2011 ADS-B SITF/10

​The Tenth Meeting of Automati​c Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B​​​​​​​​) study and Implementation Task Force (ADS-B SITF/10)

( Singapore,26-29 April 2011)

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Final Report ADS-B SITF10  - Reviewed.pdfReport of the Tenth Meeting of Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B) Study and Implementation Task Force (ADS-B SITF/10)May 09,2011SecretariatFinal Report ADS-B SITF10 - Reviewed
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WP-IP Template.docWP/IP TemplateMar 30,2011WP-IP Template
Attachment 1 - List of participants.pdfAttachement 1 - List of ParticipantsApr 29,2011Attachment 1 - List of participants
Attachment 2 - List of papers.pdfAttachement 2 - List of PapersApr 29,2011Attachment 2 - List of papers
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WP01_ICAO - Provisional Agenda.pdfWP01Provisional AgendaMar 30,2011SecretariatWP01_ICAO - Provisional Agenda
WP02_ICAO AI.2 - Outcome of APANPIRG21 and SEAADSB5.pdfWP02Outcome of APANPIRG/21 on ADS-B (Revised)Apr 25,2011SecretariatWP02_ICAO AI.2 - Outcome of APANPIRG21 and SEAADSB5
WP03_ICAO AI.4 - TOR and Tasks List.pdfWP03Review Terms of Reference and Task List of ADS-B Study and Implementation Task ForceMar 31,2011SecretariatWP03_ICAO AI.4 - TOR and Tasks List
WP04_ICAO and VNM AI. 7 - Radio Frequency REV.pdfWP04Radio Frequencies for Provisionof VHF Voice CommunicationsApr 12,2011Viet Nam & the SecretariatWP04_ICAO and VNM AI. 7 - Radio Frequency REV
WP05_ICAO AI.8 - PPF.pdfWP05Review Regional Performance Objective on ADS-BApr 08,2011SecretariatWP05_ICAO AI.8 - PPF
WP06_ICAO AI.6 - CNS-ATM Matrix.pdfWP06CNS/ATM Implementation and Planning MatrixApr 08,2011SecretariatWP06_ICAO AI.6 - CNS-ATM Matrix
WP07_ICAO and SIN AI. 7 - SEA ADS-B WG-6.pdfWP07Review Report of the Sixth Meeting of South East Asia Sub-Regional ADS-B Implementation Working Group (SEA ADS-B WG/6)(File Size: 4 MB)Apr 12,2011Singapore & the SecretariatWP07_ICAO and SIN AI. 7 - SEA ADS-B WG-6
WP08_AUS AI.4 - Guidance on preparatin of safety.pdfWP08Guidance Material on Preparation of a Safety Case for Delivery of Separation ServicesApr 12,2011AustraliaWP08_AUS AI.4 - Guidance on preparatin of safety
WP09_AUS AI.7 - Update on ADS-B Regulation.pdfWP09Brief Update on Australian ADS-B Regulation and the Need for Cooperation across APAC State Regulatory Authorities with Aircraft Approvals and Equipage Compliance MattersApr 12,2011AustraliaWP09_AUS AI.7 - Update on ADS-B Regulation
WP10_CANSO AI. 7 - ADS-B Seminar in supporting high traffic density.pdfWP10CANSO ADS-B Seminars in Support of ADS-B Implementation for High Traffic Density Routes over the South China Sea and the Bay of Bengal (File Size: 1.6 MB)Apr 15,2011CANSOWP10_CANSO AI. 7 - ADS-B Seminar in supporting high traffic density
WP11_AUS AI.7 - ADS-B in a Radar Environment.pdfWP11ADS-B in a radar environmentApr 19,2011AustraliaWP11_AUS AI.7 - ADS-B in a Radar Environment
WP12_AUS AI. 7 - Recommendation NUC=0.pdfWP12Recommendation regarding NUC=0Apr 19,2011AustraliaWP12_AUS AI. 7 - Recommendation NUC=0
WP13_AUS-INDO-PAPUA AI. 7 - Data sharing.pdfWP13Possible Project: Australia, Indonesia and Papua New GuineaApr 20,2011Australia, Indonesia and Papua New GuineaWP13_AUS-INDO-PAPUA AI. 7 - Data sharing
WP14_IATA AI.6 - Requirement for SA Aware.pdfWP14Australian Requirements for SA AwareApr 22,2011IATAWP14_IATA AI.6 - Requirement for SA Aware
WP15_SIN and INDO AI. 5 - Sample agreement.pdfWP15Updating of Sample AgreementApr 21,2011Indonesia & SingaporeWP15_SIN and INDO AI. 5 - Sample agreement
WP16_AUS AI. 8 - Guidance on Reliability and Availability.pdfWP16Guidance Regarding Reliability and Availability of ADS-B SystemsApr 22,2011AustraliaWP16_AUS AI. 8 - Guidance on Reliability and Availability
WP17_IATA AI. 6 - Equipage Requirements.pdfWP17Aircraft Equipage RequirementsApr 22,2011IATAWP17_IATA AI. 6 - Equipage Requirements
WP18_ROK AI. 6 - ADS-B Track Accuracy.pdfWP18Evaluation on ADS-B Track AccuracyApr 22,2011Republic of KoreaWP18_ROK AI. 6 - ADS-B Track Accuracy
