Nineteenth Meeting of the Meteorology Sub-group (MET SG/19)of (APANPIRG)
(Bangkok,Thailand,3-6 August 2015)
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Final Report of MET SG19.pdfReport of MET SG/19Final Report of MET SG1930 Oct. 2015Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(7)
AP072-15-MET.pdfLetter of invitationAP072-15-MET14 May 2015Secretariat 
AP072 - Attachment A - Provisional Agenda.pdfAttachment A - Provisional AgendaAP072 - Attachment A - Provisional Agenda14 May 2015Secretariat 
AP072 - Attachment B - Registration Form.pdfAttachment B - Registration FormAP072 - Attachment B - Registration Form14 May 2015Secretariat 
AP072 - Attachment C - Meeting Bulletin.pdfAttachment C - Meeting BulletinAP072 - Attachment C - Meeting Bulletin14 May 2015Secretariat 
WP-IP Template.docWP - IP TemplateWP-IP Template14 May 2015Secretariat 
Group Photo - MET SG 19.pdfGroup photoGroup Photo - MET SG 1904 Aug. 2015Secretariat 
Attachment 1 - Final List of participants.pdfList of participants (For verification by the participants, if any)Attachment 1 - Final List of participants07 Aug. 2015Secretariat 
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WP01_ICAO AI. 2 - Adoption of Agenda.pdfWP/01Provisional AgendaWP01_ICAO AI. 2 - Adoption of Agenda28 Jul. 2015Secretariat 
WP02_Chair AI.2_MET-SG structure.pdfWP/02Meteorology Sub-group StructureWP02_Chair AI.2_MET-SG structure03 Aug. 2015Chair of the METSG 
WP03_ICAO AI. 5_Review APAC MET Deficiencies.pdfWP/03Review APAC MET DeficienciesWP03_ICAO AI. 5_Review APAC MET Deficiencies3 Aug. 2015Secretariat 
WP04_ICAO AI.4_ASIA-PAC ANP.pdfWP/04ASIA/PAC Air Navigation PlanWP04_ICAO AI.4_ASIA-PAC ANP03 Aug. 2015Secretariat 
WP05_ICAO AI. 7_Review ROBEX HB.pdfWP/05ROBEX Handbook UpdatesWP05_ICAO AI. 7_Review ROBEX HB04 Aug. 2015Secretariat 
WP06_Rapporteur AI. 5 - Improvement of SIGMET Availability.pdfWP/06Improvement of SIGMET Availability in the APAC RegionWP06_Rapporteur AI. 5 - Improvement of SIGMET Availability23 Jul. 2015the Rapporteur, MET/H TF, Ad Hoc Group 
WP07_WAFC Provider States AI. 6.1 - WAFS Developments.pdfWP/07Summary of Recent and Forthcoming Developments to the WAFSWP07_WAFC Provider States AI. 6.1 - WAFS Developments23 Jul. 2015WAFC Provider States 
WP08_WAFS Provider State AI. 6.2  - METAR-SPECI.pdfWP/08Provision of the Full U.S. METAR/SPECI Reports on SADIS Dissemination SystemsWP08_WAFS Provider State AI. 6.2 - METAR-SPECI23 Jul. 2015WIFS Provider States 
WP09_AUS AI. 6.9 - TC Contingency Plans.pdfWP/09Contingency Plans for Tropical Cyclone AdvisoriesWP09_AUS AI. 6.9 - TC Contingency Plans23 Jul. 2015Australia 
WP10_NZ AI. 6.3 - VAAC Backup.pdfWP/10Use of Headers during Backup of Darwin VAAC by Wellington VAACWP10_NZ AI. 6.3 - VAAC Backup23 Jul. 2015New Zealand 
WP11_AUS AI. 6.3 - TCAC Boundary.pdfWP/11Darwin TCAC Boundary ChangeWP11_AUS AI. 6.3 - TCAC Boundary23 Jul 2015Australia 
