2011 FIT-BOB/13 and BOB-RHS/TF/5

The Thirteenth Meeting ​​of the FANS Implementation Team for the Bay of Bengal (FIT-BOB/13) and the Fifth Meeting of the Bay of Bengal Reduced Horizontal Separation Implementation Task Force (BOB-RHS/TF/5)

(Bangkok, Tha​​​​iland,7-11 February 2011)

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FITBOB13_BOBRHS_TF5trp.pdfReport of the Thirteenth Meeting of the FANS Implementation Team for the Bay of Bengal (FIT-BOB/13) and the Fifth Meeting of the Bay Of Bengal Reduced Horizontal Separation Implementation Task Force (BOB RHS/TF/5)FITBOB13_BOBRHS_TF5trpMar 03,2011
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IP01.pdfIP1List of Working Papers (WPs) and Information Papers (IPs)IP01Mar 03,2011
IP02.pdfIP2Proposed Changes to Communications Procedures B465 Vientiane/Yangon FIRIP02Mar 03,2011
IP03.pdfIP3Examination of Operations Conducted on ATS Routes in the Bay of Bengal RegionIP03Mar 03,2011
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WP01.pdfWP01Provisional Agenda â?? BOB-RHS/TF/5WP01Mar 03,2011
WP02.pdfWP02Summary of Outcomes of the BOB-RHS/TF/4 MeetingWP02Mar 03,2011
WP03.pdfWP03Specific Items to be completed before End of BOB-RHS/TF/5WP03Mar 03,2011
WP04.pdfWP04Kabul ACC Status Report and overview of significant eventsWP04Mar 03,2011
WP05.pdfWP05Implementation of RNP10 Operations (50NM Longitudinal Separation)WP05Mar 03,2011
WP06.pdfWP06BOBCAT Configuration with new ATS route SAMAR - LAJAK and Reduced Longitudinal Separation of 50 NMWP06Mar 03,2011
WP07.pdfWP07Implementation of 50NM Longitudinal Separation on RNP10 Routes in the Bay of BengalWP07Mar 03,2011
WP08.pdfWP08Assessment of the Safety of continued use of 50-NM Lateral and the Implementation of 50-NM Longitudinal Separation Standards on ATS Routes P628 and L510, N571 and P762WP08Mar 03,2011
WP09.pdfWP09Operational trials on reduced horizontal separation minima in Colombo FIRWP09Mar 03,2011
WP10.pdfWP10Update BOB-RHS/TF Task ListWP10Mar 03,2011
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fitbob13_WP01.pdfWP1Provisional Agenda FIT-BOB/13fitbob13_WP01Mar 03,2011
fitbob13_WP02.pdfWP2Update ADS/CPDLC Status and Capacity Enhancements Tablesfitbob13_WP02Mar 03,2011
fitbob13_WP03.pdfWP3Update FIT-BOB Task Listfitbob13_WP03Mar 03,2011
fitbob13_WP04.pdfWP4ADS/CPDLC Progress and Commencement of 24-hour Operational Trial within Kuala Lumpur FIRfitbob13_WP04Mar 03,2011
fitbob13_WP05.pdfWP5Progress Report of ADS-C/CPDLC Operation within the Ujung Pandang FIRfitbob13_WP05Mar 03,2011
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fitbob13_IP01.pdfIP1List of Working and Information Papersfitbob13_IP01Mar 03,2011
fitbob13_IP02.pdfIP2FANS 1/A Implementation Team for the Bay of Bengal (FIT-BOB) Terms Of Referencefitbob13_IP02Mar 05,2011
fitbob13_IP03.pdfIP3Outcomes of APANPIRG/21fitbob13_IP03Mar 05,2011
fitbob13_IP04.pdfIP4Report on the Activities of the Thirteenth Meeting of RASMAGfitbob13_IP04Mar 05,2011
fitbob13_IP05.pdfIP5Summary Report of the 10th Meeting of FANS Implementation Team for South-East Asia (FIT-SEA/10)fitbob13_IP05Mar 03,2011
fitbob13_IP06.pdfIP6Progress Report of ADS-C/CPDLC Implementation trials in Male FIR, Maldivesfitbob13_IP06Mar 05,2011

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