2012 ADS-B SITF/11

​Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (AD​S-B) Seminar and the Eleventh Meeting of ADS-B Study and Implementation Task Force (ADS-B SITF/11)

( Jeju, Republic of Korea,24 - 27 April 2​012)

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Final Report of ADS-B SITF-11.pdfReport of ADS-B Seminar and Eleventh Meeting of Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B) Study and Implementation Task Force (ADS-B SITF/11)Final Report of ADS-B SITF-11May 10,2012Secretariat
group_photo_of_ADS_B_SITF_11.jpgGroup Photogroup_photo_of_ADS_B_SITF_11Apr 26,2012Secretariat
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AP005-Invitation letter (States).pdfState letter Ref.: T 8/10.21:AP0005/12 (CNS)AP005-Invitation letter (States)Jan 18,2012Secretariat
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WP01 - Provisional Agenda.pdfWP/01Provisional Agenda & Subject Tasks ListWP01 - Provisional AgendaJan 18,2012Secretariat
WP02_ICAO AI.2 - Outcome of ADS-B SITF-10 and APANPIRG22.pdfWP/02Outcome of ADS-B SITF/10 and APANPIRG/22 on ADS-BWP02_ICAO AI.2 - Outcome of ADS-B SITF-10 and APANPIRG22Apr 11,2012Secretariat
WP03_ICAO AI.2 - APANPIRG-22 Outcome - ATM Perspective.pdfWP/03APANPIRG/22 Outcomes - ATM PerspectiveWP03_ICAO AI.2 - APANPIRG-22 Outcome - ATM PerspectiveApr 11,2012Secretariat
WP04_ICAO AI.4 - TOR and Subject tasks list.pdfWP/04Review Terms of Reference and Tasks List of ADS-B Study and Implementation Task ForceWP04_ICAO AI.4 - TOR and Subject tasks listApr 11,2012Secretariat
WP05_ICAO and India AI. 2 - SEA-BOB ADS-B WG-7.pdfWP/05Review Report of the Seventh Meeting of South East Asia Bay of Bengal Sub-regional ADS-B Implementation Working Group (SEA/BOB ADS-B WG/7)WP05_ICAO and India AI. 2 - SEA-BOB ADS-B WG-7Apr 12,2012India & Secretariat
WP06_AUS_HK_AI.5 - Guidance  ASTERIX (final ver on 6.4.2012).pdfWP/06Guidance Material on Generation, Processing & Sharing of Asterix Category 21 ADS-B MessagesWP06_AUS_HK_AI.5 - Guidance ASTERIX (final ver on 6.4.2012)Apr 16,2012Australia & Hong Kong, China
WP06A_Attachment GM on ASTERIX CAT21.pptWP/06(A)Attachment to WP/6WP06A_Attachment GM on ASTERIX CAT21Apr 24,2012
WP07_AUS AI.5 - guidance for advice to military regarding data sharing.pdfWP/07Guidance Material relating to Sharing ADS-B data with the MilitaryWP07_AUS AI.5 - guidance for advice to military regarding data sharingApr 11,2012Australia
WP08_AUS AI.6 - AMC2020 in RAD environment_V4.pdfWP/08AMC-20-24 in a RADAR EnvironmentWP08_AUS AI.6 - AMC2020 in RAD environment_V4Apr 11,2012Australia
WP09_CANSO AI. 7  - ADS-B over South China Sea and Bay of Bengal.pdfWP/09ADS-B Implementation over the South China Sea and the Bay of BengalWP09_CANSO AI. 7 - ADS-B over South China Sea and Bay of BengalApr 11,2012CANSO
WP10_AUS AI.5 - Task No 13.pdfWP/10ADS-B SITF Task No. 13 - Amendments to the Australia ADS-B RuleWP10_AUS AI.5 - Task No 13Apr 11,2012Australia
WP11_AUS_CASA AI. 7 - Update on Avionics Regulations.pdfWP/11CASA Update on Regulatory Developments and Further Avionics Mandates Applicable to Australian AircraftWP11_AUS_CASA AI. 7 - Update on Avionics RegulationsApr 11,2012Australia
