ICAO Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) Workshop
(Bangkok, Thailand, 21 - 23 November 2016)
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SP06 Goup Exercise Grid - Group 3.pdf
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AP146 RPAS Workshop Invitation Letter.pdf01ICAO Remotely Piloted Aircraft System Workshop Invitation LetterOct 07, 2016Secretariat
ATTCH-A Intended Outcomes.pdf02Attachment A - Intended OutcomesOct 07, 2016Secretariat
ATTCH-B Nomination Form.pdf03Attachment B - Nomination FormOct 07, 2016Secretariat
ATTCH-C Meeting Bulletin RPAS.PDF04Attachment C - Meeting BulletinOct 07, 2016Secretariat
Provisional Programme.pdf05Provisional ProgrammeNov 14, 2016Secretariat
Group Photo.pdf06Group Photo22 November 2016Secretariat
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SP01 RPAS Case Study - Group 1.pdf01RPAS Case Study - Group 125 November 2016Participants
SP02 Group Exercise Grid - Group 1.pdf02Group Exercise Grid - Group 125 November 2016Participants
SP03 RPAS Case Study - Group 2.pdf03RPAS Case Study - Group 225 November 2016Participants
SP04 Group Exercise Grid - Group 2.pdf04Group Exercise Grid - Group 225 November 2016Participants
SP05 RPAS Case Study - Group 3.pdf05RPAS Case Study - Group 325 November 2016Participants
SP06 Group Exercise Grid - Group 3.pdf06Group Exercise Grid - Group 325 November 2016Participants
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RPAS Case Study.pdf01RPAS Case Study21 November 2016Secretariat
RPAS Workshop Participants Print Notes.pdf02RPAS Workshop Participants Print Notes21 November 2016Secretariat
Sample Grid for Unmanned Aircraft Operations.pdf03Sample Grid for Unmanned Aircraft Operations21 November 2016Secretariat
Asia_Pacific UAS Task Force Terms of Reference.pdf04Asia Pacific UAS Task Force Terms of Reference21 November 2016Secretariat

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