WP12_AUS AI. 6.4 - IWXXM-AMHS.pdfWP/12Status and Plans for IWXXM Implementation within APACWP12_AUS AI. 6.4 - IWXXM-AMHS23 Jul. 2015Australia 
WP13_SADIS Provider AI. 6.4 - Cessation of SADIS-2G.pdfWP/13Cessation of SADIS 2G – 31 July 2016WP13_SADIS Provider AI. 6.4 - Cessation of SADIS-2G23 Jul 2015SADIS Provider 
WP14_IATA AI. 6.4 - METAR-TAF availability.pdfWP/14Status of METAR/TAF Availability from ASIA/PACWP14_IATA AI. 6.4 - METAR-TAF availability23 Jul. 2015IATA 
WP15_SADIS Provider AI. 6.4 - SADIS Developments.pdfWP/15Summary of Recent and Forthcoming Developments to the SADISWP15_SADIS Provider AI. 6.4 - SADIS Developments23 Jul. 2015SADIS Provider 
WP16_ICAO AI. 7_Review ICD.pdfWP/16ASIA/PAC ICD UpdatesWP16_ICAO AI. 7_Review ICD04 Aug. 2015Secretariat 
WP17_ICAO AI. 7_Review SIGMET Guide.pdfWP/17Review SIGMET GuideWP17_ICAO AI. 7_Review SIGMET Guide04 Aug. 2015Secretariat 
WP18_CIN AI. 7 - GUIDANCE ON SIGMET FOR RADIOACTIVE CLOUD.pdfWP/18The Asia/Pacific Regional Guidance on the Issuance of SIGMET for Radioactive CloudWP18_CIN AI. 7 - GUIDANCE ON SIGMET FOR RADIOACTIVE CLOUD03 Aug. 2015China 
WP19_AUS AI. 7 - SIGMET_Pamphlets.pdfWP/19SIGMET PamphletsWP19_AUS AI. 7 - SIGMET_Pamphlets03 Aug. 2015MET/H TF Ad Hoc Group 
WP20_Rapporteur AI. 7 - Revised Regional-Guidance on Aerodrome Tsunami Warnings.pdfWP/20The Asia/Pacific Regional Guidance on Aerodrome Tsunami  Warnings (Revised 28/07/15)WP20_Rapporteur AI. 7 - Revised Regional-Guidance on Aerodrome Tsunami Warnings03 Aug. 2015the Rapporteur, MET/H TF, ad-hoc group 
WP21_Rapporteur AI. 6.3 - Tropical cyclone advisory.pdfWP/21Tropical Cyclone AdvisoriesWP21_Rapporteur AI. 6.3 - Tropical cyclone advisory03 Aug. 2015MET/H TF Ad Hoc Group 
WP22_ICAO AI.6.4 - ROBEX WG Report.pdfWP/22ROBEX Working Group ReportWP22_ICAO AI.6.4 - ROBEX WG Report28 Jul. 2015Chair of ROBEX WG 
WP23_JPN AI. 6.3_VAA-VAG headers during backup of VAAC Darwin by VAAC Tokyo.pdfWP/23Use of Headers during Backup of VAAC Darwin by VAAC TokyoWP23_JPN AI. 6.3_VAA-VAG headers during backup of VAAC Darwin by VAAC Tokyo03 Aug. 2015Japan 
WP24_HKG AI. 6.4_Status of HK China IWXXM.pdfWP/24Status and Plans for Implementing IWXXM in Hong Kong, ChinaWP24_HKG AI. 6.4_Status of HK China IWXXM03 Aug. 2015Hong Kong, China 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(29)
IP01_ICAO - AI. 2 - TOR of MET SG.pdfIP/01Terms of Reference of the Meteorology Sub-groupIP01_ICAO - AI. 2 - TOR of MET SG28 Jul. 2015Secretariat 
IP02_ICAO AI.2 - Revised Project management principles(revised).pdfIP/02Project Management Principles (Revised 04/08/15)IP02_ICAO AI.2 - Revised Project management principles(revised)04 Aug. 2015Secretariat 
IP03_ICAO AI. 3_Review MET SG-18.pdfIP/03Review of MET SG/18IP03_ICAO AI. 3_Review MET SG-1803 Aug. 2015Secretariat 
