Eighteenth Meeting of the Communications/Navigation and Surveillance Sub-group  
(CNS SG/18) of APANPIRG)                
 (ICAO Regional Sub-Office, Beijing, China, 21 - 25 July 2014)                  

 2014 CNSSG18

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Report CNS SG18 10-08-14 Final - lwk-lp.pdfReport of CNS SG/1820 Aug. 2014Secretariat 
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WP-IP template.docWP/IP Template03 Jun. 14Secretariat 
AP080-14-CNS.pdfLetter of Invitation01 Jul. 2014Secretariat 
Tentative Programme CNS SG18 17-07-14-rev D.pdfTentative Programme (Rev. 23/07/14)23 Jul. 2014Secretariat 
CNS SG 18 group photo - RSO Beijing.pdfGroup Photo24 Jul. 2014Secretariat 
Attachment 1 - (78) List of Participants 17-07-23.pdfList of Participants (Revised 24/07/14)24 Jul. 2014Secretariat 
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WP01_ICAO - Provisional Agenda-rev.pdfWP/01Provisional Agenda01 Jul. 2014Secretariat 
WP02_ICAO AI 2.1 - DGCA CONF-50 Rev. 16-07-14.pdfWP/02Action Items of DGCA Conf./50 (Rev. 16/07/14)17 Jul. 2014Secretariat 
WP03_ICAO AI 2.2 - Follow up to ANC12 Rev. 25-07-14.pdfWP/03Follow-up to the 12th Air Navigation Conference Recommendations (Rev. 25/07/14)25 Jul. 2014Secretariat 
WP04_ICAO AI 3.1 - Follow-up Actions to  APANPIRG24 Rev. 16-07-14.pdfWP/04Review of Actions Plan on the Report of the Seventeenth CNS Sub-group and Twenty Fourth APANPIRG Meetings (Rev. 16/07/14)17 Jul. 2014Secretariat 
WP05_ICAO AI 3.2 - Regional Priorities and targets.pdfWP/05Priorities and Targets10 Jul. 2014Secretariat 
WP06_ICAO AI 3.3 AI.5 - FIT Asia3 RASMAG19 Outcomes.pdfWP/06FIT-ASIA/3 and RASMAG/19 Outcomes10 Jul. 2014Secretariat 
WP07_ICAO AI 4.1 - Report of ACSICG-1 meeting.pdfWP/07Report of the First Meeting of the Aeronautical Communication Services Implementation Coordination Group (ACSICG/1)10 Jul. 2014Secretariat 
WP08_USA AI 4.1 - Asia Pac CRV benefits_final.pdfWP/08Asia and Pacific Common Regional Virtual Private Network (CRV) Benefits21 Jul. 2014Australia, Fiji, India, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand and USA 
WP09_USA AI 4.2 - SWIM.pdfWP/09System Wide Information Management (SWIM) Concept of Operation and Implementation Requirement10 Jul. 2014USA 
WP10_NZ AI. 5- SATVOICE Issues.pdfWP/10SATCOM Communication in the Auckland (NZZO) Oceanic FIR10 Jul. 2014New Zealand 
WP11_ICAO AI 5.1 - RCP-RSP Implementation Framework rev.pdfWP/11RCP/RSP Implementation Framework10 Jul. 2014Secretariat 
WP12_ICAO AI 8.3 - Review of SRWG-1 report.pdfWP/12Outcome of the First Meeting of Spectrum Review Working Group (SRWG/1)10 Jul. 2014Secretariat 
WP13_ICAO AI 8.4 - Refined frequency assignment method.pdfWP/13Use of a Refined Frequency Assignment Method in the APAC Region10 Jul. 2014Secretariat 
WP14_ICAO AI 9.2 - New ANP Templates Rev. 16-07-14.pdfWP/14New Regional Air Navigation Plan (ANP) Template and Procedure for Amendment (Rev. 16/07/14)17 Jul. 2014Secretariat 
WP15_JPN AI 6.3 - ISTF current status and working plan_rev1.pdfWP/15Current Status and Working Plan of Ionospheric Studies Task Force10 Jul. 2014Chairman, ISTF 
WP16_ICAO AI 9.1 -ANRF, Seamless Reporting and monitoring of regional progress - rev A.pdfWP/16ANRF, Seamless Reporting and Monitoring of Regional Progress (Rev. 17/07/14)17 Jul. 2014Secretariat 
WP17_ICAO AI.4.2 - Pan ICD for AIDC.pdfWP/17PAN Inter-Regional ICD for AIDC17 Jul. 2014Secretariat 
WP18_NZ AI. 5.1 - PBCS NZZO Post Implementation Monitoring_rev1.pdfWP/18PBCS in NZZO – Post Implementation Monitoring10 Jul. 2014New Zealand 
