Twentieth Meeting of the Communications / Navigation 
and Surveillance Sub-group of APANPIRG
(Bangkok, Thailand, 11 – 15 July 2016)
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Final Report of CNS SG20.pdfReport of CNS SG/2008 Aug. 2016Secretariat
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AP056-CNS-16.pdfLetter of Invitation11 May 2016Secretariat
Attachment 1 - Provisional Agenda.pdfAttachment 1 - Provisional Agenda11 May 2016Secretariat
Attachment 2 - Meeting Bulletin.pdfAttachment 2 - Meeting Bulletin11 May 2016Secretariat
Attachment 3 - Nomination Form.docxAttachment 3 - Nomination Form11 May 2016Secretariat
WP-IP template.docxWP-IP Template13 Jun. 2016Secretarait
group photo.pdfGroup photo12 Jul. 2016Secretariat
Attachment 1 - List of participants for verification.pdfList of participants (For verification and/or providing more details i.e. tel/fax/email by participants, if any)14 Jul. 2016Secretariat
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WP01_ICAO - Provisional agenda.pdfWP/01Provisional Agenda13 Jun. 2016Secretariat
WP02_ICAO AI. 2.1 - Outcome of DGCA52nd.pdfWP/02Review Outcome of  DGCA Conf/52 on CNS Related Matters08 Jul. 2016Secretariat
WP03_ICAO AI.2.2 - Outcome of APANPIRG26 on CNS related matters.pdfWP/03Outcome of APANPIRG/26 and Follow-up Actions on CNS Related Matters27 Jun. 2016Secretariat
WP04_ICAO AI2.3 - FIT ASIA5 RASMAG21 Outcomes.pdfWP/04FIT-ASIA and RASMAG Outcomes27 Jun. 2016Secretariat
WP05_ICAO AI. 3.2 - AIDC TF2 - report.pdfWP/05Report of Second Meeting of AP AIDC Task Force27 Jun. 2016Secretariat
WP06_ICAO AI. 3.1 - Review Report of ACSICG3 Meeting.pdfWP/06Review Report of  ACSICG/2 Meeting28 Jun. 2016Secretariat
WP06_ICAO AI. 3.1 - Review Report of ACSICG3 Meeting Rev.pdfWP/06Review Report of  ACSICG/3 Meeting11 Jul. 2016Secretariat
WP07 - ICAO AI 4.2 - Review regional trategy on AMS.pdfWP/07Review Regional AMS Strategy (Revised 13/07/16)13 Jul. 2016Secretariat
WP08_ICAO AI.3.3 - Outcomes of ICAO SWIM workshop.pdfWP/08Outcomes of the SWIM Workshop04 Jul. 2016Secretariat
WP09_ICAO AI5.1-5.2 Report of PBNICG-3 meeting.pdfWP/09Outcomes of the PBNICG/3 Meeting06 Jul. 2016Secretariat
WP10_ICAO AI8.1 Seamless ATM plan update.pdfWP/10Asia/Pacific Seamless ATM plan Review 201606 Jul. 2016Secretariat
WP11_ICAO AI 6.1 - Review Report of ADS-B SITF15.pdfWP/11Review Report of the Fifteenth  Meeting of Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Study and Implementation Task Force29 Jun. 2016Secretariat
WP12_ICAO AI 6.1 - Review Report of  SURICG1.pdfWP/12Review Report of the First Meeting of the Surveillance Implementation Coordination Group (SURICG/1)29 Jun. 2016Secretariat
WP13_ICAO AI 7.1 - Outcome of WRC-15 Pending.pdfWP/13Outcome of WRC-2015 and Preparation for WRC-201927 Jun. 2016Secretariat
WP14_ICAO AI7.2 Report of SRWG-3 meeting.pdfWP/14Outcomes of the SRWG/3 Meeting06 Jul. 2016Secretariat
WP15_ICAO AI8.1Seamless ATM Reporting and regional picture.pdfWP/15Seamless ATM Reporting and Regional Picture06 Jul. 2016Secretariat
WP16_ICAO AI8.2_ToRs of Contributory bodies.pdfWP/16TOR of Contributory Bodies Reporting to APANPIRG through CNS SG04 Jul. 2016Secretariat
WP17_ICAO AI 9 - CNS Deficiencies.pdfWP/17Status of CNS Deficiencies01 Jul. 2016Secretariat
WP18_JPN-SIN-THA AI.3 - MGII_AJv1.pdfWP/18Mini-global Demonstration Participation to Foster the Seamless Information Sharing and Global Interoperability Based on SWIM Concept30 Jun. 2016Japan, Singapore and Thailand
WP19_JPN-SIN-THA AI.3 - SWIM Regional Group.pdfWP/19Establishment of a SWIM Regional Working Group30 Jun. 2016Japan, Singapore and Thailand
WP20_USA AI. 3 - SWIM Implementation Plan.pdfWP/20System Wide Information Management (SWIM) Implementation Strategy30 Jun. 2016Secretariat
WP21_HKG AI.8 - New ATC System in HKG - Rev.pdfWP/21Fostering a Safe, Secured and Efficient Aviation System through Implementation of New Air Traffic Control System in Hong Kong09 Jul. 2016Hong Kong, China
WP22_HKG AI.8 - ATS Cyber Security - final  v2.pdfWP/22Implementation of Effective Cyber Security Measures to Achieve a Safe, Secured and Efficient Air Traffic Control System in Hong Kong01 Jul. 2016Hong Kong, China
WP23_CHN AI. 5.3 -  Interference to Single Frequency GNSS Rev.pdfWP/23Interference to Single Frequency GNSS (Revised 11/07/16)11 Jul. 2016China
