​Regional Facilitation Seminar
(Bangkok, Thailand, 23 – 26 March 2015)   
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AP001-14-AVS _ FALSeminar.pdfInvitation LetterAP001-14-AVS _ FALSeminar13 January 2014 
AP001-15-AVS - 4 Att C Bulletin.pdfSeminar BulletinAP001-15-AVS - 4 Att C Bulletin13 January 2015 
AP001-15-AVS - 3 Att B - Registration Form.docRegistration FormAP001-15-AVS - 3 Att B - Registration Form13 January 2015 
Agenda.FALSeminar.Bangkok_23March2015.pdfAgendaAgenda.FALSeminar.Bangkok_23March201523 March 2014Secretariat 
Group Photo - FAL 2015.pdfGroup Photo - Regional Facilitation SeminarGroup Photo - FAL 201523 March 2015 
State Letter EC6_3-12_70 Annex 9.pdfImplementation of Standard 3.10.1 of Annex 9 ─ FacilitationState Letter EC6_3-12_70 Annex 924 March 2014 
State Letter EC 63-201505 Proposed Amendment to Annex 9.pdfProposed amendment to Annex 9State Letter EC 63-201505 Proposed Amendment to Annex 924 March 2015 
List of Participants - FALSem asof24Mar2015.pdfList of Participants (revised)List of Participants - FALSem asof24Mar201524 March 2015 
Welcome to Passenger Data Toolkit.htmAPI-PNR ToolkitWelcome to Passenger Data ToolkitIATA 
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0.IATA_API-PNR Tracker_Maps_March 2015.pdfAPI & PNR: Introductory0.IATA_API-PNR Tracker_Maps_March 201523 March 2014ICAO & IATA 
1.IATA_What is API-PNR.pdfWhat are API, iAPI and PNR? When and how are they transmitted?1.IATA_What is API-PNR23 March 2015IATA 
2.Day1.1045-1115.ICAOPerspective.API_PNR.2015March16.pdfAdvance Passenger Information (API) & Passenger Name Record (PNR): The ICAO Perspective2.Day1.1045-1115.ICAOPerspective.API_PNR.2015March1623 March 2015ICAO 
3.Day 1.AAPA_Lim_ICAOFacilitationSem_BKK_Mar2015_v0.1.pdfPrinciples for Passenger Data Transmission3.Day 1.AAPA_Lim_ICAOFacilitationSem_BKK_Mar2015_v0.123 March 2015AAPA 
4.QANTAS_ICAOBKK_PAXDATA.pdfAirline Perspective: Passenger Data4.QANTAS_ICAOBKK_PAXDATA23 March 2015Qantas Airways 
5.Macau API and PNR.pdfAdvance Passenger Information (API) System5.Macau API and PNR23 March 2015Macao, China 
6.Hawaiian Airlines ICAO_IATA Regional Facilitation.pdfFuture use of Data6.Hawaiian Airlines ICAO_IATA Regional Facilitation23 March 2015Hawaiian Airlines 
7.IATA The Data Privacy Conundrum.pdfData Protection Legislation and Restrictions to Data Transmisions (PNR)7.IATA The Data Privacy Conundrum23 March 2015IATA 
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1.Day2.0900-1030.ICAOFALProgramme.2015March04.pdfThe ICAO Facilitation Programme1.Day2.0900-1030.ICAOFALProgramme.2015March0424 March 2015ICAO 
2.Day2.1100-1130.ICAO-TRIP.2015March04.pdfICAO Traveller Identification Programme (TRIP)2.Day2.1100-1130.ICAO-TRIP.2015March0424 March 2015ICAO 
3.Day2.1130-1200.8thFALP-Results_NextSteps.2015March06.pdf8th FAL Panel Meeting: Results & Next Steps3.Day2.1130-1200.8thFALP-Results_NextSteps.2015March0624 March 2015ICAO 
4.Day2.1200-1230.Annex9ComplianceIssues.2015March04.pdfAnnex 9: Compliance Issues4.Day2.1200-1230.Annex9ComplianceIssues.2015March0424 March 2015ICAO 
5.Day2.1330-1400.ComplianceStd3-10-1.2015March04.pdfCompliance with Standard 3.10.1 of Annex 95.Day2.1330-1400.ComplianceStd3-10-1.2015March0424 March 2015ICAO 
6.Day2.1400-1430.PKD.pdfICAO Public Key Directory (PKD)6.Day2.1400-1430.PKD24 March 2015ICAO 
ACBPS-Layered Approach for DPS workshop.pdfAustralia’s Use of Passenger Data for Enhanced Border ManagementACBPS-Layered Approach for DPS workshop24 March 2015Australia 
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1.ICAO_Day3.0900-0945.InadmissiblePersons_Deportees.2015March04.pdfInadmissible Persons & Deportees1.ICAO_Day3.0900-0945.InadmissiblePersons_Deportees.2015March0425 March 2015ICAO 
2.ICAO_Day3.1145-1230.NATFP.2015March09.pdfNational Air Transport Facilitation Programmes (NATFP) 2.ICAO_Day3.1145-1230.NATFP.2015March0925 March 2015ICAO 
IATA_Inadmissible Persons and Deportees.pdfInadmissible Persons and Deportees: IATA’s Experiences and ConcernsIATA_Inadmissible Persons and Deportees25 March 2015IATA 
IATA_Regulatory FAST Travel v2.pdf“Fast Travel” and Self-Service: Regulatory Opportunities & ChallengesIATA_Regulatory FAST Travel v225 March 2015IATA 
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9.Day4.0900-0930.Auditing of Annex 9 RCL.pdfAviation Security USAP Audits, CMA and Annex 99.Day4.0900-0930.Auditing of Annex 9 RCL27 March 2015ICAO 
10.Day4.1000-1030.PersonsWithDisabilities.2015March04.pdfPersons with Disabilities10.Day4.1000-1030.PersonsWithDisabilities.2015March0427 March 2015ICAO 
RFS FAL Writing Wkshp CASP-AP and CAAS (2).pdfFAL Programme Writing Workshop RFS FAL Writing Wkshp CASP-AP and CAAS (2)27 March 2015Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore and CASP-AP 
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