Special Implementation Project (SIP) on ASBU B0-FICE - an ATS Inter-Facility Data Communication AIDC Implementation Seminar
  (Bangkok, Thailand, 28 - 31 October 2014)
collapse Type Name : 2014 SIP-AIDC ‎(40)
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Attachment 1 - 40 + 4 Final List of Participants.pdfAttachment 1 - List of participantsAttachment 1 - 40 + 4 Final List of Participants31 Oct. 2014Secretariat 
Appendix B - ATN-AMHS Implementation Status in the APAC Region.docDRAFT Appendix B - APAC AIDC Implementation Status (Rev.)Appendix B - ATN-AMHS Implementation Status in the APAC Region31 Oct. 2014Secretariat 
Appendix A - Table CNS 1E - Consolidated with Approved APAC.xlsDRAFT Appendix A - Table CNS 1E (Consolidated with approved APAC)Appendix A - Table CNS 1E - Consolidated with Approved APAC31 Oct. 2014Secretariat 
Final Summary of Discussions - SIP AIDC 2014.pdfSummary of DiscussionsFinal Summary of Discussions - SIP AIDC 201403 Nov. 2014Secretariat 
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Invitation letter.pdfInvitation letterInvitation letter26 Aug. 2014Secretariat 
AP117 - Attachment 2 - Seminar Bulletin-rev.pdfMeeting BulletinAP117 - Attachment 2 - Seminar Bulletin-rev26 Aug. 2014Secretariat 
AP117 - Attachment 3 - Nomination Form.docxNomination/Registration FormAP117 - Attachment 3 - Nomination Form26 Aug. 2014Secretariat 
group photo SIP AIDC.pdfGroup Photogroup photo SIP AIDC28 Oct. 2014Secretariat 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(27)
SP00- Tentative agenda items.pdfSP/01Tentative AgendaSP00- Tentative agenda items27 Oct. 2014Secretariat 
SP02- Final tentative AIDC Programme V.2.pdfSP/02Tentative ProgrammeSP02- Final tentative AIDC Programme V.228 Oct. 2014Secretariat 
SP03-Mod B0-FICE.AIDC.PIA2.pptxSP/03Module B0-FICE/PIA-2SP03-Mod B0-FICE.AIDC.PIA228 Oct. 2014Secretariat 
SP04-AIDC APANPIRG Conclusion and RASMAG.pptxSP/04RASMAG Study on the Effect of AIDC and APANPIRG ConclusionsSP04-AIDC APANPIRG Conclusion and RASMAG28 Oct. 2014Secretariat 
SP05-Seamless ATM Plan - item 220.pptxSP/05AIDC Top priority in APACSP05-Seamless ATM Plan - item 22028 Oct. 2014Secretariat 
SP06-Benefits of AIDC implementation.pptSP/06AIDC Safety Benefits & LimitationsSP06-Benefits of AIDC implementation28 Oct. 2014Australia 
APX. H - Table CNS 1E -  Explanation.pdfSP/07 (A)Table CNS 1E - AIDC Implementation Plan (Explanation of the Table)APX. H - Table CNS 1E - Explanation28 Oct. 2014Secretariat 
2011 Table CNS 1E (Consolidated with Approved APAC).xlsSP/07 (B)Table CNS 1E - AIDC Implementation Plan2011 Table CNS 1E (Consolidated with Approved APAC)28 Oct. 2014Secretariat 
SP08-Development of AIDC ICD in APAC Region.pptxSP/08Development of AIDC ICD in APAC RegionSP08-Development of AIDC ICD in APAC Region28 Oct. 2014Secretariat 
SP09-Pan Regional ICD Structure and Status_Rev01.pptSP/09PAN Regional ICD for AIDC Structure and Status (Revised 30/10/14)SP09-Pan Regional ICD Structure and Status_Rev0130 Oct. 2014Secretariat 
SP10-Gap analysis - Global AIDC ICD.pptSP/10(Global) PAN AIDC ICDSP10-Gap analysis - Global AIDC ICD28 Oct. 2014Australia 