WP19_NZ AI. 5.1 - FANS1A Performance NZZO.pdfWP/19PBCS in NZZO – Current FANS1/A Performance and Issues11 Jul. 2014New Zealand 
WP20_NZ AI. 5.1 - Problem reporting_rev2.pdfWP/20EASA Report on Technical Issues Affecting VDL 2 and the ATN Baseline 1 Data Link Implementation in Europe10 Jul. 2014New Zealand 
WP21_NZ AI.5.1 - PBCS Guidance Material_rev1.pdfWP/21PBCS Guidance Material11 Jul. 2014New Zealand 
WP22_ICAO AI 6.4 - Navigation Strategy.pdfWP/22Navigation Strategy for the Asia/Pacific Region11 Jul. 2014Secretariat 
WP23_ICAO AI 7.1 - Review Report of ADS-B SITF13.pdfWP/23Review Report of the Thirteenth Meeting of Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) Study and Implementation Task Force11 Jul. 2014Secretariat 
WP24_HKG AI 7.2 - ADS-B Database rev_3.1.pdfWP/24Enhancing Aviation Safety through Establishing of a Regional ADS-B Avionics Problem Reporting Database (APRD)11 Jul. 2014Hong Kong, China 
WP25_THA AI 4.1- Request For Information for CRV.pdfWP/25Request for Information (RFI) for the Asia Pacific Common Regional Virtual Private Network (CRV)11 Jul. 2014Thailand 
WP26_India AI 5.3 - SATVOICE Com.pdfWP/26Status of implementation of SATVOICE for ATS Communication in India11 Jul. 2014India 
WP27_India AI 6.2 - GBAS Implementation.pdfWP/27Implementation of GBAS in India11 Jul. 2014India 
WP28_India AI 11 - safety concern human factor.pdfWP/28Safety Concern due to Stress and Fatigue on ATSEPs11 Jul. 2014India 
WP29_ICAO AI 9.3 Review TORs.pdfWP/29Terms of Reference of the CNS Sub-group and other Contributory Bodies11 Jul. 2014Secretariat 
WP30_ICAO AI 10 - CNS Deficiencies.pdfWP/30Status of CNS Deficiencies11 Jul. 2014Secretariat 
WP31_ICAO AI4.1 CRV TOR and progress report.pdfWP/31CRV Terms of Reference and Project Progress and Project Process15 Jul. 2014Secretariat 
WP32_ICAO AI 4.1 - MSA for CRV procurement.pdfWP/32Draft Management Service Agreement for the Stage 1 of the CRV Project15 Jul. 2014Secretariat 
WP33_SIN-HKG AI 4.1 - Proposal for the provision of Stage 1.pdfWP/33Proposal for the Provision of a same Project Budget for each State/Administration Participating in the Stage 1 of the CRV Project21 Jul. 2014Australia, Fiji, India, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand and USA 
WP34_AUS AI 7.2 - Regional ADS-B Requirement.pdfWP/34Regional ADS-B Requirement for New Aircraft15 Jul. 2014Australia 
WP35_USA AI4.1 - CRV ConOps 0.6.pdfWP/35Asia/Pacific Common Regional Virtual Private Network (CRV) Concept of Operations17 Jul. 2014USA 
WP36_ICAO AI 9 2 - Working group on CNS related parts of eANP  - Rev 3.pdfWP/36Ad Hoc Working Group on eANP CNS Matters17 Jul. 2014Secretariat 
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IP01_ICAO - Meeting Bulletin.pdfIP/01Meeting Bulletin11 Jun. 2014Secretariat 
IP02_ICAO AI 4 3 - Rev. COM Coordination meeting.pdfIP/02Outcome of COM Coordination Meeting (Rev. 23/07/14)23 Jul. 2014Secretariat 
IP03_USA AI 5 - AEROMACS_Update.pdfIP/03AeroMACS Development Status Update09 Jul. 2014USA 
IP04_USA AI 7.2 - Update on ADS-B Implementation.pdfIP/04Update on ADS-B Implementation09 Jul. 2014USA 
IP05_USA AI. 11 - Human Factors.pdfIP/05The Integration of Human Factors in Research, Operations and Acquisitions09 Jul. 2014USA 
IP06 _ICAO AI 6.3 - Review of ISTF 3 and 4.pdfIP/06Review of the Third and Fourth Meetings of Ionospheric Studies Task Force (ISTF/3 and ISTF/4)09 Jul. 2014Secretariat 
