2013 OLS

Workshop on i) Aerodrome Obstacle Charts (Type A and Type B), ii) Obstacle Limitation Surfaces and iii) Charting Hot Spots
(Bangkok, Thailand,30 January to 1 February 2013)
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AP-170 - Attachment B - Nomination form.docxNomination FormAP-170 - Attachment B - Nomination formDec 07,2012Secretariat
AP170-12 (AGA)1.pdfState Letter ref.: T 11/5.11 - AP170/12 (AGA)AP170-12 (AGA)1Dec 07,2012Secretariat
Attachment A.pdfWorkshop Program OutlineAttachment ADec 07,2012Secretariat
Bulletin.pdfBulletinBulletinDec 07,2012Secretariat
Workshop Agenda.pdfWorkshop AgendaWorkshop AgendaJan 16,2013Secretariat

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