Seminar on space based ADS-B and the Tenth Meeting of the South East Asia and Bay of Bengal Sub-regional ADS-B Implementation Working Group (SEA/BOB ADS-B WG/10)
(Singapore, 11 – 13 November 2014)
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Final Report of SEA-BOB ADS-B WG-10.pdfReport of the Seminar on Spaced-Based ADS-B and the SEA/BOB ADS-B WG/10 MeetingFinal Report of SEA-BOB ADS-B WG-1018 Nov. 2014Secretariat 
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AP126 - Invitation letter.pdfInvitation letterAP126 - Invitation letter11 Sept. 2014Secretariat 
Attachment 3 - Registration Form.docRegistration FormAttachment 3 - Registration Form11 Sept. 2014Secretariat 
Attachment 1 - Revised Provisional Agenda.pdfProvisional Agenda (Rev. 12/09/14)Attachment 1 - Revised Provisional Agenda12 Sept. 2014Secretariat 
Attachment 2 - Revised Meeting Bulletin.pdfMeeting Bulletin (Rev. 12/09/14)Attachment 2 - Revised Meeting Bulletin12 Sept. 2014Secretariat 
WP-IP template.docxWP/IP TemplateWP-IP template05 Nov. 2014Secretariat 
Revised 12 Nov. - Tentative Work Programme.pdfTentative Programme for SEA/BOB ADS-B WG/10 (Revised 12/11/14)Revised 12 Nov. - Tentative Work Programme12 Nov. 2014Secretariat 
GroupPhoto.jpgGroup PhotoGroupPhoto12 Nov. 2014Secretariat 
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WP01_ICAO - Provisional agenda.pdfWP/01Provisional AgendaWP01_ICAO - Provisional agenda27 Oct. 2014Secretariat 
WP02_ICAO AI. 2 - Outcome of ADS-B SITF13 and APANPIRG25.pdfWP/02Outcome of ADS-B SITF/13 and APANPIRG/25 on ADS-BWP02_ICAO AI. 2 - Outcome of ADS-B SITF13 and APANPIRG2507 Nov. 2014Secretariat 
WP03_ICAO AI.5 - Review TOR of ADS-B WG.pdfWP/03Review of Terms of Reference of the SEA/BOB ADS-B Working GroupWP03_ICAO AI.5 - Review TOR of ADS-B WG03 Nov. 2014Secretariat 
WP04_ICAO AI3.6 - Ad Hoc WG Review of APANPIRG Cons.pdfWP/04Outcomes of the Ad-hoc Working Group on the Review of APANPIRG Conclusions relating to ADS-B (Revised 07/11/14)WP04_ICAO AI3.6 - Ad Hoc WG Review of APANPIRG Cons07 Nov. 2014Secretariat 
WP05_ICAO - AI.3.7 - Outcome of SEA-BOB ADS-B WG-9.pdfWP/05Outcome of the Ninth Meeting of South-East Asia Bay of Bengal Sub-regional ADS-B Implementation Working Group (SEA/BOB ADS-B  WG/9)WP05_ICAO - AI.3.7 - Outcome of SEA-BOB ADS-B WG-905 Nov. 2014Secretariat 
WP06_ICAO AI. 5 - Review action items.pdfWP/06Review Action Items for the SEA/BOB ADS-B WGWP06_ICAO AI. 5 - Review action items05 Nov. 2014Secretariat 
WP07_AUS AI.4 - Rev. Surveillance anomalies.pdfWP/07ATC Procedures for Surveillance AnomaliesWP07_AUS AI.4 - Rev. Surveillance anomalies12 Nov. 2014Australia 
WP08_India AI.4 - ADS-B Implementaiton related issues.pdfWP/08ADS-B Implementation related IssuesWP08_India AI.4 - ADS-B Implementaiton related issues10 Nov. 2014India 
WP09_SIN AI.5 - Future focus of WG.pdfWP/09Future Focus of the Working GroupWP09_SIN AI.5 - Future focus of WG11 Nov. 2014Singapore 
WP10_SIN AI  3 - Revised Benefit of cross border_amendment.pdfWP/10Benefits of Cross Border ADS-B Data Sharing (Revised 13/11/14)WP10_SIN AI 3 - Revised Benefit of cross border_amendment13 Nov. 2014Singapore 