WP19_AUS AI.5 - ADS-B Flight Planning (2nd Revision).pdfWP19ADS-B and Flight Planning (2nd Revision)Apr 27,2011AustraliaWP19_AUS AI.5 - ADS-B Flight Planning (2nd Revision)
WP20_Chaiman TF AI. 7 - Bay of Bengal Project.pdfWP20Possible Project: Bay of BengalApr 27,2011Chairman of TFWP20_Chaiman TF AI. 7 - Bay of Bengal Project
WP21_Annexes.docxWP21Update on the ADS-B Collaboration Project in the South China Sea AreaApr 27,2011Indonesia, Singapore & Viet NamWP21_Annexes
WP21_INDO and SIN and VNM AI.7 - ADS-B Collaboration project.pdfWP21AnnexesApr 27,2011Indonesia, Singapore & Viet NamWP21_INDO and SIN and VNM AI.7 - ADS-B Collaboration project
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IP01_ICAO - Meeting bulletin.pdfIP01Meeting BulletinMar 30,2011SecretariatIP01_ICAO - Meeting bulletin
IP02_ICAO AI. 3 - Update ADS- related ICAO Panels.pdfIP02Updates of ADS-B related Development by ICAO PanelsApr 22,2011SecretariatIP02_ICAO AI. 3 - Update ADS- related ICAO Panels
IP03_New Caledonia AI.3 - ADS-B Programme.pdfIP03New Caledonia - ADS-B ProgrammeApr 18,2011New CaledoniaIP03_New Caledonia AI.3 - ADS-B Programme
IP04_AUS AI.7 - ADS-B Update.pdfIP04Australian ADS-B UpdateApr 19,2011AustraliaIP04_AUS AI.7 - ADS-B Update
IP05_SIN AI. 6 - ADS-B Mandate.pdfIP05ADS-B Mandate Issued by SingaporeApr 20,2011SingaporeIP05_SIN AI. 6 - ADS-B Mandate
IP05_SIN AI.6 - Attachment.pdfIP05AAttachment to IP/5Apr 20,2011SingaporeIP05_SIN AI.6 - Attachment
IP06_SIN AI. 6 - Harmonization of ATC Procedures (REV).pdfIP06Harmonization of Air Traffic Control Procedures for ADS-B Operations in the South China Sea Area (Revised)Apr 26,2011SingaporeIP06_SIN AI. 6 - Harmonization of ATC Procedures (REV)
IP07_AUS and INDO AI. 6 - Data sharing.pdfIP07ADS-B Data Sharing: Indonesia - AustraliaApr 22,2011Australia & IndonesiaIP07_AUS and INDO AI. 6 - Data sharing
IP08_ROK AI.6 - Development Progress in ROK.pdfIP08ADS-B Development Progress in KoreaApr 22,2011Republic of KoreaIP08_ROK AI.6 - Development Progress in ROK
IP09_CHN AI.6 - ADS-B Activities in China.pdfIP09Breif on the ADS-B Activites in ChinaApr 25,2011ChinaIP09_CHN AI.6 - ADS-B Activities in China
IP10_AUS AI. 6 - GPS Accuracy.pdfIP10ADS-B/GPS AccuracyApr 27,2011AustraliaIP10_AUS AI. 6 - GPS Accuracy
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SP01_AUS - Guidance Material on Safety Case.pdfSP01Draft ICAO APAC Guidance Material - Building a Safety Case for a Surveillance ServiceApr 15,2011AustraliaSP01_AUS - Guidance Material on Safety Case
SP02_AUS Update Australian rule.pdfSP02Update on Australian rule - aircraft ADS-B OUT equipage mandate for enroute surveillanceApr 15,2011AustraliaSP02_AUS Update Australian rule
SP03_Boeing - ADS-B brief.pdfSP03Brief on ADS-BApr 15,2011BoeingSP03_Boeing - ADS-B brief
SP04_Day 1 - IATA - ADS-B.pdfSP04ADS-BApr 22,2011IATASP04_Day 1 - IATA - ADS-B
SP05_SIN - Regional Activities for ADS-B (2nd revision).pdfSP05Regional Activities for ADS-B (2nd Revision)Apr 28,2011SingaporeSP05_SIN - Regional Activities for ADS-B (2nd revision)
SP06_CANSO - Overview of ADS-B Cost Benefit Study.pdfSP06Overview of ADS-B Cost Benefit Study (File Size: 3 MB)Apr 25,2011CANSOSP06_CANSO - Overview of ADS-B Cost Benefit Study
SP07a_Airbus - ADS-B OUT (Revised).pdfSP07aADS-B OUT (Revised)Apr 27,2011AirbusSP07a_Airbus - ADS-B OUT (Revised)
SP07b_Airbus - ADS-B IN.pdfSP07bADS-B INApr 26,2011AirbusSP07b_Airbus - ADS-B IN
SP08_USA - FAA Programme Status.pdfSP08FAA Programme StatusApr 26,2011USASP08_USA - FAA Programme Status
SP9a - Update on European Programme.pdfSP09aUpdate on European ProgrammeApr 26,2011AustraliaSP9a - Update on European Programme
SP9b - Update - Canada.pdfSP09bUpdate on Canadian ProgrammeApr 26,2011AustraliaSP9b - Update - Canada
SP10 - Australian program update.pdfSP10ADS-B Status UpdateApr 26,2011AustraliaSP10 - Australian program update
SP11 - ERA - ADS-B WAM.pdfSP11ADS-B WAM (File Size: 2MB)Apr 26,2011ERASP11 - ERA - ADS-B WAM
SP12 - Comsoft - Installation requirements.pdfSP12ADS-B Installation RequirementsApr 26,2011ComsoftSP12 - Comsoft - Installation requirements

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