Sixth Meeting of the Asia Pacific Regional Aviation Safety Team (APRAST/6)
(Bangkok Thailand, 6 - 10 April 2015) 
collapse Type Name : 2015 APRAST6 ‎(32)
collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(1)
Final Report - APRAST_6.pdfFinal Report of the APRAST/6Final Report - APRAST_6 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(7)
Provisional Agenda.pdfProvisional Agenda (Revised)Provisional Agenda3 April 2015 
Detailed Programme_Final 2Apr2015.pdfProgramme (Revised)Detailed Programme_Final 2Apr20153 April 2015 
Group Photo - APRAST6.pdfGroup PhotoGroup Photo - APRAST67 April 2015 
AP022-15-FS - 1 APRAST_6.pdf01Invitation LetterAP022-15-FS - 1 APRAST_605 Feb. 2015 
AP022-15-FS - 4 Att C Bulletin.pdf04Meeting BulletinAP022-15-FS - 4 Att C Bulletin05 Feb. 2015 
AP022-15-FS - 3 Att B - Registration Form.pdf05Registration FormAP022-15-FS - 3 Att B - Registration Form05 Feb. 2015 
WP Template.docx06WP / IP TemplateWP Template23 February 2015 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(11)
WP-01 AI_2.1 - Draft Adoption of Agenda.pdfWP/01Adoption of the Provisional AgendaWP-01 AI_2.1 - Draft Adoption of Agenda2 April 2015Secretariat 
WP-02 AI_2.2 - Draft Election of SEI_WG Co-chair.pdfWP/02Formation of an SEI WG and Election of Co-ChairsWP-02 AI_2.2 - Draft Election of SEI_WG Co-chair2 April 2015Secretariat 
WP-03 AI_2.2 - SRP Election of Vice-Chair.pdfWP/03Election of SRP WG Vice-Chair (State)WP-03 AI_2.2 - SRP Election of Vice-Chair2 April 2015Secretariat 
WP-04 AI_3 - !Status of RASG4 decisions revised7Apr2015.pdfWP/04Review RASG APAC/4 Decisions (revised)WP-04 AI_3 - !Status of RASG4 decisions revised7Apr20157 April 2015Secretariat 
WP-05 AI_3 - !Update of RASG-APAC Work Programme.pdfWP/05Progress of the RASG-APAC 2014/2015 Work Programmes WP-05 AI_3 - !Update of RASG-APAC Work Programme2 April 2015Secretariat 
WP-06 AI_4 - !Update of APRAST5 D n C.pdfWP/06Update of APRAST/5 Decisions and ConclusionsWP-06 AI_4 - !Update of APRAST5 D n C3 April 2015Secretariat 
WP-07 AI_4 - APAC-AIG Chairman's Report Rev 1.pdfWP/07Report on the Second Meeting of the Asia Pacific Accident Investigation Group WP-07 AI_4 - APAC-AIG Chairman's Report Rev 12 April 2015Chairman of the APAC-AIG 
WP-08 AI_5 - !Monitoring mechanism of State implementation of safety tools.pdfWP/08Proposed Mechanism for Monitoring of RASG-APAC Safety Tool ImplementationWP-08 AI_5 - !Monitoring mechanism of State implementation of safety tools2 April 2015Secretariat 
WP-09 AI_5 - !Establishment of Go-Teams for APAC 20150402.pdfWP/09Establishment of Go-Teams for the Asia Pacific Region WP-09 AI_5 - !Establishment of Go-Teams for APAC 201504022 April 2015APRAST Co-Chairs 
WP-10 AI_5 - [NZE]APRAST The regulator as a prossesional.pdfWP/10The Regulator as a Professional New Capabilities for New ChallengesWP-10 AI_5 - [NZE]APRAST The regulator as a prossesional3 April 2015New Zealand 
WP-11 AI_4 - Language Proficiency.pdfWP/11English Language Proficiency Related to Non-Routine and Emergency EventsWP-11 AI_4 - Language Proficiency7 April 2015Secretariat 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(5)
IP 01  List of Papers.pdfIP/01List of PapersIP 01 List of Papers6 April 2015 
IP-02 AI_5 - [FSF]APRAST 6 Draft.pdfIP/02International Safety Information ProjectIP-02 AI_5 - [FSF]APRAST 6 Draft3 April 2015Flight Safety Foundation 
IP-03 AI_5 on DGCA Conference.pdfIP/03Action Items of 51st Conference of Directors General of Civil AviationIP-03 AI_5 on DGCA Conference3 April 2015Secretariat 
IP-04 AI_5 on HLSC.pdfIP/04Second High-Level Safety Conference 2015IP-04 AI_5 on HLSC4 April 2015Secretariat 
IP-05 AI_5 - !Global RASG PIRG Coordination meeting.pdfIP/05Second Planning And Implementation Regional Group (PIRG) – Regional Aviation Safety Group (RASG) – Global Coordination MeetingIP-05 AI_5 - !Global RASG PIRG Coordination meeting3 April 2015Secretariat 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(8)
01 - Presentation- to ICAO April 2015.pdf01Organisational Safety Culture – Regulatory workforce capabilities to meet new challenges01 - Presentation- to ICAO April 20155 April 2015New Zealand 
02 - aci apex aprast6 slw apr 2015.pdf02Update on Airport Excellence (“APEX”) in Safety Program02 - aci apex aprast6 slw apr 20156 April 2015ACI 
03 - aci sms challenges aprast6 slw apr 2015.pdf03Challenges of Implementing Aerodrome SMS03 - aci sms challenges aprast6 slw apr 20156 April 2015ACI 
04 - AUS_CASA_SSP Experience.pdf04 Australia’s State Aviation Safety Program04 - AUS_CASA_SSP Experience7 April 2015Australia 
05 - HKG_CAD - SMS_ANSP Perspective.pdf05Safety Management System: An ANSP’s Perspective05 - HKG_CAD - SMS_ANSP Perspective7 April 2015Hong Kong, China 
06 - IATA_Safety Culture from the Top Down.pdf06Creating a Positive Safety Culture06 - IATA_Safety Culture from the Top Down7 April 2015IATA 
07 - SIN_SPM Presentation.pdf07Safety Performance Measurement - SPI & ALoSP Development07 - SIN_SPM Presentation7 April 2015Singapore 
08 - SIN_SRM Tools_1Apr15_R1.pdf08Safety Risk Mitigation - Tools08 - SIN_SRM Tools_1Apr15_R17 April 2015Singapore 

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