2012 PBN/TF/9

​The Ninth Meeting of the Performance Based Navigation T​​ask Force (PBN/TF/9)

 ( Bangkok, Thailand,27-30 March​​ 2012)

collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(1)
FINAL REPORT PBNTF9.pdfReport of the Ninth Meeting of the Performance-Based Navigation Task ForceFINAL REPORT PBNTF9Apr 12,2012Secretariat
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(5)
AP009-12 (ATM) States.pdfState Letter ref. T3/8.30-AP009/12 (ATM)AP009-12 (ATM) StatesJan 25,2012Secretariat
group photo.pdfGroup Photogroup photoMar 29,2012Secretariat
ORDER OF BUSINESS.pdfOrder of BusinessORDER OF BUSINESSMar 26,2012Secretariat
ORDER OF DISCUSSION.pdfOrder of DiscussionORDER OF DISCUSSIONMar 28,2012Secretariat
WP or IP TEMPLATE.docWP/IP TemplateWP or IP TEMPLATEMar 21,2012Secretariat
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(12)
WP01 Agenda.pdfWP01Provisional AgendaWP01 AgendaSecretariat
WP02 Related Meeting Outcomes.pdfWP02Related Meeting OutcomesWP02 Related Meeting OutcomesMar 21,2012Secretariat
WP03 Global Update.pdfWP03Global PBN UpdateWP03 Global UpdateMar 26,2012Secretariat
WP04 Regional PBN Implementation ProgressREV.pdfWP04Regional PBN Implementation ProgressWP04 Regional PBN Implementation ProgressREVMar 22,2012Secretariat
WP04 Attachment PBN Plan Status 29 March 2012.pdfWP04-ATTStatus of PBN Implementation PlanWP04 Attachment PBN Plan Status 29 March 2012Mar 29,2012
WP05 Recent PBN Activities in Australia.pdfWP05Recent PBN Activities in AustraliaWP05 Recent PBN Activities in AustraliaMar 26,2012Australia
WP06 FPP Update.pdfWP06Asia-Pacific Flight Procedure Programme in 2011-2012WP06 FPP UpdateMar 26,2012ICAO APAC FPP
WP07 IATA Member Airline Requests for priority RNP APCH implementation at key airportsX.pdfWP07IATA Asia Pacific Member Airline Priorities for RNP APCH ImplementationWP07 IATA Member Airline Requests for priority RNP APCH implementation at key airportsXMar 20,2012IATA
WP08 Problem encountered from Hong Kong.pdfWP08Problem Encountered during PBN Implementation FMS Database Limitation on Applying ICAO PANS-OPS Duplicate Procedure IdentificationWP08 Problem encountered from Hong KongMar 20,2012Hong Kong, China
WP09 Review of Task List.pdfWP09Review of PBN Task ListWP09 Review of Task ListMar 21,2012Secretariat
WP10 PBNTF10 Planning.pdfWP10PBN/TF/10 PlanningWP10 PBNTF10 PlanningMar 21,2012Secretariat
WP11 India_ PBN Implementation.pdfWP11PBN Implementation Status - IndiaWP11 India_ PBN ImplementationMar 26,2012India
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(7)
IP01 List of Papers.pdfIP01List of PapersIP01 List of PapersMar 29,2012Secretariat
IP02 Bangladesh PBN.pdfIP02Progress on Bangladesh PBN Implementation RoadmapIP02 Bangladesh PBNMar 20,2012Bangladesh
IP03 PBN Implementation Status_Republic of Korea(PBN TF9)_revised.pdfIP03PBN Implementation Status and Future PlanIP03 PBN Implementation Status_Republic of Korea(PBN TF9)_revisedMar 20,2012Republic of Korea
IP04 Thailand PBN Progress Report-Final.pdfIP04Thailand PBN ImplementationIP04 Thailand PBN Progress Report-FinalMar 20,2012Thailand
IP05 Update from Hong Kong.pdfIP05Update on Hong Kong, China PBN ImplementationIP05 Update from Hong KongMar 20,2012Hong Kong, China
IP06 PBN Implementation Status in Nepal.pdfIP06PBN Implementation Status in NepalIP06 PBN Implementation Status in NepalMar 28,2012Nepal
IP07 Fiji PBN Progress Report.pdfIP07Fiji PBN Implementation Progress ReportIP07 Fiji PBN Progress ReportMar 28,2012Fiji
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(10)
Presentation1_WP03 APAC PBN global update.pdfPresentation01Global PBN UpdatePresentation1_WP03 APAC PBN global updateMar 26,2012ICAO
Presentation2_WP04 Regional Progress Update.pdfPresentation02Regional PBN UpdatePresentation2_WP04 Regional Progress UpdateMar 26,2012ICAO
Presentation3_WP06 FPP Presentation.pdfPresentation03Asia-Pacific Procedure Programme in 2011-2012Presentation3_WP06 FPP PresentationMar 26,2012ICAO APAC FPP
Presentation4_IP03 PBN implementation status-ROK(presented).pdfPresentation04PBN Implementation Status in KoreaPresentation4_IP03 PBN implementation status-ROK(presented)Mar 26,2012Republic of Korea
Australian presentation - Global GNSS and PBN.pdfPresentation05GNSS and PBNAustralian presentation - Global GNSS and PBNMar 29,2012Australia
PBN Airspace Concept.pdfPresentation06The Airspace ConceptPBN Airspace ConceptMar 29,2012Australia
Hong Kong PBN Implementation 2012.pdfPresentation07Hong Kong PBN ImplementationHong Kong PBN Implementation 2012Mar 29,2012Hong Kong, China
Hong Kong PBN Naming Issues.pdfPresentation08Problem Encountered during PBN Implementation FMS Database Limitation on Applying ICAO PANS-OPS Duplicate Procedure IdentificationHong Kong PBN Naming IssuesMar 29,2012Hong Kong, China
Maldives - Connecting PBN STARs to ILS.pdfPresentation09PBN Implementation Connecting PBN STARs to an ILS or Conventional STARs to PBN ApproachMaldives - Connecting PBN STARs to ILSMar 29,2012Maldives
Nepal PBN TF-9 Presentation.pdfPresentation10PBN Implementation Status in Nepal (March 2012)Nepal PBN TF-9 PresentationMar 29,2012Nepal

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