IP04_ICAO AI. 3_Review APANPIRG-25.pdfIP/04Review of APANPIRG/25IP04_ICAO AI. 3_Review APANPIRG-2503 Aug. 2015Secretariat 
IP05_ICAO AI. 3_Revised Review METP-1.pdfIP/05Review of METP/1 (Revised 04/08/15)IP05_ICAO AI. 3_Revised Review METP-104 Aug. 2015Secretariat 
IP06_ICAO AI. 4_Air-Navigation-Reporting-Form.pdfIP/06Air Navigation Reporting Form (ANRF)IP06_ICAO AI. 4_Air-Navigation-Reporting-Form03 Aug. 2015Secretariat 
IP07_ICAO AI. 4_Regional-priorities-and-targets.pdfIP/07Regional Priorities and TargetsIP07_ICAO AI. 4_Regional-priorities-and-targets03Secretariat 
IP08_ICAO AI. 4_Seamless-ATM-Plan.pdfIP/08APAC Seamless ATM PlanIP08_ICAO AI. 4_Seamless-ATM-Plan03 Aug. 2015Secretariat 
IP09_ICAO AI. 4_Revised Updates to OPMET related FASID tables.pdfIP/09Updates to OPMET Related FASID Tables (Revised 04/08/15)IP09_ICAO AI. 4_Revised Updates to OPMET related FASID tables04 Aug. 2015Secretariat 
IP10_Chair AI. 6.1_WAFSTF_Work_Plan_Update.pdfIP/10Update of Work Plan of WAFS TFIP10_Chair AI. 6.1_WAFSTF_Work_Plan_Update03 Aug. 2015Chaiman, WAFS Task Force 
IP11_JPN AI. 6.2 - Himawari-8.pdfIP/11HIMAWARI-8 began OperationIP11_JPN AI. 6.2 - Himawari-823 Jul 2015Japan 
IP12_ICAO AI. 6.3_Report-on-MET-H-TF-5.pdfIP/12Report on MET/H TF/5IP12_ICAO AI. 6.3_Report-on-MET-H-TF-503 Aug. 2015Secretariat on behalf of the Chairman of the MET/H TF 
IP13_Chairman AI. 6.3 - Report on APAC VOLCEX-SG-1.pdfIP/13Report on APAC VOLCEX/SG/1 (Revised 13/08/15)IP13_Chairman AI. 6.3 - Report on APAC VOLCEX-SG-113 Aug. 2015Chair of APAC VOLCEX/SG 
IP14_AUS AI. 6.3 - Revised VAAC Darwin Report.pdfIP/14Darwin VAAC Management Report (Revised 04/08/15)IP14_AUS AI. 6.3 - Revised VAAC Darwin Report05 Aug. 2015Australia 
IP15_JPN AI. 6. 3 - Graphical TCA.pdfIP/15Graphical Tropical Cyclone Advisory – TCAC TokyoIP15_JPN AI. 6. 3 - Graphical TCA23 Jul. 2015Japan 
IP16_JPN AI. 6.3 - Rev. Overview of VOLKAM15.pdfIP/16Outcomes of Volcanic Ash Exercise in Kamchatka in 2015 (VOLKAM15)IP16_JPN AI. 6.3 - Rev. Overview of VOLKAM1504 Aug. 2015Japan 
IP17_JPN AI. 6.3 - Revised Progress with SIGMET tests WC and WV.pdfIP/17Progress with SIGMET Tests – WC and WV (Revised 25/08/15)IP17_JPN AI. 6.3 - Revised Progress with SIGMET tests WC and WV25 Aug. 2015Japan 
IP18_NZ AI. 6.3 - Graphical SIGMET Monitor.pdfIP/18Graphical SIGMET MonitorIP18_NZ AI. 6.3 - Graphical SIGMET Monitor23 Jul. 2015New Zealand 
IP19_ICAO AI.3 - ABSRTF-2.pdfIP/19Report of the Second Meeting of the APANPIRG Contributory Bodies Structure Review Task Force (ABSRTF/2)IP19_ICAO AI.3 - ABSRTF-228 Jul. 2015Secretariat 
IP20_Chair AI. 6.1_WAFS-TF_Questionnaire.pdfIP/20Survey on Operational Use of Services and Products from Service Providers of WAFS in Asia/Pacific Region and WAFS Training Needs of Asia/Pacific StatesIP20_Chair AI. 6.1_WAFS-TF_Questionnaire03 Aug. 2015Chairman, WAFS Task Force 
