2011 FIT-SEA/11 and SEACG/18

​The Eleventh Meeting of the FANS Implementation Team for South-East ​​Asia (FIT-SEA/11) and the Eighteenth Meeting of the South-East Asia ATS Coordination Group (SEACG/18)

( Bangkok​, Thailand,3-6 May 2011)

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FINAL REPORT FIT-SEA11 and SEACG18.pdfReport of the Eleventh Meeting of the FANS Implementation Team for South-East Asia (FIT-SEA/11) and the Eighteenth Meeting of the South-East Asia ATS Coordination Group (SEACG/18)FINAL REPORT FIT-SEA11 and SEACG18May 16,2011Secretariat
FIT-SEA APDX B Report_of_CRA-Japan.pdfFIT-SEA/11Appendix B: Report of CRA-JapanFIT-SEA APDX B Report_of_CRA-JapanMay 16,2011
FIT-SEA11 APDX A System Performance in the Ujung Pandang FIR.pdfFIT-SEA/11Appendix A: System Performance Data for the Ujung Pandang FIRFIT-SEA11 APDX A System Performance in the Ujung Pandang FIRMay 16,2011
FIT-SEA11 APDX C System Performance Singapore.pdfFIT-SEA/11Appendix C: System Performance Review by SingaporeFIT-SEA11 APDX C System Performance SingaporeMay 16,2011
FIT-SEA11 APDX D Philippines-ADS CPDLC.pdfFIT-SEA/11Appendix D: System Performance Review of Trial by the PhilippinesFIT-SEA11 APDX D Philippines-ADS CPDLCMay 16,2011
FIT-SEA11 APDX E DRAFT SLOA-TRIAL OPS.pdfFIT-SEA/11Appendix E: Draft Letter of Agreement Proposed by ManilaFIT-SEA11 APDX E DRAFT SLOA-TRIAL OPSMay 16,2011
FIT-SEA11 APDX F AIP Supplement_DRAFT VER  21 _2_.pdfFIT-SEA/11Appendix F: Draft AIP Supplement Proposed by ManilaFIT-SEA11 APDX F AIP Supplement_DRAFT VER 21 _2_May 16,2011
FIT-SEA11 APDX G ADSCPDLC Equipage and Status.pdfFIT-SEA/11Appendix G: Table of ADS/CPDLC Equipage and ATS Participation StatusFIT-SEA11 APDX G ADSCPDLC Equipage and StatusMay 18,2011
FIT-SEA11 APDX H FIT-SEA Task List.pdfFIT-SEA/11Appendix H: Task List of FIT-SEAFIT-SEA11 APDX H FIT-SEA Task ListMay 16,2011
SEACG18 APDX A Draft Report -- MK-ATMCG-2011 05 03 _2_.pdfSEACG/18Appendix A: Draft Report of MK-ATMCGSEACG18 APDX A Draft Report -- MK-ATMCG-2011 05 03 _2_May 16,2011
SEACG18 APDX B Presentation MK-ATMCG.pdfSEACG/18Appendix B: PowerPoint Presenttion of MK-ATMCGSEACG18 APDX B Presentation MK-ATMCGMay 16,2011
SEACG18 APDX C Radar Coverage ppt [Compatibility Mode].pdfSEACG/18Appendix C: Radar Coverage Chart of the South China Sea AreaSEACG18 APDX C Radar Coverage ppt [Compatibility Mode]May 16,2011
SEACG18 APDX D Status of Radar Handoff.pdfSEACG/18Appendix D: Status of Application of Radar Handover ProcedureSEACG18 APDX D Status of Radar HandoffMay 16,2011
SEACG18 APDX E Implementation Phases for ADS-B on L642 and M771 _2_.pdfSEACG/18Appendix E: Timeline of ADS-B Trials on L642 and M771SEACG18 APDX E Implementation Phases for ADS-B on L642 and M771 _2_May 16,2011
SEACG18 APDX F.pdfSEACG/18Appendix F: IATA Update of ICAO Asia/Pacific Region ATS Route Catalogue and New ProposalSEACG18 APDX FMay 16,2011
SEACG18 APDX G VN_ATS RouteProposal.pdfSEACG/18Appendix G: ATS Routes proposed by Viet NamSEACG18 APDX G VN_ATS RouteProposalMay 16,2011
SEACG18 APDX H Task List_HK.pdfSEACG/18Appendix H: Action Plan of SEACGSEACG18 APDX H Task List_HKMay 16,2011
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FITSEA11+SEACG18_3-6May2011 (for web).jpgGroup PhotoFITSEA11+SEACG18_3-6May2011 (for web)May 03,2011Secretariat
Order of Business.pdfOrder of BusinessOrder of BusinessApr 27,2011Secretariat
FITSEA11andSEACG18 Schedule.docxTentative ScheduleFITSEA11andSEACG18 ScheduleApr 05,2011Secretariat
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WP01.pdfWP01Provisional Agenda - FIT-SEA/11WP01Apr 22,2011Secretariat
WP02.pdfWP02ADS/CPDLC Equipage and ATS StatusWP02Apr 22,2011Secretariat
WP03.pdfWP03Update FIT-SEA Task ListWP03Apr 22,2011Secretariat
WP04.pdfWP04Summary Report of APANPIRG on FIT-SEA ActivitiesWP04Apr 22,2011Secretariat
WP05.pdfWP05Report of FIT-SEA CRAWP05Apr 27,2011Japan
