ICAO Regional Workshop on Air Navigation Visual Aids -
Airfield Markings and Lighting System

(Bangkok, Thailand 6-8 July 2015)
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AP042-15 (AGA).pdfInvitation LetterAP042-15 (AGA)10 March 2015Secretariat 
AP-042 - Attachment B - Bulletin (HMC).pdfAttachment B — Workshop BulletinAP-042 - Attachment B - Bulletin (HMC)10 March 2015Secretariat 
AP-042 - Attachment C - Nomination Form.docAttachment C — Nomination FormAP-042 - Attachment C - Nomination Form10 March 2015Secretariat 
Provision Programme_Revision 6.pdfProvision Programme - Revision 6Provision Programme_Revision 66 July 2015Secretariat 
Visual Aids Workshop group photo 6-8 July 2015.pdfGroup PhotoVisual Aids Workshop group photo 6-8 July 20157 July 2015Secretariat 
List of participants.pdfList of participantsList of participants8 July 2015Secretariat 
Group Photo2.pdfGroup Photo_08.07.15Group Photo28 July 2015Secretariat 
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HANDBOOK.pdfAirfield Marking HandbookHANDBOOK22 July 2015Sightline 
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How to increase the longevity of AGL assets.pdf01How to increase the lifetime of AGL AssetsHow to increase the longevity of AGL assets7 July 2015ADB Group 
RWSL JAPAN.pdf02Runway Status Lights (RWSL) in JapanRWSL JAPAN7 July 2015Japan 
NAA Aeronautical Ground Lighting Operation.pdf03Narita International Airport Aeronautical Ground Lighting Operation & MaintenanceNAA Aeronautical Ground Lighting Operation8 July 2015Japan 
AIRFIELD LIGHTING SYSTEM.pdf04Airfield Lighting System in ChangiAIRFIELD LIGHTING SYSTEM7 July 2015Singapore 
AGL KLIA Presentation For ICAO Conference for ABree v2.pdf05Aeronautical Ground Lighting (AGL) at KLIAAGL KLIA Presentation For ICAO Conference for ABree v27 July 2015Malaysia 
The Intelligent Airfield by Safegate.pdf06The Intelligent AirfieldThe Intelligent Airfield by Safegate7 July 2015Safegate Group 
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ICAO Workshop Intro-4.pdf07Marking MaterialsICAO Workshop Intro-48 July 2015FAA 
ICAO Air and Ground Retro-Reflective Bead-3.pdf08Air and Ground Retro-Reflective Bead EvaluationICAO Air and Ground Retro-Reflective Bead-38 July 2015FAA 
ICAO Workshop Polyurea-3.pdf09Polyurea Marking Material ProjectICAO Workshop Polyurea-38 July 2015FAA 
ICAO Workshop Thermoplastic-3.pdf10Thermoplastic Marking Material ProjectICAO Workshop Thermoplastic-38 July 2015FAA 
Effective Airfield Markings Adi.pdf11Effective Airfield MarkingsEffective Airfield Markings Adi14 July 2015Sightline 
ICAO Workshop Develop Methods-3.pdf12Development of Methods for Determining Airport Pavement Marking EffectivenessICAO Workshop Develop Methods-38 July 2015FAA 
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Bangkok brief_Tom Mai.pdf13FAA Visual Aids -  Signage & LightingBangkok brief_Tom Mai13 July 2015FAA 
How to Properly Place a Marking rev.pdf14How to Properly Place a MarkingHow to Properly Place a Marking rev14 July 2015Sightline 
ICAO Regional Workshop with CCD comment rev18 ICAO Adi.pdf15Accreditation of ISO 55001/PAS 55 for AGL System in Hong Kong International AirportICAO Regional Workshop with CCD comment rev18 ICAO Adi14 July 2015Hong Kong 
ICAO Lighting Overview-2.pdf16Lighting Research and DevelopmentICAO Lighting Overview-213 July 2015FAA 
Guam PAPI Briefing.pdf17PAPI Baffle Effort – GuamGuam PAPI Briefing13 July 2015FAA 
Short Obstruction Lighting Research.pdf18Obstruction Lighting ResearchShort Obstruction Lighting Research13 July 2015FAA 

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