2012 IR-SVTF/3


​Third ICAO Inter-Regional SATCOM Voice Ad Hoc Task Force (IR-SVTF/3) and Seminar on Satellite Voice Communication

( Bangk​​ok, Thailand,13 - 16 February 2012)

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Group photo.pdfGroup PhotoGroup photoFeb 16,2012Secretariat
IRSVTF3 meeting report.pdfReport of IRSVTF/3IRSVTF3 meeting reportFeb 27,2012Secretariat
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AP143_IRSVTF-3 Invitation letter.pdfState Letter Ref. T 8/4.13:AP143/11 (CNS) dated 16 November 2011AP143_IRSVTF-3 Invitation letterJan 13,2012Secretariat
ATT. A - TERMS OF REFERENCE.pdfAttachment A: Terms of ReferenceATT. A - TERMS OF REFERENCEJan 13,2012Secretariat
ATT. B - Provisional Agenda.pdfAttachment B: Provisional AgendaATT. B - Provisional AgendaJan 13,2012Secretariat
OB IRSVTF3 13Feb,2012.pdfOrder of BusinessOB IRSVTF3 13Feb,2012Feb 13,2012Secretariat
WP-IP Template.docWP/IP TemplateWP-IP TemplateJan 13,2012Secretariat
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WP01 - Provisional Agenda.pdfWP/1Provisional AgendaWP01 - Provisional AgendaJan 13,2012Secretariat
SATCOM Voice GM_v0.8.4_14-Feb-12-Clean.pdfWP/2SATCOM Voice GM_V0.84 - CleanSATCOM Voice GM_v0.8.4_14-Feb-12-CleanFeb 15,2012Secretariat
SATCOM Voice GM_v0.8.4_14-Feb-12-Tracked.pdfWP/2SATCOM Voice GM_V0.84 - Track ChangesSATCOM Voice GM_v0.8.4_14-Feb-12-TrackedFeb 15,2012Secretariat
WP02_Australia SVGM position (Portal Additional).pdfWP/2Australia's Position on SATCOM Voice Guidance Material (SVGM)(Additional Paper from Portal)WP02_Australia SVGM position (Portal Additional)Feb 13,2012Australia
WP02A_ICAO - SATCOM Voice GM_v0.8.3_17-Jan-12-Tracked.docWP/2ADraft Satellite Voice Guidance Material (SVGM) V.0.8.3 - with track changes (Additional Papers from Portal)WP02A_ICAO - SATCOM Voice GM_v0.8.3_17-Jan-12-TrackedJan 20,2012Secretariat
WP02B_ICAO - SATCOM Voice GM_v0.8.3_17-Jan-12-clean copy.docWP/2BDraft Satellite Voice Guidance Material (SVGM) V.0.8.3 - clean copy (Additinal Paper from Portal)WP02B_ICAO - SATCOM Voice GM_v0.8.3_17-Jan-12-clean copyJan 20,2012Secretariat
WP03_ICAO - SATCOM Voice GM_v02_27-Jan-11_Master Comments_17-Jan-1.docWP/3SATCOM Voice Guidance MaterialWP03_ICAO - SATCOM Voice GM_v02_27-Jan-11_Master Comments_17-Jan-1Jan 20,2012Secretariat
WP04_ICAO - SCV in ASIA-PAC.pdfWP/4Use of SATCOM Voice for ATS Communication (SCV) in the Asia/Pacific Region (Additional Paper from Portal)WP04_ICAO - SCV in ASIA-PACFeb 13,2012Secretariat
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IP01_ICAO - ICAO Update (addtional portal).pdfIP/1ICAO Update (Additional Paper from Portal)IP01_ICAO - ICAO Update (addtional portal)Feb 13,2012Secretariat
IP01_ICAO - Meeting Bulletin.pdfIP/1Meeting BulletinIP01_ICAO - Meeting BulletinJan 13,2012Secretariat
IP02_ICAO - ICAO Avation System (additional portal).pdfIP/2Developing Tomorrow's Aviation System (Additional Paper from Portal)IP02_ICAO - ICAO Avation System (additional portal)Feb 13,2012Secretariat

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