ICAO Secure Portal


iSTARS is a group on the ICAO Secure Portal. iSTARS is only one out of many sites which are hosted on the ICAO Secure Portal. As an aviation professional, you may already have access to some group on that porta, in which case the registration process is different.

You are a new user

New users to the ICAO Secure Portal and iSTARS need to fill in a registration form. Acceptance may take up to 48 hours. You will be sent your username and password by email.

You are already member of the ICAO Secure Portal  


If you are already member of another group on the ICAO Secure Portal, this means that you already have an account. According to the terms of use of the ICAO Secure Portal, only one account is allowed per user, with all the groups this user needs to access combined at the same account.


In this case, in order to request access to iSTARS, you need to login to the ICAO Secure Portal by using your account and use then the Profile -> Group Suscribe link to subscribe to the iSTARS group. Follow the lost username/password link to revocer your credentials if you have lost them. For any other assistance, please contact the ICAO Secure Portal administrator (ICAOPortalAdmin@icao.int).