WP11_SIN AI.4 - Performance of ADS-B stations.pdfWP/11Performance of ADS-B Stations and Avionics in Singapore FIRWP11_SIN AI.4 - Performance of ADS-B stations12 Nov. 2014Singapore 
WP12_Indo-SIN-VNM - AI.3 - Update on the ADS-B Collaboration.pdfWP/12Update onf the ADS-B Collaboration Project in the South China SeaWP12_Indo-SIN-VNM - AI.3 - Update on the ADS-B Collaboration12 Nov. 2014Indonesia, Singapore and Viet Nam 
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IP01_ICAO - Meeting Bulletin.pdfIP/01Meeting BulletinIP01_ICAO - Meeting Bulletin27 Oct. 2014Secretariat 
IP02 _REV. ADS-B Implementation Plan in Bangladesh.pdfIP/02ADS-B and MLAT Implementation Plan in Bangladesh (Revised 11/11/14)IP02 _REV. ADS-B Implementation Plan in Bangladesh11 Nov. 2014Bangladesh 
IP03_AUS AI 3 4 - Australia ATC Surveillance Update.pdfIP/03Update of ATS Surveillance Activities in AustraliaIP03_AUS AI 3 4 - Australia ATC Surveillance Update07 Nov. 2014Australia 
IP04_HKG AI.4 - ADS-B Implementation in HKG.pdfIP/04Implementation of ADS-B in Hong Kong, ChinaIP04_HKG AI.4 - ADS-B Implementation in HKG11 Nov. 2014Hong Kong, China 
IP05_SRL AI. 3.4 - ADS-B Implementation.pdfIP/05ADS-B Implementation in Sri LankaIP05_SRL AI. 3.4 - ADS-B Implementation11 Nov. 2014Sri Lanka 
IP06_CHN AI. 3 - Update of ADS-B Activities in China.pdfIP/06Update of ADS-B Activities in the South China SeaIP06_CHN AI. 3 - Update of ADS-B Activities in China12 Nov. 2014China 
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SP01 - Aireon Presentation Singapore Don1.pdfSP/01ADS-B GLobal CoverageSP01 - Aireon Presentation Singapore Don111 Nov. 2014Aireon 
SP02 - Aireon Presentation Singapore Cyriel.pdfSP/02ADS-B EverywhereSP02 - Aireon Presentation Singapore Cyriel11 Nov. 2014Aireon 
SP03 - Thales - EN SatADSB Payloads TASD-T KeyFacts THALES Template.pdfSP/03Satellite Payloads for World-wide Air Traffic SurveillanceSP03 - Thales - EN SatADSB Payloads TASD-T KeyFacts THALES Template11 Nov. 2014Thales 
SP04 - NAV CANADA SIN 2014 WS - export ver.pdfSP/04Case Study: Aireon ADS‐B Out Implementing a Game ChangerSP04 - NAV CANADA SIN 2014 WS - export ver11 Nov. 2014Nav Canada 
SP05 - ENAV presentation_Singapore.pdfSP/05Case Study:Space Based ADS-BSP05 - ENAV presentation_Singapore11 Nov. 2014ENAV 
SP06 - GomSpace Presentation.pdfSP/06Fisrt Results of Space Based ADS-B with the GOMX-1 Satellite MissionSP06 - GomSpace Presentation11 Nov. 2014GomSpace  
SP07 - Airservices Space based ADS-B.pdfSP/07Airservices Australia and Space Based ADS-BSP07 - Airservices Space based ADS-B11 Nov. 2014Australia 
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Flimpsy 1-SEA report_12 November 2014.pdfFlimpsy 1Report from South East Asia Sub-groupFlimpsy 1-SEA report_12 November 201413 Nov. 2014Secretariat 
Flimpsy 2-Outcome of BOB ADS-B WG-10.pdfFlimpsy 2Outcome from SEA/BOB ADS-B WG/10Flimpsy 2-Outcome of BOB ADS-B WG-1013 Nov. 2014Secretariat 
Flimpsy 3 revised TOR of the WG.pdfFlimpsy 3Revised TOR of SEA/BOB ADS-B WGFlimpsy 3 revised TOR of the WG13 Nov. 2014Secretariat 

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