WP24_CHN AI.10 - Development of ATSEP Training in southwest ATMB of China.pdfWP/24Development of ATSEP Training in Southwest ATMB of China01 Jul. 2016China
WP25_AUS AI. 5.2 PBN Deployment and Issues Encountered.pdfWP/25PBN Deployment in Australia04 Jul. 2016Australia
WP26_ICAO_AI11 APANPIRG Procedural Handbook.pdfWP/26APANPIRG Procedural Handbook07 Jul. 2016Secretariat
WP27_ISTF AI5.3 Outcomes of ISTF.pdfWP/27Report of Ionospheric Studies Task Force Activities11 Jul. 2016Chairman of Ionospheric Studies Task Force
WP28_ICAO AI.2.3 - ATM SG 4 Outcomes.pdfWP/28ATM/SG/4 Outcomes09 Jul. 2016Secretariat
WP29_Myanmar AI. 9 - Communications Survey Update.pdfWP/29Myanmar Communication Survey Update11 Jul. 2016IATA
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(23)
IP01_ICAO - Meeting bulletin.pdfIP/01Meeting Bulletin13 Jun. 2016Secretariat
IP02_USA AI.11 - Standard of operational trials in oceanic airspace.pdfIP/02Standardization of Operational Trials in Oceanic Airspace22 Jun. 2016USA
IP03_Mongolia AI.6 - ADS-B implementation status.pdfIP/03ADS-B Implementation progress by Mongolia27 Jun. 2016Mongolia
IP04_ICAO 4.1-interim report ADS-C RITF.pdfIP/04Interim Report of the Inter-Regional APAC/NAT ADS-C RITF28 Jun. 2016Secretariat
IP05_USA AI.11 - Area of interest at 39th ICAO Assembly.pdfIP/05Areas of Interest to the United States at the 39th ICAO Assembly29 Jun. 2016USA
IP06_JPN AI. 11 - Status update of the CARATS in Japan.pdfIP/06Status Update of the Long-term Vision for the Future Air Traffic Systems in Japan (CARATS)01 Jul. 2016Japan
IP07_JPN AI. 5.2 - MSAS status and future plan.pdfIP/07MSAS Status and Future Plan01 Jul. 2016Japan
IP08_JPN AI. 5.4 - GBAS implementation in Japan.pdfIP/08GBAS Implementation Plan in Japan01 Jul. 2016Japan
IP09_CHN AI. 5.5 - CNS Systems approval in China - Rev2.pdfIP/09CNS Systems Approval in China (2nd Revision)11 Jul. 2016China
IP10_AUS AI. 6.3 - ADS-B Implementation.pdfIP/10ADS-B Implementation in Australia06 Jul. 2016Australia
IP11_ROK AI6.3 - Review  Implementation of Multilateration.pdfIP/11Implementation of Multilateration06 Jul. 2016Republic of Korea
IP12_ROK_AI.5 - Status of Korea SBAS Rev 25-07-16.pdfIP/12Status of Korean SBAS Program (Revised 25/07/16)25 Jul. 2016Republic of Korea
IP13_USA AI.6 - Status of ADS-B implementation.pdfIP/13Status of ADS-B Implementation in the U.S.06 Jul. 2016USA
IP14_USA AI.6 - Exemption 12555 Applicability.pdfIP/14U.S. Federal Aviation Administration Exemption 12555 Applicability and Process06 Jul. 2016USA
IP15_ICAO AI6.3 - ACAS-TCAS 7.1 requirement.pdfIP/15ACAS Equipage Requirement Upgrading 06 Jul. 2016Secretariat
IP16_NZ IA5.5 - ATM_PBN_Processing_July_2016.pdfIP/16Enhancing ATM Flight Plan Processing for the Performance Based Navigation Environment07 Jul. 2016New Zealand
IP17_NZ AI6.3_Mode A DAPS QNH Revised.pdfIP/17Use of MODE S DAPS QNH Data (Revised 14/07/16)14 Jul. 2016New Zealand
IP18_ICAO AI 10 CBT for ATSEPs  in APAC revised.pdfIP/18Competency-based Training for ATSEPs in APAC (Revised 11/07/16)11 Jul. 2016Secretariat
IP19_Boeing AI.4 - ATS Data Link.pdfIP/19Boeing Air Traffic Services Datalink Experience and Capabilities, including FAA Data Communications Program Update09 Jul. 2016Boeing
IP20_Boeing AI.4 - Internet Protocal Suite.pdfIP/20Boeing and Industry Activities Regarding Aeronautical Telecommuncations Network Using Internet Protocol Suite (Revised 12/07/16)12 Jul. 2016Boeing
IP21_Indonesia AI. 6.3 - ADS-B Performance Monitoring Tools.pdfIP/21ADS-B Performance Monitor Application11 Jul. 2016Indonesia
IP22_MYN AI.9 - Action taken against CND deficiencies Rev.pdfIP/22Action Taken against CNS Deficiencies in Myanmar (Revised 14/07/16)14 Jul. 2016Myanmar
IP23_SIN AI. 7 - VHF services over high altitude platforms or low earth orbit satellites.pdfIP/23Very High frequency (VHF) Voice Services Through High-altitude Platforms or Low Earth Orbit Satellites12 Jul. 2016Singapore
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Flimsy 1 - Terms of reference - SWIM Working group_draft 3.pdfFlimsy 1Terms of Reference of SWIM Task Force14 Jul.2016Secretariat
Flimsy 2 - Revised Navigation Strategy.pdfFlimsy 2Revised Navigation Strategy14 Jul. 2016Secretariat

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