WP12_ ICAO_AI. 2 and 3 - ADSB Related updates.pdfWP/12ATM and PBN Developments Relevant to the ADS-B SITFWP12_ ICAO_AI. 2 and 3 - ADSB Related updatesApr 11,2012Secretariat
WP13_ICAO AI.6 - Review PFF on Surveilance and ADS-B.pdfWP/13Review of Performance Framework Form for ADS-BWP13_ICAO AI.6 - Review PFF on Surveilance and ADS-BApr 11,2012Secretariat
WP14_IATA_AI8_ADS-B for Height Monitoring.pdfWP/14Asia Pacific Regional Long Term Height MonitoringWP14_IATA_AI8_ADS-B for Height MonitoringApr 12,2012IATA
WP15_Hong Kong China_IA7_ADS-B Equippage.pdfWP/15Status of ADS-B Avionics Equipage along ATS routes L642/M771 for Harmonized ADS-B ImplementationWP15_Hong Kong China_IA7_ADS-B EquippageApr 17,2012Hong Kong, China
WP16_AUS AI.6 Success of data sharingV3.pdfWP/16Success of ADS-B Data Sharing between Indonesia and AustraliaWP16_AUS AI.6 Success of data sharingV3Apr 17,2012Australia & Indonesia
WP17_India_AI.6 - India Update and BOB proposal.pdfWP/17India's Preparedness towards Implementation of ADS-B and Outcome of BOBASIO/2 on ADS-B Data SharingWP17_India_AI.6 - India Update and BOB proposalApr 20,2012India
WP18_HKG and SIN Joint WP on DO-260, DO-260A and DO-260B.pdfWP/18Difference between DO-260, DO-260A and DO-260BWP18_HKG and SIN Joint WP on DO-260, DO-260A and DO-260BApr 20,2012Hong Kong, China & Singapore
WP19 - Attachment.pptxWP/19Attachment to WP/19WP19 - AttachmentApr 24,2012Singapore
WP19_Singapore AI5_NUC value analysis.pdfWP/19ADS-B Equipage and NUC Value AnalysisWP19_Singapore AI5_NUC value analysisApr 24,2012Singapore
WP20_Indo and SIN and VN - Update South China Sea.pdfWP/20Update on the ADS-B Collaboration Project in the South China Sea AreaWP20_Indo and SIN and VN - Update South China SeaApr 24,2012Indonesia, Singapore and Viet Nam
WP21_Attachment - Australia Black list plan.pdfWP/21Attachment to WP/21WP21_Attachment - Australia Black list planApr 26,2012Australia
WP21_AUS AI. 6 - Avionics Issues experienced.pdfWP/21ADS-B avionics Issues ExperiencedWP21_AUS AI. 6 - Avionics Issues experiencedApr 24,2012Australia
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IP01_Meeting Bulletin_and Nomination Form_Jeju_Korea.pdfIP/01Meeting BulletinIP01_Meeting Bulletin_and Nomination Form_Jeju_KoreaJan 18,2012Secretariat
IP02_AUS_AI.7 - Fitment mandate.pdfIP/02Making Operators aware of the Australian ADS-B Fitment Mandate applying in 2013IP02_AUS_AI.7 - Fitment mandateApr 11,2012Australia
IP03_ICAO AI.2 and 2 - DGCA CONF-48 on  ADS-B Implementation.pdfIP/03Outcome of DGCA CONF/48 on ADS-BIP03_ICAO AI.2 and 2 - DGCA CONF-48 on ADS-B ImplementationApr 11,2012Secretariat
IP04_ Cambodia SUR Revised.pdfIP/04Surveillance Systems in Cambodia (Revised)IP04_ Cambodia SUR RevisedApr 25,2012Cambodia
IP05_ROK AI. 6 - Current_ADS-B_service (Revised).pdfIP/05Review of Current ADS-B installation in Republic of Korea (Revised)IP05_ROK AI. 6 - Current_ADS-B_service (Revised)Apr 24,2012Republic of Korea
IP06_ROK_AI.6_ADS-B Validation System.pdfIP/06ADS-B Validation System Development Progress in KoreaIP06_ROK_AI.6_ADS-B Validation SystemApr 16,2012Republic of Korea
IP07_Japan_AI6 - ADSB SITF11-xx Data Fusion final.pdfIP/07Update Surveillance Activities in JapanIP07_Japan_AI6 - ADSB SITF11-xx Data Fusion finalApr 19,2012Japan
