2012 SOCM/2

​Satellite Data-link Communication Seminar and Second Satellite Dat​a-link Operational Continuity Meeting (SOCM/2)

(Bangkok, Thailand,8 - 10 February 2012)

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SP03_USA AI. 3.1 - Seminar - Gold Data Analysis.pptGOLD Performance Analysis TutorialSP03_USA AI. 3.1 - Seminar - Gold Data Analysis
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CNS139 - new invitation letter.pdfState Letter Ref.: T 8/4.13:AP139/11 (CNS)CNS139 - new invitation letterJan 13,2012Secretariat
group photo.pdfGroup Photogroup photoFeb 08,2012Secretariat
SOCM2 SUMMARY  Report - revised 27-02-12.pdfReport of Second Meeting Satellite Data-Link Operational ContinuitySOCM2 SUMMARY Report - revised 27-02-12Feb 27,2012Secretariat
WP-IP Template.docWP/IP TemplateWP-IP TemplateJan 13,2012Secretariat
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WP01_Provisional Agenda (new).pdfWP/01Provisional AgendaWP01_Provisional Agenda (new)Jan 13,2012Secretariat
WP02_ICAO AI.1 - Brief of SOCM-1 outcome.pdfWP/02Brief Review of SOCM/1 Outcome and Subsequent Regional DevelopmentsWP02_ICAO AI.1 - Brief of SOCM-1 outcomeJan 13,2012Secretariat
WP03_JPN AI.2 - MTSAT System.pdfWP/03New Future Plan of MTSAT SystemWP03_JPN AI.2 - MTSAT SystemFeb 03,2012Japan
WP04_USA AI.2.1 - FANS 1A over Iridium Status.pdfWP/04Operational Use of FANS 1/A over IrridiumWP04_USA AI.2.1 - FANS 1A over Iridium StatusFeb 07,2012USA
WP04A_USA AI. 2.1 - FANS-1A over Iridium Status - Presentation.pptWP/04Attachment - FAN 1A over Irridium (FOI) StatusWP04A_USA AI. 2.1 - FANS-1A over Iridium Status - PresentationFeb 07,2012USA
WP05_USA AI. 3 - RCP and RSP Planning.pdfWP/05RCP and RSP Planning and ImplementationWP05_USA AI. 3 - RCP and RSP PlanningFeb 07,2012USA
WP05B_USA AI. 3 - RCP and RSP Planning - Presentation.pptWP/05Attachment - RCP and RSPWP05B_USA AI. 3 - RCP and RSP Planning - PresentationFeb 07,2012USA
WP06_USA AI. 3.1 - Gold Performance Analysis G-PAT_Status.pdfWP/06Gold Performance Analysis Tool (G-PAT) StatusWP06_USA AI. 3.1 - Gold Performance Analysis G-PAT_StatusFeb 07,2012USA
WP07_ICAO AI.4.1 - Review PFF of SATCOM.pdfWP/07Review of Performance Framework Form for SATCOMWP07_ICAO AI.4.1 - Review PFF of SATCOMFeb 07,2012Secretariat
WP08_NZ AI. 2 - FAN1A Performance Updated NZZO.pdfWP/08FANS 1/A Performance Update NZZOWP08_NZ AI. 2 - FAN1A Performance Updated NZZOFeb 08,2012New Zealand
WP09_ICAO AI.4.2 - FIT Asia.pdfWP/09FIT - AsiaWP09_ICAO AI.4.2 - FIT AsiaFeb 08,2012Secretariat
WP10_NZ AI.4.3 - Use of HFDL for FANS 1A in NZZO.pdfWP/10The Use of HFDL for FANS 1/A in NZZO Oceanic FIRWP10_NZ AI.4.3 - Use of HFDL for FANS 1A in NZZOFeb 08,2012New Zealand
WP11_Inmarsat AI.2 - Review Planning SATCOM.pdfWP/11Review Planning and Implementation Programmes Involving Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Data Link ServicesWP11_Inmarsat AI.2 - Review Planning SATCOMFeb 09,2012Inmarsat
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IP01 - ICAO Meeting Bulletin.pdfIP/1Information PaperIP01 - ICAO Meeting BulletinJan 13,2012Secretariat
IP02_USA AI. 2 - Lessons Learned Using Data Link.pdfIP/2Data Link Operational ExperienceIP02_USA AI. 2 - Lessons Learned Using Data LinkFeb 07,2012FAA