SP11-AIDC and OLDI gap analysis and perspectives - Oct 14 rev.pptxSP/11AIDC and OLDI: Gap Analysis and PerspectivesSP11-AIDC and OLDI gap analysis and perspectives - Oct 14 rev28 Oct. 2014Secretariat 
SP12-AIDC_OLDI ICAO EUR_NAT.pptxSP/12Basic SYSCO Principles and Standard OLDI CommunicationSP12-AIDC_OLDI ICAO EUR_NAT30 Oct. 2014Secretariat 
SP13 - Rev. APAC AIDC Implementation Status.docSP/13APANPIRG Conclusions and AIDC Implementation Status in APACSP13 - Rev. APAC AIDC Implementation Status28 Oct. 2014Secretariat 
SP13a-Thailand AIDC Implementation Status_Rev01.pptSP/13 (A)Thailand AIDC Implementation StatusSP13a-Thailand AIDC Implementation Status_Rev0130 Oct. 2014Thailand 
SP13b-AIDC OLDI Status in Iran.pptxSP/13 (B)I.R. Iran AIDC/OLDI StatusSP13b-AIDC OLDI Status in Iran30 Oct. 2014Iran Islamic Republic of 
SP13c- India AIDC Implementation Status 2902014.pptSP/13 (C)India AIDC Implementation Status and IssuesSP13c- India AIDC Implementation Status 290201430 Oct. 2014India 
SP13d-Philippines status.pdfSP/13 (D)AIDC Update - PhilippinesSP13d-Philippines status30 Oct. 2014Philippines 
SP13f - SIN - AIDC implementation.pdfSP/13 (F)AIDC Implementation - SingaporeSP13f - SIN - AIDC implementation31 Oct. 2014Singapore 
SP14 (A) CNS SG6 - AI 5 - Appendix 5D - AIDCOLDI Strategy ver 2.docxSP/14 (A)MID Region Strategy for the implementation of AIDC/OLDISP14 (A) CNS SG6 - AI 5 - Appendix 5D - AIDCOLDI Strategy ver 230 Oct. 2014Secretariat 
SP14 (B) - MID region experience.pptxSP/14 (B)Progress in the MID RegionSP14 (B) - MID region experience30 Oct. 2014Secretariat 
SP15-APAC AIDC_OLDI ICAO EUR_NAT_challenges.pptxSP/15Standard OLDI Communication Lessons learned in EuropeSP15-APAC AIDC_OLDI ICAO EUR_NAT_challenges30 Oct. 2014Secretariat 
SP16 - AIDC status Rev. - THALES.pptSP/16AIDC StatusSP16 - AIDC status Rev. - THALES30 Oct. 2014Thales 
SP17-AIDC Training requirements.pptxSP/17AIDC Training RequirementsSP17-AIDC Training requirements30 Oct. 2014Secretariat 
SP18-Flight State Transition diagram.pptSP/18Flight State Transition DiagramSP18-Flight State Transition diagram30 Oct. 2014Australia 
SP19-LOA template.pptSP/19Letter of Agreement (LOA) templateSP19-LOA template30 Oct. 2014Australia 
SP20-Harris_AirNav_workshop_cutdown.pptxSP/20Air Navigation WorkshopSP20-Harris_AirNav_workshop_cutdown31 Oct. 2014Harris Corporation 
collapse Category : AIDC Issues ‎(5)
issues AIDC.xlsxAIDC Issuesissues AIDC28 Oct. 2014Secretariat 
issues AIDC.pdfAIDC Issuesissues AIDC29 Oct. 2014Secretariat 
AIDC severity-probability.pdfSeverity - probabilityAIDC severity-probability29 Oct. 2014Secretariat 
2011 Table CNS 1E (Consolidated with Approved APAC)-1.xlsTable CNS 1E (Consolidated with approved APAC)2011 Table CNS 1E (Consolidated with Approved APAC)-130 Oct. 2014Secretariat 
SP13 - Rev. APAC AIDC Implementation Status REV.docAPAC AIDC Implementation Status (Rev.)SP13 - Rev. APAC AIDC Implementation Status REV30 Oct. 2014Secretariat 

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