WP06.pdfWP06ADS/CPDLC Operational Implementation within Ujung Pandang FIR and Proposal the Ujung Pandang FIR to Joint FIT-SEAWP06May 03,2011Indonesia
WP07.pdfWP07Setting Up of CRA-SingaporeWP07May 03,2011Singapore
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(7)
IP01.pdfIP01List of Working and Information Papers - FIT-SEA/11IP01May 03,2011Secretariat
IP02.pdfIP02Terms of Reference of FIT-SEAIP02Apr 22,2011Secretariat
IP03.pdfIP03Outcomes of RASMAG/13 and 14IP03Apr 22,2011Secretariat
IP04.pdfIP04Summary Report of the 13th Meeting of the FIT for the Bay of BengalIP04Apr 22,2011Secretariat
IP05.pdfIP05ADS/CPDLC Operational Implementation in Ho Chi Minh FIRIP05Apr 29,2011Viet Nam
IP06.pdfIP06Progress of ADS/CPDLC Trial Operations in Manila FIRIP06May 03,2011Philippines
IP07.pdfIP07ATS Data Link Performance/Operator Review - SingaporeIP07May 03,2011Singapore
collapse Type Name : SEACG/18 (4-6 May 2011)- ‎(25)
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(20)
SEACG18-WP01.pdfWP01Provisional Agenda - SEACG/18SEACG18-WP01Apr 25,2011Secretariat
SEACG18-WP02.pdfWP02Review Action Plan from SEACG/17SEACG18-WP02Apr 25,2011Secretariat
SEACG18-WP03.pdfWP03Outcomes of APANPIRG/21SEACG18-WP03Apr 25,2011Secretariat
SEACG18-WP04.pdfWP04Status of State Contingency PlansSEACG18-WP04Apr 25,2011Secretariat
SEACG18-WP05.pdfWP05The Implementation of the NEW Flight Plan FormatSEACG18-WP05Apr 25,2011Secretariat
SEACG18-WP06.pdfWP06ICAO Asia Pacific Region ATS Route CatalogueSEACG18-WP06Apr 27,2011IATA
SEACG18-WP07.pdfWP07FL400 Restriction on G581SEACG18-WP07Apr 25,2011Hong Kong, China
SEACG18-WP08.pdfWP08Outcomes of RASMAG/13 and 14SEACG18-WP08Apr 25,2011Secretariat
SEACG18-WP09.pdfWP09Outcomes of SEA-RR/TF/4SEACG18-WP09Apr 26,2011Secretariat
SEACG18-WP10.pdfWP10Radar Coverage Chart of the South China Sea Area and the Status Matrix of Application of Radar Handover ProceduresSEACG18-WP10Apr 25,2011Secretariat
SEACG18-WP11.pdfWP11Review of the Asia/Pacific ATS Route CatalogueSEACG18-WP11Apr 25,2011Secretariat
SEACG18-WP12.pdfWP12Decision of ATM/AIS/SAR/SG/20 on Terms of Reference finalized in SEACG/17SEACG18-WP12Apr 25,2011Hong Kong, China
SEACG18-WP13.pdfWP13South East Asia Route Review Task ForceSEACG18-WP13Apr 27,2011IATA
SEACG18-WP14.pdfWP14ATS Route DevelopmentSEACG18-WP14Apr 29,2011Viet Nam
SEACG18-WP15.pdfWP15Bilateral Coordination between Indonesia and Singapore during Volcanic Ash Contingencies and Development of Regional Contingency ArrangementsSEACG18-WP15Apr 29,2011Indonesia & Singapore
SEACG18-WP16.pdfWP16Harmonisation of ATC Procedures for ADS-B Operations in the South China Sea AreaSEACG18-WP16Apr 29,2011Singapore
SEACG18-WP17.pdfWP17Draft Report of the Mekong ATM Coordination Group Meeting (Jointly submitted by Cambodia, Hong Kong China, Lao PDR, Thailand and VietNam)SEACG18-WP17May 03,2011Thailand
SEACG18-WP18.pdfWP18Sub-Regional Initiatives to improve Air Traffic Management (ATM) and implement Interim Arrangements during Volcanic Incidents (Jointly submitted by Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and IATA)SEACG18-WP18May 04,2011Singapore
SEACG18-WP19.pdfWP19Best Practices to develop State ATM Contingency Plan and Regional ATM Contingency PlanSEACG18-WP19May 04,2011Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand
SEACG18-WP20.pdfWP20Review of FIT-SEA/11SEACG18-WP20May 04,2011Secretariat
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(5)
SEACG18-IP01.pdfIP01List of Working and Information Papers - SEACG/18SEACG18-IP01May 04,2011Secretariat
SEACG18-IP02.pdfIP02Summary of the Discussion of the Third Meeting of AIS-AIMSG (November 2010, Montreal)SEACG18-IP02Apr 25,2011Secretariat
SEACG18-IP03.pdfIP03Seamless ATM ImplicationsSEACG18-IP03Apr 25,2011Secretariat
SEACG18-IP04.pdfIP04Updates on ATM Activities in Viet NamSEACG18-IP04Apr 29,2011Viet Nam
SEACG18-IP05.pdfIP05Outcome of the fourth meeting of East Asia ATM Coordination Group (EATMCG/4)SEACG18-IP05Apr 29,2011Japan

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