 November 2017Secretariat 
Seminar Group Photo 1.jpg06Group Photo_A-CDM Seminar01 December 2017Secretariat 
TF Group Photo.jpg07Group Photo_APA-CDM/TF/201 December 2017Secretariat 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(12)
AI01 WP01 Provisional Agenda.pdfWP01 Provisional Agenda22 November 2017Secretariat 
AI02 WP02 Review Action Items of 54 DGCA Conf.pdfWP02  Action Items of 54th Conference of Directors General of Civil Aviation22 November 2017Secretariat 
AI02 WP03 Review APANPIRG 28 Decision.pdfWP03APANPIRG/28 Decision on APA-CDM/TF Terms of Reference24 November 2017Secretariat 
AI02 WP04 Review AOP SG-1 Conclusions and Decisions.pdfWP04Review AOP/SG/1 Decisions/Conclusions24 November 2017Secretariat 
AI02 WP05 ATFM Steering Group Outcomes.pdfWP05Air Traffic Flow Management Steering Group Outcomes27 November 2017Secretariat 
AI04 WP06 SGP_BEST PRACTICES ON COLLABORATION BETWEEN STAKEHOLDERS TO OPTIMISE AIRPORT OPERATIONS.pdfWP06Best practices on collaboration between stakeholders to optimise airport operations23 November 2017Singapore 
AI05 WP07 Report on ICAO APAC A-CDM Survey_Rev. 03.pdfWP07           Revision 03 Report on ICAO APAC A-CDM Survey30 November 2017India and CANSO 
AI05 WP08 Offline Analysis of ICAO Doc. 9971 Part 3_Task 1-5_Revision 01.pdfWP08              Revision 01Offline Analysis of ICAO Document 9971 Part III27 November 2017Secretariat 
AI05 WP09 Metrics for Measurement of Efectiveness of A-CDM Impl._Task 1-7.pdfWP09Development of a Set of Metrics for Measurement of Effectiveness of A-CDM Implementation 24 November 2017Secretariat 
AI06 WP10 APA-CDMTF TOR and Task List.pdfWP10 APA-CDM/TF Terms of Reference and Task List27 November 2017Secretariat 
AI04 WP 11 (Hong Kong China) - Phased Implementation of A-CDM.pdfWP11Phased Implementation of Airport Collaborative Decision Marking 29 November 2017Hong Kong China 
AI03 WP12 APAC Region A-CDM Planning.pdfWP12Asia/Pacific Region A-CDM Planning29 November 2017Secretariat 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(5)
AI00 IP01 List of Working and Information Papers.pdfIP01List of Working and Information Papers7 December 2017Secretariat 
AI00 IP02_REV 2 List of Experts for APA-CDM Task Force_Updated on 11 Dec. 2017.pdfIP02             Revision 2List of Experts on Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) for Asia/Pacific A-CDM Task Force (APA-CDM/TF) 12 December 2017 Secretariat 
AI04 IP03 IN_Evolution of A-CDM in India.pdfIP03Evolution of Airport Collaborative Decision Making in India22 November 2017India 
AI00 IP04 Departure Traffic of Asia Pacific Airports - 2016.pdfIP04Departure Traffic of Asia Pacific Airports - 201623 November 2017Secretariat 
AI3 IP05 A-CDM Implementation Overview Europe.pdfIP05A-CDM Implementation Overview Europe24 November 2017EUROCONTROL 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(9)
01 ICAO - APAC Region A-CDM Planning.pdf01Asia/Pacific Region A-CDM Planning29 November 2017ICAO 
02 A-CDM Taskforce Presentation_v11_29 Nov 2017.pdf02Implementation of A-CDM at Hong Kong International Airport29 November 2017 Hong Kong China 
03 CAAS - ACDM and ATFM to optimise airport operations.pdf03A-CDM and ATFM to Optimise Airport Operations29 November 2017 Singapore 
04 India - ACDM PPT.pdf04Challenges and Solutions in ACDM Implementation at Indian Airport 29 November 2017 India 
05 CANSO Guidelines for A-CDM KPI Measurements_00.20.pdf05CANSOs work on Guidance Material related to A-CDM Performance29 November 2017 CANSO 
06 ICAO APA-CDMTF2 - A-CDM AACG Experience.pdf06A-CDM: Experience from the AACG Perspective 29 November 2017 IATA 
07 ICAO A-CDM Seminar_Eurocontrol_Network_Experience_KOO_V2.pdf07A-CDM: Experience from the Network Manager Perspective 29 November 2017 IATA 
08 ICAO APA-CDMTF2 - A-CDM Guidance for Flight Crew.pdf08A-CDM: Guidance Information for Flight Crew 29 November 2017 IATA 
09 ICAO APA-CDMTF2 - A-CDM Airline IT Experience.pdf09A-CDM: Experience from the Airline IT Perspective 29 November 2017 IATA 
collapse Category : 6-FLIMSY ‎(1)
AI05 Flimsy 1 Seminar Outcomes.pdfFlimsy 1 Outcomes from the A-CDM Seminar30 November 2017Secretariat 
collapse Category : 7-Survey Questionnaire ‎(1)
AGA-0122 - Attachment - APA-CDM Survey Questionnaire_Final.docx01APA-CDM Survey Questionnaire3 January 2018Secretariat 

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