IP08_Australia and PNG AI6  - ADS-B data sharing update.pdfIP/08Progress on Possible Project: Papua New Guinea (PNG) & Australia & IndonesiaIP08_Australia and PNG AI6 - ADS-B data sharing updateApr 19,2012Papua New Guinea & Australia
IP09_Attachment FAA_final.pdfIP/09AttachmentIP09_Attachment FAA_finalApr 24,2012USA
IP09_USA AI. 5 - Report_on_FAA_Activities.pdfIP/09Report of FAA ADS-B ActivitiesIP09_USA AI. 5 - Report_on_FAA_ActivitiesApr 24,2012USA
IP10_IDN AI.6 - Potential ADSB Site to be shared (Rev).pdfIP/10Potential ADS-B Groundstation to be shared in Indonesia (Revised)IP10_IDN AI.6 - Potential ADSB Site to be shared (Rev)Apr 26,2012Indonesia
IP11_Attachment Revised.pptIP/11Attachment to IP/11 (Revised)IP11_Attachment RevisedApr 26,2012China
IP11_China AI.6 - ADS-B  Implementation in China Revised.pdfIP/11Introduction to Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) in China (Revised)IP11_China AI.6 - ADS-B Implementation in China RevisedApr 26,2012China
IP12_China AI8_Mlat-ADS-B Security Issue.pptIP/12CAAC TEDC WAM/MLAT and ADS-B SecurityIP12_China AI8_Mlat-ADS-B Security IssueApr 24,2012China
IP13_FIJI AI.6 - ADS-B Surveillance Implementation (Revised).pdfIP/13ADS-B Surveillance Implementation in Fiji (Revised)IP13_FIJI AI.6 - ADS-B Surveillance Implementation (Revised)Apr 27,2012Fiji
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SP01_Greg_ADS-B in context.pdfSP/01ADS-B in ContextSP01_Greg_ADS-B in contextApr 24,2012Australia
SP02_CANSO ADS-B in APAC and Benefits.pptSP/02ADS-B in APAC and ADS-B BenefitsSP02_CANSO ADS-B in APAC and BenefitsApr 18,2012CANSO
SP03_IATA_ View on ADS-B Out Implementation.pptSP/03ADS-B OUT - IATA VIEWSP03_IATA_ View on ADS-B Out ImplementationApr 24,2012IATA
SP04_ROKK - ADS-B Development and Impl Plan in ROK.pptxSP/04ADS-B Development and Implementation PlanSP04_ROKK - ADS-B Development and Impl Plan in ROKApr 18,2012Republic of Korea
SP05_AUS - Update on Australian Rulemaking.pptxSP/05Regulatory Plan to Support the Future ATM System in Australia (Update on CASA Relemaking in the Year since SITF/10)SP05_AUS - Update on Australian RulemakingApr 18,2012Australia
SP06_FAA Regs-Stds-Guid ICAO Korea final.pptSP/06ADS-B Regulations Standards and GuidanceSP06_FAA Regs-Stds-Guid ICAO Korea finalApr 18,2012FAA/USA
SP07_CHN - Updates on ADS-B Projects in China -ATMB.pptxSP/07A Briefing of ADS-B (OUT) Applications/Project in ChinaSP07_CHN - Updates on ADS-B Projects in China -ATMBApr 18,2012China
SP08A_Airbus_ADS-B OUT presentation.pdfSP/08(A)ADS-B Out (Airborne Dependent Surveillance Broadcast)SP08A_Airbus_ADS-B OUT presentationApr 20,2012Airbus
SP08B_Airbus_ADS-B IN (ATSAW) presentation.pdfSP/08(B)ATSAW (Airborne Traffic Situational Awareness)SP08B_Airbus_ADS-B IN (ATSAW) presentationApr 20,2012Airbus
SP09_Boeing ICAO ADS-B SITF-11 041812 Final.pdfSP/09ADS-B - A Boeing PerspectiveSP09_Boeing ICAO ADS-B SITF-11 041812 FinalApr 19,2012Boeing
SP10_Rockwell Collins - ADS-B Out In and GNSS Reqment (rev.).pptxSP/10ADS-B Out, In and GNSS Requirements Update (Revised)SP10_Rockwell Collins - ADS-B Out In and GNSS Reqment (rev.)Apr 24,2012Rockwell Collins
SP11_Thales - ADS-B Avionics Solutions.pptxSP/11ADS-B Avionics SolutionsSP11_Thales - ADS-B Avionics SolutionsApr 24,2012Thales

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