2011 SIP

​Workshop on the Development of Natio​nal Performance Framework for Air Navigation Systems

(​Nadi​, Fiji,28 March - 1 April 2011)

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SIPrpt.pdfReport of Workshop on the Development of National Performance Framework for Air Navigation SystemsSIPrptApr 01,2011
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WP.11.Planning.pptWP11Performance Framework for efficiency - Planning mechanismsWP.11.PlanningMar 07,2011Secretariat
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wp01.pdf.pdfWP01Agendawp01.pdfMar 04,2011Secretariat
WP.2 -  List of documentation - Revised.pdfWP02List of Documentation - RevisedWP.2 - List of documentation - RevisedMar 10,2011Secretariat
wp03.pdf.pdfWP03Schedulewp03.pdfMar 04,2011Secretariat
WP.4 - Global system Opnl. concept.pdfWP04Global Air Navigation System - Operational conceptWP.4 - Global system Opnl. conceptMar 07,2011Secretariat
WP.5.Performance framework.pptWP05Global Air Navigation Systems - Performance FrameworkWP.5.Performance frameworkMar 07,2011Secretariat
WP.6.Regional Plan.pptWP06Global Air Navigation System - Asia and Pacific Air Navigation PlanWP.6.Regional PlanMar 07,2011Secretariat
WP.7 - System elements.pdfWP07Performance Framework for efficiency - System elements (ATM, AIM, MET, AGA, CNS)WP.7 - System elementsMar 08,2011Secretariat
WP.8.Global Plan.pptWP08Performance Framework for efficiency - GANPWP.8.Global PlanMar 07,2011Secretariat
WP.9 - eANP.pdfWP09Performance Framework for efficiency - eANPWP.9 - eANPMar 08,2011Secretariat
WP.10 - PBN.pdfWP10Performance Framework for efficiency - PBNWP.10 - PBNMar 07,2011Secretariat
WP.12 - Flight Plan.pdfWP12Performance Framework for efficiency - New Flight PlanWP.12 - Flight PlanMar 08,2011Secretariat
WP.13 - FUA Civil Mili.pdfWP13Performance Framework for efficiency - FUA: Civil/Military CooperationWP.13 - FUA Civil MiliMar 07,2011Secretariat
WP.14 - UAS.pdfWP14Performance Framework for efficiency - UASWP.14 - UASMar 07,2011Secretariat
WP.15.Economics.pptWP15Performance Framework for efficiency - Economic AssessmentWP.15.EconomicsMar 07,2011Secretariat
WP.16 - Measure benefit.pdfWP16Performance Framework for efficiency - Measurement of environment benefitsWP.16 - Measure benefitMar 07,2011Secretariat
WP.16App.Enviornment.new7777.accdrWP16Attachment (Database file)WP.16App.Enviornment.new7777Mar 07,2011Secretariat
WP.17.Interoper and Harmo.pptWP17Performance Framework for efficiency Interoperability and harmonizationWP.17.Interoper and HarmoMar 07,2011Secretariat
WP.18.GASP.pptxWP18Performance Framework for safety - GASPWP.18.GASPMar 07,2011Secretariat
WP.19 - Safety.pdfWP19Performance Framework for SafetyWP.19 - SafetyMar 10,2011Secretariat
WP.19A - SMS SSP.pdfWP19ASMS and SSPWP.19A - SMS SSPMar 10,2011Secretariat
WP.20 - Aero safety.pdfWP20Performance Framework for safety - Aerodrome SafetyWP.20 - Aero safetyMar 07,2011Secretariat
WP.21 - Transition Appch.pdfWP21Hands-on exercise - Transition approach to performance frameworkWP.21 - Transition AppchMar 08,2011Secretariat
WP.22 - Guidance develop.pdfWP22Hands-on exercise - Guidance for the development of National Performance FrameworkWP.22 - Guidance developMar 07,2011Secretariat
WP.23.PFF explanation.efficiency.docWP23Hands-on exercise - PFF Explanation for efficiencyWP.23.PFF explanation.efficiencyMar 10,2011Secretariat
WP.24.PFF explanation.safety.docWP24Hands-on exercise - PFF Explanation for safetyWP.24.PFF explanation.safetyMar 10,2011Secretariat
WP.25 - ICAO Panels.pdfWP25Future developments - Work programme of ICAO Panels and Study GroupsWP.25 - ICAO PanelsMar 07,2011Secretariat
WP.26 - SESAR.pdfWP26Future developments - NextGen/SESARWP.26 - SESARMar 07,2011Secretariat
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Letter.pdfIP1Letter of InvitationLetterMar 07,2011Secretariat

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