Fourth Meeting of the Asia Pacific Accident Investigation Group
(Tokyo, Japan, 1-2 September 2016)
collapse Type Name : 2016 APAC-AIG4 ‎(27)
collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(1)
APAC-AIG-4 - Record of Discussions and Conclusions R_1.pdfRecord of Discussions and Conclusions of the APAC–AIG/416 September 2016
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(2)
01 - Provisional Agenda.pdf1.Provisional Agenda
Meeting Bulletin.pdf2.APAC-AIG/4 - Meeting Bulletin
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(9)
APAC-AIG4 WP 01 AI_0 - Adoption of Agenda.pdfWP/01Adoption of Agenda/Programme22 August 2016Secretariat
APAC-AIG4 WP 02 AI_1  - Update of APRAST decision - Chairman.pdfWP/02Review of Decision by APRAST/822 August 2016Chairman APAC-AIG
APAC-AIG4 WP 03 AI_1 - Update of RASG-APAC conclusions - Chairman.pdfWP/03Update from RASG-APAC/622 August 2016Chairman APAC-AIG
APAC-AIG4 WP 04 AI_2  - [AUS] Independent investigation authority.pdfWP/04The Importance of an Independent Aviation Safety Investigation Authority22 August 2016Australia
APAC-AIG4 WP 05 AI_3 - Initiative to improve EI rate-Singapore.pdfWP/05Improving USOAP Audit Effective Implementation Rate22 August 2016Singapore
APAC-AIG4 WP 06 AI_6 -Updates to work plan - Chairman.pdfWP/06Updates to Work Plan22 August 2016Chairman APAC-AIG
APAC-AIG4 WP 07 AI_6 - Training for Enhancement of Investigation Capabilities - Singapore.pdfWP/07Training for Enhancement of Investigation Capabilities22 August 2016Singapore
APAC-AIG4 WP 08 AI_6 - [BGD].pdfWP/08Ensuring Implementation of Safety Recommendations Under Annex 1324 August 2016Bangladesh
APAC-AIG4 WP 09 AI_6 - [Airbus] Training for Enhancement of Investigation Capabilities rev_29Aug2016.pdfWP/09Airbus’s Training for Enhancement of Investigation Capabilities29 August 2016Airbus
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(15)
APAC-AIG4 - IP 01 [SEC] List of Papers rev_1.pdfIP/01List of Papers (Revised 1)1 Sept. 2016
APAC-AIG4 - IP 02 AI_2 - [SEC] Combined Action Team - Secreteriat.pdfIP/02ICAO APAC Combined Action Team22 August 2016Secretariat
APAC-AIG4 - IP 03 AI_2 - [SEC] Amendment 15 on Annex 13- Secreteriat.pdfIP/03Amendment 15 to Annex 1322 August 2016Secretariat
APAC-AIG4 - IP 04 AI_4 - [MAC] FDR Workshop.pdfIP/04On-site FDR Technical Workshop22 August 2016Macao, China
APAC-AIG4 - IP 05 AI_4 - [MAC] Obserer Attachment to AAIB Investigation.pdfIP/05Observer Attachment to AAIB Investigation22 August 2016Macao, China
APAC-AIG4 - IP 06 AI_4 - [SIN] RR Large Gas Turbine Training - Singapore.pdfIP/06Royce Rolls Large Gas Turbine General Familiarisation Training Course22 August 2016Singapore
APAC-AIG4 - IP 07 AI_5 - [SIN] Third International Accident Investigation Forum - Singapore.pdfIP/07Third International Accident Investigation Forum24 August 2016Singapore
APAC-AIG4 - IP 08 AI_5 - [SIN] Third Workshop on Underwater Search of Flight Recorders- Singapore.pdfIP/08Third Workshop on Underwater Search of Flight Recorders26 August 2016Singapore
APAC-AIG4 - IP 09 AI_5 - [SIN] Transport Safety Investigation Bureau - Singapore.pdfIP/09Singapore’s Transport Safety Investigation Bureau24 August 2016Singapore
APAC-AIG4 - IP 10 AI_5 - [SIN] ASEAN Informal Meeting - Singapore.pdfIP/10Fourth Informal Meeting of ASEAN Chief Aircraft Accident Investigators and Senior Investigation Officials24 August 2016Singapore
APAC-AIG4 - IP 11 AI_5 - [CPR] Investigation in high altitude environment - CAAC IP - 10 Aug 16.pdfIP/11Investigation In High Altitude Environment24 August 2016China
APAC-AIG4 - IP 12 AI_5 - [CMB] Benefits of Cooperation.pdfIP/12Benefits of Cooperation24 August 2016Cambdia (jointly presented by Cambodia and Singapore)
APAC-AIG4 - IP 13 AI_5 - [JPN] AIG Development in Japan.pdfIP/13AIG Development Report in Japan24 August 2016Japan
APAC-AIG4 - IP 14 AI_5 - [SRL] AAIB in Sri Lanka.pdfIP/14Establishment of an Independent  Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau (AAIBSL)24 August 2016Sri Lanka
APAC-AIG4 - IP 15 AI_5 - [PNG] PNG Accident Investigation Commission.pdfIP/15PNG Accident Investigation Commission1 Sept. 2016Papua New Guinea

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