SAR Seminar and First Meeting of the ICAO Asia/Pacific Search and Rescue
Working Group (APSAR/WG/1)
(Bangkok, Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand, 15-19 August 2016)
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collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(1)
Final report with all appendix.pdfupdatedAPSAR/WG/1 Final ReportAug 30, 2016Secretariat
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(9)
AP038 SAR Seminar and APSARWG1 Invitation Letter.pdfSAR Seminar and APSAR/WG/1 Invitation LetterMar 24, 2016Secretariat
App-A Provisional Agenda.pdfProvisional AgendaMar 24, 2016Secretariat
App-B Registration Form.pdfRegistration FormMar 24, 2016Secretariat
App-C Meeting Bulletin.pdfMeeting BulletinMar 24, 2016Secretariat
APSARWG1 WP IP Template.docMar 31, 2016Secretariat
SAR Seminar tentative programme.pdfSAR Workshop ProgrammeJuly 15, 2015Secretariat
group photo.pdfGroup Photo APSAR/WG/1Aug 15, 2016Secretariat
APSARWG1 List of participants.pdfList of Participants (Any update, please sent to 16, 2016Secretariat
OOD.pdfOrder of DiscussionAug 17, 2016Secretariat
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(13)
WP01 Provisional Agenda.pdfWP01Provisional Agenda Aug 09, 2016Secretariat
WP02 Related Meeting Outcomes with att.pdfWP02Related Meeting Outcomes Aug 09, 2016Secretariat
WP03 Global SAR Update.pdfWP03Global SAR UpdateAug 10, 2016ICAO
WP04 Annex 12 Considerations with att.pdfWP04Annex 12 Considerations Aug 09, 2016United States
WP05 Status and Developments in Cospas-Sarsat.pdfWP05Status and Developments in Cospas-Sarsat Aug 09, 2016COSPAS-SARSAT
WP06 Regional SAR Status with att.pdfWP06Regional SAR StatusAug 10, 2016Secretariat
WP07 Letters of Agreement (United States).pdfWP07Letters of AgreementAug 09, 2016United States
WP08 Sharing SAR Experiences – Recent SAR Incident Lessons.pdfWP08Sharing SAR Experiences – Recent SAR Incident Lessons Aug 09, 2016New Zealand
WP09 SAR Library (United States).pdfWP09SAR Library Aug 09, 2016United States
WP10 Asia Pacific SAR Plan Update with att.pdfWP10Asia/Pacific SAR Plan Update Aug 09, 2016Secretariat
WP11 APSARWG Task List with att.pdfWP11APSAR/WG Task List Aug 09, 2016Secretariat
WP12 SAR Contact List.pdfWP12SAR Contact List (Any update, please sent to 10, 2016Secretariat
WP13 Proposal For Revising Current SAR LOAs (Viet Nam).pdfWP13Proposal For Revising Current SAR LOAsAug 10, 2016Viet Nam
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(7)
IP01 List of Papers.pdfIP01List of Papers Aug 09, 2016Secretariat
IP02 Progress in SAR Capability of Sri Lanka under the SCPP Program (Sri Lanka).pdfIP02Progress in SAR Capability of Sri Lanka under the SCPP Program Aug 09, 2016Sri Lanka
IP03 Tahiti JRCC (French Polynesia).pdfIP03Tahiti JRCC Aug 09, 2016French Polynesia
IP04 Cambodia SAR Legislation and Regulations.pdfIP04Cambodia SAR Legislation and Regulations Aug 10, 2016Cambodia
IP05 Designation of Focal Points and SAR Authorities in Cambodia.pdfIP05Designation of Focal Points and SAR Authorities in Cambodia Aug 10, 2016Cambodia
IP06 Brief on Aviation SAR System In Viet Nam.pdfIP06Brief on Aviation SAR System in Viet NamAug 16, 2016Viet Nam
IP07 ASEAN SAREX (Singapore).pdfIP07ASEAN SARAXAug 10, 2016Singapore
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(7)
PR01 Global Update - GADSS (ICAO).pdfPR01Global Update - GADSSAug 16, 2016ICAO
PR02 Cospas-Sarsat System Overview - GADSS-AG.pdfPR02Cospas-Sarsat System OverviewAug 16, 2016COSPAS-SARSAT
PR03 SAR Sharing and Lessons Learnt.pdfPR03SAR Sharing and Lessons Learnt Aug 16, 2016ICAO
PR04 Asia Pacific SAR Problem Areas, August 2016.pdfPR04Asia/Pacific SAR Problem AreasAug 16, 2016ICAO
PR05 Bilateral SAR Agreements.pdfPR05Bilateral SAR Agreements Aug 16, 2016Australia
PR06 Letters of Agreement.pdfPR06Letters of Agreement Aug 16, 2016United States
PR07 SAR Library for RCCs (United States).pdfPR07SAR Library for RCCs Aug 16, 2016United States

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