IP21_ICAO AI. 6.5_Review MET-R TF-4.pdfIP/21Report on MET/R TF/4 and MET/ATM Seminar 2015IP21_ICAO AI. 6.5_Review MET-R TF-405 Aug. 2015Secretariat on behalf of the Chairman of the MET/R TF 
IP22_JPN AI. 6.5 - MET Services for the Terminal Area.pdfIP/22Meteorological Services for the Terminal AreaIP22_JPN AI. 6.5 - MET Services for the Terminal Area23 Jul. 2015Japan 
IP23_AUS AI. 6.4 - Status and plans for IWXXM.pdfIP/23Status and plans for IWXXM in AustraliaIP23_AUS AI. 6.4 - Status and plans for IWXXM28 Jul. 2015Australia 
IP24_Chair AI. 6.1_WAFS_Service_Reference_Document.pdfIP/24Updates of WAFS Service Reference DocumentIP24_Chair AI. 6.1_WAFS_Service_Reference_Document03 Aug. 2015Chairman, WAFS Task Force 
IP25_Chair AI. 6.1_WAFS_Implementation.pdfIP/25Regional Progress in WAFS ImplementationIP25_Chair AI. 6.1_WAFS_Implementation03 Aug. 2015Chairman, WAFS Task Force 
IP26_HKG AI. 6.3_Verification of TS SIGMET.pdfIP/26Verification of TS SIGMET with Satellite PicturesIP26_HKG AI. 6.3_Verification of TS SIGMET03 Aug. 2015Hong Kong, China 
IP28_ICAO AI. 5_Relevant outcomes from the WMO forum in SE Asia.pdfIP/28WMO Regional Forum on MET for Aviation Safety in SE-ASIAIP28_ICAO AI. 5_Relevant outcomes from the WMO forum in SE Asia03 Aug. 2015Secretariat 
IP29_ICAO AI. 6.3_Review SIGMET test results.pdfIP/29Review SIGMET Test ResultsIP29_ICAO AI. 6.3_Review SIGMET test results04 Aug. 2015Secretariat 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(2)
SP01_IP26_HKG AI. 6.3_Verification of TS SIGMET.pdfSP/01Verification of Thunderstorm (TS) SIGMET with Satellite Pictures  (IP/26 referred)SP01_IP26_HKG AI. 6.3_Verification of TS SIGMET04 Aug. 2015Hong Kong, China 
SP02_WMO AI. 6.7 - APAC METSG QMS - Competencies.pdfSP/02QMS, Competency and Qualifications requirements - Update on implementationSP02_WMO AI. 6.7 - APAC METSG QMS - Competencies06 Aug. 2015Secretariat 
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Flimsy01_AI_3_MET-SG_WG-ToR.pdfFlimsy 01MET SG – WGs TORFlimsy01_AI_3_MET-SG_WG-ToR05 Aug. 2015Ad hoc group 
Flimsy02_AI_5_Improvement of SIGMET.pdfFlimsy 02Improvement of SIGMETFlimsy02_AI_5_Improvement of SIGMET05 Aug. 2015Ad hoc group 
Flimsy03_AI_6.3_Tropical cyclone advisory.pdfFlimsy 03Tropical Cyclone AdvisoriesFlimsy03_AI_6.3_Tropical cyclone advisory05 Aug. 2015Australia and Secretariat 
Flimsy04_Indonesia AI.7 - ROBEX HB Updates.pdfFlimsy 04ROBEX Handbook UpdatesFlimsy04_Indonesia AI.7 - ROBEX HB Updates05 Aug. 2015Indonesia 
Flimsy05_AUS AI.7 - ROBEX HB Updates.pdfFlimsy 05ROBEX Handbook UpdatesFlimsy05_AUS AI.7 - ROBEX HB Updates04 Aug. 2015Australia 
Flimsy06_AUS AI.7 - APAC ICD Updates.pdfFlimsy 06APAC ICD UpdatesFlimsy06_AUS AI.7 - APAC ICD Updates04 Aug. 2015Australia 
Flimsy07_AUS AI.4 - FASID Table MET 1A.pdfFlimsy 07Updates Required to the APAC FASID Table MET 1AFlimsy07_AUS AI.4 - FASID Table MET 1A04 Aug. 2015Australia 

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