2011 WKSHP and GNSS

​Workshop on Ionospheric Data Collec​tion, Analysis and Sharing to Support GNSS Implementation

( B​angkok, Thailand,5 - 6 May 2011)

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Photo for web_IDCAS-Workshop.jpgGroup PhotoPhoto for web_IDCAS-WorkshopMay 10,2011Secretariat
Summary Report and Recommendations.pdfWorkshop on Ionospheric Data Collection, Analysis and Sharing in Support of GNSS Implementation - Report on OutcomeSummary Report and RecommendationsMay 10,2011Secretariat
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IP01_Meeting Bulletin.pdfIP1Meeting BulletinIP01_Meeting BulletinMay 03,2011Secretariat
IP02_India Effects on SBAS performance.pdfIP2Ionospheric Effects on SBAS PerformanceIP02_India Effects on SBAS performanceMay 03,2011India
IP03_ICAO Focal Point of contact (revised).pdfIP3Ionospheric Data Collection Focal Point of Contact (Revised)IP03_ICAO Focal Point of contact (revised)May 05,2011Secretariat
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SP00_JPN - Brief Background and objective of Workshop.pdfSP0Brief Backgrond and Objective of the WorkshopSP00_JPN - Brief Background and objective of WorkshopMay 04,2011Japan
SP01_ICAO GNSS for Aviation.pdfSP1GNSS for Aviation - a Brief BackgroundSP01_ICAO GNSS for AviationMay 04,2011Japan
SP02_India - Ionospheric effect on SBAS - Indian Perspective.pdfSP2Ionospheric Effects on SBAS Performance - Indian PerspectiveSP02_India - Ionospheric effect on SBAS - Indian PerspectiveMay 03,2011India
SP3_JPN - Effect on GBAS and mitigation technique.pdfSP3Ionospheric Effects on GBAS and Mitigation TechniquesSP3_JPN - Effect on GBAS and mitigation techniqueMay 04,2011Japan
SP04_JPN - Low Latitude Disturbances.pdfSP4Low-Latitude Ionospheric Disturbances with a Speical Emphasis on Equatorial Anomaly and Plasma BubblesSP04_JPN - Low Latitude DisturbancesMay 05,2011Japan
SP05_AUS - GBAS in mid latitude.pdfSP5GBAS Ionospheric threat evaluation in the mid-latitude Australian regionSP05_AUS - GBAS in mid latitudeMay 06,2011Australia
SP06_SIN - GBAS Study.pdfSP6Activities for Ionospheric Study for Ground Based Augmentation Systems (GBAS) in SingaporeSP06_SIN - GBAS StudyMay 06,2011Singapore
SP07_HKG - GBAS Roadmap.pdfSP7GBAS Roadmap - Hong Kong, ChinaSP07_HKG - GBAS RoadmapMay 06,2011Hong Kong, China
SP08_THA - Ionospheric data collection in Thailand.pdfSP8spheric Data Collection in ThailandSP08_THA - Ionospheric data collection in ThailandMay 06,2011Thailand

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