IP03_USA AI. 2.1 - GOLD Data Link Analysis.pdfIP/3GOLD Data Link AnalaysisIP03_USA AI. 2.1 - GOLD Data Link AnalysisFeb 07,2012USA
IP04_USA AI. 2.2 - R15 Upgrade Analysis.pdfIP/4Post-Implementation Analysis of Data Link Performance Following Release 15 (R15) Ground Earth Station Software UpgradeIP04_USA AI. 2.2 - R15 Upgrade AnalysisFeb 07,2012USA
IP04_USA AI.2.2 - Attachment - R15 Upgrade Analysis.pptIP/4Attachment - Release (R15)IP04_USA AI.2.2 - Attachment - R15 Upgrade AnalysisFeb 07,2012USA
IP05_USA AI. 3.1 - PARC CWG Status.pdfIP/5Performance Based Operations Aviation Rulemaking Committee Communications Working Group (PARC CWG) StatusIP05_USA AI. 3.1 - PARC CWG StatusFeb 07,2012USA
IP05_USA AI.3.1 - Attachment PARC-CWG Update.pptIP/5Attachment - PARC CWGIP05_USA AI.3.1 - Attachment PARC-CWG UpdateFeb 07,2012USA
IP06_ICAO AI.4.1 - OPLINK Panel WG.pdfIP/6Relevant Outcome of OPLINKP IP06_ICAO AI.4.1 - OPLINK Panel WGFeb 08,2012Chair of OPLINKP
IP07_ARINC - Long Range Satellite Communications.pptxIP/7Long Range Satellite CommunicationsIP07_ARINC - Long Range Satellite CommunicationsFeb 09,2012ARINC
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SP01_ICAO - Satellite data-link Operational Requirements and issues.pptxSP/01Satellite Data-link Communication Requirements and IssuesSP01_ICAO - Satellite data-link Operational Requirements and issuesFeb 07,2012Secretariat
SP02_FAA - Satellite Data link Benefits (Rev).ppsSP/02GOLD Data Link Benefits (Revised)SP02_FAA - Satellite Data link Benefits (Rev)Feb 07,2012FAA
SP03_FAA - SAT Data Link Operations (Rev.).ppsSP/03Satellite Data Link Operations (Revised)SP03_FAA - SAT Data Link Operations (Rev.)Feb 07,2012FAA
SP04-New Zealand - Airline Perspective ICV (Rev.).pptSP/04An Airline Perspective (Revised)SP04-New Zealand - Airline Perspective ICV (Rev.)Feb 07,2012New Zealand
SP05_NZ - Data link Elements and Role of Stakeholders - ANSP.pptxSP/05Data Link Elements and Role of Stakeholders - Reflections on an ANSPSP05_NZ - Data link Elements and Role of Stakeholders - ANSPFeb 07,2012New Zealand
SP06_USA - GOLD Intro (replace).pptSP/06GOLD IntroductionSP06_USA - GOLD Intro (replace)Feb 08,2012FAA
SP07_USA AI. 3.1 - Seminar - Gold Data Analysis Tutorial.pptSP/07GOLD Data Analysis TutorialSP07_USA AI. 3.1 - Seminar - Gold Data Analysis TutorialFeb 07,2012FAA
SP08_USA - GOLD Cont Procedures.ppsSP/08GOLD Controller ProceduresSP08_USA - GOLD Cont ProceduresFeb 07,2012FAA
SP09_USA- Intro to RCP-RSP.pptSP/09Introduction to Required Communication Performance (RCP) and Required Surveillance (RSP)SP09_USA- Intro to RCP-RSPFeb 07,2012FAA
SP10-USA - DL GOLD Advanced.ppsSP/10Data Link Advanced OperationsSP10-USA - DL GOLD AdvancedFeb 08,2012FAA
SP11_USA - GOLD Amendments.pptSP/11GOLD AmendmentSP11_USA - GOLD AmendmentsFeb 08,2012Aeroconnex for Inmarsat
SP12_Steve Kong - Elements and Role Stakeholders.pdfSP/12Data Link Elements & Role of StakeholdersSP12_Steve Kong - Elements and Role StakeholdersFeb 08,2012Aeroconnex for Inmarsat
SP13_Boeing - FANS Future Air Navigation Systems.pptSP/13FANS (Future Air Navigation Systems Flight Crew Procedures)SP13_Boeing - FANS Future Air Navigation SystemsFeb 08,2012Boeing


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