IP07_ICAO AI 8.1 - Preparation of WRC-2015.pdfIP/07Outcome of Second and Third APT-APG Meetings09 Jul. 2014Secretariat 
IP08_NZ AI 7.2- Southern Surveillance_1 Rev. 18-07-15.pdfIP/08Southern Surveillance MLAT/ADS-B Implementation in New Zealand (Rev. 18/07/14)18 Jul. 2014New Zealand 
IP09_NZ AI 5.2 - D-ATIS-DCL NZ.pdfIP/09Implementation of DCL/D-ATIS/D-D-VOLMET in the New Zealand FIR09 Jul. 2014New Zealand 
IP10_ICAO AI 5.1 - OPLINKP on PBCS.pdfIP/10Progress on the work of the Operational Data Link Panel (OPLINKP) related to Performance Based Communication and Surveillance (PBCS) (Rev. 16/07/14)17 Jul. 2014Secretariat 
IP11_FRA AI 4.1 - Commitment to CRV stage 1 V3_Rev. 15 Jul. 14.pdfIP/11DSNA Contribution to CRV Procurement (Rev. 15/07/14)15 Jul. 2014New Zealand (on behalf of France) 
IP12_ICAO AI.4 - AMHS - AFTN implmentation project information on web.pdfIP/12AMHS and AFTN Implementation Tool on Website10 Jul. 2014Secretariat 
IP13_BGD AI 3.2-AI 6.1 - Progress implementation on AIDC-PBN.pdfIP/13Progress on Implementation of ATN/AMHS, AIDC, ADS-B and PBN10 Jul. 2014Bangladesh 
IP14_India AI 4.2 - IP VPN MPLS network.pdfIP/14IP-VPN Ground/Ground Communication Network Using Commercially Available MPLS Network11 Jul. 2014India 
IP15_ICAO AI 8.2 - Outcome of RPG for WRC-15.pdfIP/15Outcome of Regional Preparatory Group for WRC-201511 Jul. 2014Secretariat 
IP16_ICAO RSO AI 6.1 - PBN-ATFM.pdfIP/16PBN and ATFM/CDM Implementation Supports by ICAO APAC Regional Sub-Office18 Jul. 2014Secretariat 
IP17_ICAO RSO AI. 6.1 - PBN Implementation Progress and ICAO Supports.pdfIP/17PBN Implementation Progress and ICAO Supports18 Jul. 2014Secretariat 
IP18_Mongolia AI 6.2-AI 7.1 - ADS-B and GNSS implementation.pdfIP/18Current Status of ADS-B Implementation and Upper Airspace GNSS Preparatory Phase of Mongolia18 Jul. 2014Mongolia 
IP19_NZ AI 6.1 - PBN in New Zealand v4.pdfIP/19Update on PBN implementation in the New Zealand (NZZC) and Auckland Oceanic (NZZO) FIR18 Jul. 2014New Zealand 
IP20_JPN AI 5 2 - CPDLC R6.pdfIP/20The examination situation of the continental AREA of data link introduction in CARATS  18 Jul. 2014Japan 
IP21_JPN AI 5.3 - Updating Departure Clearance DCL R5.pdfIP/21The Updating of Departure Clearance Trial Operation in Japan18 Jul. 2014Japan 
IP22_JPN AI 11 - Upgrade software for radio facilities.pdfIP/22Upgrade software of parts supply system for Aeronautical Radio Facilities18 Jul. 2014Japan 
IP23_ROK AI 7.2 - SMR ADS-B MALAT at Incheon Int Airport.pdfIP/23Surveillance Facilities Installation Planning and Implementation Status in Incheon International Airport21 Jul. 2014Republic of Korea 
IP24_CHN AI 4.3 - Rev. AFS Implementatioin status report of China.pdfIP/24China AFS Implementation Status Report (Rev. 22/07/14)22 Jul. 2014China 
IP25_CHN AI 5.3 - AeroMACS-ADCC.pdfIP/25Status of AeroMACS trial in China22 Jul. 2014China 
IP26_THA AI. 6 - PBN Implementation Status Update-revised.pdfIP/26Thailand PBN Implementation (Rev. 23/07/14)23 Jul. 2014Thailand 
IP27_THA AI. 6 - RAIM Prediction Implementation Update-revised.pdfIP/27Progress on the Establishment of RAIM Prediction System (Rev. 23/07/14)23 Jul. 2014Thailand 
IP28_AUS AI. 6.1 - Australian Update.pdfIP/28Australian Update23 Jul. 2014Australia 
IP29_JPN AI. 4 - Research and development on SWIM.pdfIP/29Research and Development of SWIM24 Jul. 2014Japan 
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SP01_ICAO News on CRV.pdfSP/01CRV: News About CRV on ICAO Website23 Jul. 2014Secretariat 


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