AIM Seminar and Eleventh Meeting of ICAO Aeronautical Information Services − Aeronautical Information Management Implementation Task Force (AAITF/11)
(Bangkok, Thailand, 20-24 June 2016)
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collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(4)
Final Report with att.pdfFinal Report AAITF/11July 13, 2016Secretariat
Appendix D BANP Amendment.pdfApp DBANP Amendment April 23, 2016Secretariat
Appendix E AAITF SWG Collaborative AIM Plan TOR.pdfApp EAAITF SWG Collaborative AIM Plan TOR June 23, 2016Secretariat
Draft Report AAITF11 For Meeting Review.pdfupdatedDraft Report AAITF11 For Meeting Review June 24, 2016Secretariat
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(8)
AP028 AIM seminar and AAITF11 Invitation Letter.pdf01AIM Seminar and AATITF/11 Invitation LetterMar 16, 2016Secretariat
AAITF11 ATT A Agenda SS Review 24 Feb 2016.pdf02Provisional AgendaMar 16, 2016Secretariat
AAITF11 ATT B Registration Form SS Review 24 Feb 2016.pdf03Registration FormMar 16, 2016Secretariat
AAITF11 ATT C Meeting Bulletin.pdf04Meeting BulletinMar 16, 2016Secretariat
IP WP Template.doc05AAITF/11 IP WP TemplateMar 31, 2016Secretariat
Order of Discussion.pdf06 updatedOrder of DiscussionJune 23, 2016Secretariat
Participants List AAITF11 as of 220616.pdf07 updatedList of Participation (Any update, pls sent to 22, 2016Secretariat
group photo AIM seminar - AAITF11.pdf08Group Photo AIM Seminar and AAITF/11June 20, 2016Secretariat
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collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(12)
WP01 Provisional Agenda.pdfWP01Provisional AgendaJune 17, 2016Secretariat
WP02 Related Meetings Outcomes.pdfWP02 updatedRelated Meetings Outcomes June 21, 2016Secretariat
WP03 AIS AIM Air Navigation Deficiencies.pdfWP03AIS AIM Air Navigation DeficienciesJune 17, 2016Secretariat
WP04 Asia Pacific AIM Implementation Progress.pdfWP04Asia Pacific AIM Implementation ProgressJune 17, 2016Secretariat
WP05 Proposal for the Amendment of the Asia Pacific OPADD-2.pdfWP05 updatedProposal for the Amendment of the Asia Pacific OPADDJune 23, 2016Japan
WP06 NOTAM ITEM D.pdfWP06NOTAM Item DJune 17, 2016New Zealand
WP07 Progress of AIM Implementation Tracking Website for APAC Region.pdfWP07Progress of AIM Implementation Tracking Website for APAC RegionJune 17, 2016Mongolia
WP08 ICARD Update.pdfWP08ICARD UpdateJune 17, 2016Secretariat
WP09 Updating Regional Guidance Material for Aeronautical Information Services-2.pdfWP09 updatedUpdating Regional Guidance Material for Aeronautical Information ServicesJune 20, 2016Secretariat
WP10 Task List.pdfWP10Task List for AAITFJune 17, 2016Secretariat
WP11 AIM Seminar Outcomes.pdfWP11AIM Seminar OutcomesJune 17, 2016Secretariat
WP12 ICAO Standardized Training Package for AIM Specialists.pdfWP12ICAO Standardized Training Package for AIM SpecialistsJune 20, 2016Mongolia
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(5)
IP01 List of Papers.pdfIP01 updatedList of PapersJune 24, 2016Secretariat
IP02 AIM Implementation Myanmar.pdfIP02AIM Implementation MyanmarJune 17, 2016Myanmar
IP03 Thailand RAIM NOTAM.pdfIP03Thailand RAIM NOTAMJune 24, 2016Thailand
IP04 Amendments to Annexes 4 and 15.pdfIP04Amendments to Annexes 4 and 15June 17, 2016Secretariat
IP05 DPR Korea AIM Transition Progress.pdfIP05DPR Korea AIM Transition ProgressJune 24, 2016DPR Korea
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(4)
SP01 Progress of AIM Implementation Tracking Website for APAC Region.pdfSP01Progress of AIM Implementation Tracking Website for APAC Region June 21, 2016Mongolia
SP02 ICAO STP for AIM Specialists.pdfSP02ICAO STP for AIM Specialists June 21, 2016Mongolia
SP03 AIS AIM Implementation Myanmar.pdfSP03AIS AIM Implementation Myanmar June 21, 2016Myanmar
SP05 SWIM Workshop 2016 Outcomes.pdfSP05SWIM Workshop 2016 OutcomesJune 24, 2016ICAO
collapse Category : Flimsy ‎(1)
Flimsy 01.pdfFlimsy01Updated AIM Provisions in the Regional Air Navigation PlanJune 21, 2016Secretariat
collapse Type Name : AIM Seminar ‎(15)
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(1)
Provisional Programme - Updated.pdfupdatedAIM Seminar Provisional ProgrammeJune 17, 2016Secretariat
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(14)
SP01 APAC AIM Transition Update.pdfSP01APAC AIM Transition Update June 20, 2016ICAO
SP02 Annex 15 and PANS-AIM.pdfSP02Annex 15 and PANS-AIM June 20, 2016ICAO
SP03 ICAO Guidance material.pdfSP03ICAO Guidance material June 20, 2016ICAO
SP04 Global AIM - Summary-Conclusions-Recommendations.pdfSP04Global AIM - Summary-Conclusions-Recommendations June 20, 2016ICAO
SP05 Understanding AIS to AIM - End to End.pdfSP05Understanding AIS to AIM - End to End June 20, 2016NATS
SP06 Logical Sequence of Steps - Mongolia's Version.pdfSP06Logical Sequence of Steps - Mongolia's Version June 20, 2016Mongolia
SP07 eTOD example Japan.pdfSP07eTOD example June 21, 2016Japan
SP08 Regulation AIM Policy and Oversight.pdfSP08Regulation AIM Policy and Oversight June 21, 2016NATS
SP09 AIM Regulation in Australia.pdfSP09AIM Regulation in Australia June 21, 2016Australia
SP10 Foundations of QMS.pdfSP10Foundations of QMS June 21, 2016NATS
SP11 Quality-Managed Transition of Legacy AIS into Digital Aeronautical Information.pdfSP11Quality-Managed Transition of Legacy AIS into Digital Aeronautical Information June 21, 2016Australia
SP12 ICAO Perspective on SWIM.pdfSP12ICAO Perspective on SWIM June 21, 2016ICAO
SP13 Training Resource Development.pdfSP13Training Resource Development June 21, 2016NATS
SP14 Seminar Summary and Outcomes.pdfSP14Seminar Summary and Outcomes June 21, 2016Secretariat

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