Frequency Finder Workshop
(Bangkok, Thailand, 18-21 October 2016)
collapse Type Name : 2016 FF Workshop ‎(21)
collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(4)
Attachment A - Final List of participants.pdfAttachment A - List of Participants21 October 2016Secretariat
Attachment B - List of presentations.pdfAttachment B - List of Presentations21 Oct. 2016Secretariat
Attachment C - Radio Mobile Manual.pdfAttachment C - Radio Mobile Manual21 Oct. 2016Secretariat
Final Summary of Discussions  FF Workshop - Oct16 Reviwed.pdfSummary of Discussions28 Oct. 2016Secretariat
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(6)
AP083-16-CNS.pdfLetter of invitation19 Sept. 2016Secretariat
Attachment A - Provisional agenda.pdfAttachment A - Provisional Agenda19 Sept. 2016Secretariat
Attachment B - Meeting Bulletin - FF workshop.pdfAttachment B - Meeting Bulletin19 Sept. 2016Secretariat
Attachment C - Nomination Form.docxAttachment C - Nomination Form19 Sept. 2016Secretariat
Workshop on frequency assignment planning and using Frequency Finder Rev.pdfWork Programme (Revised)18 Oct. 2016Secretariat
group photo - FF workshop.pdfGroup photo18 Oct. 2016Secretariat
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(11)
Handbook 1A(20161009).pptxHandbook 1A17 Oct. 2016Secretariat
Handbook 2A_20161010.pptxHandbook 2A17 Oct. 2016Secretariat
Handbook 3A_20161004.pptxHandbook 3A17 Oct. 2016Secretariat
MID_recommendation.pptxMID Recommendation17 Oct. 2016Secretariat
FF1A-installing, start page, home page VHF COM.pptx1AFF1A -  Installing, Start page, Home page17 Oct. 2016Secretariat
FF2A-integrity check, COM list 3 buttons and Query.pptx2AFF2A - Integrity check, COM list 3 buttons and Query17 Oct. 2016Secretariat
Recent APANPIRG conclusions - SRWG.pptx3AFF3A - Recent APANPIRG Conclusions Regarding Frequency Management17 Oct. 2016Secretariat
FF4A-Test frequency calculation results.pptx4AFF4A - Test Frequency17 Oct. 2016Secretariat
FF5A - Add Modify Delete frequency assignment.pptx5AFF5A - Add, modify or delete frequency17 Oct. 2016Secretariat
FF6A - Mapping Export Special Functions.pptx6AFF6A - Mapping, Export, Special Functions17 Oct. 2016Secretariat
FF7A - Radio Mobile to FF 2016-by Aerothai.pptx7AAir Traffic Coverage Service Plot by Radio Mobile Software20 Oct. 2016Thailand

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