11th Meeting of the Asia/Pacific Regional OPMET Bulletin Exchange Working Group (ROBEX WG/11)
(Bangkok, Thailand,11 - 13 March 2013)
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Final Report of ROBEX WG-11 (12-04-13).pdfReport - ROBEX WG/11May 09,2013Secretariat
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AP001 - Invitation letter to ROBEX WG-11.pdfState letter Ref.: T 4/3.2.3:AP001/13 (MET)Jan 17,2013Secretariat
ATTA 1 - REV. List of participants (11-03-13).pdfList of participants (Revised 13/03/13)Mar 13,2013Secretariat
group photo.pdfGroup PhotoMar 11,2013Secretariat
Order of Business - ROBEX WG-11.pdfOrder of BusinessMar 11,2013Secretariat
WP-IP template.docWP/IP TemplateJan 18,2013Secretariat
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WP01 - ICAO - Provisional Agenda.pdfWP/01Provisional AgendaJan 17,2013Secretariat
WP02 - ICAO AI.1B - Review OPMET-MTF-10 and Follow-up Action.pdfWP/02Review of OPMET/M TF/10 Meeting and Action ItemsFeb 28,2013Secretariat
WP03 - ICAO AI.1B - Review of APANPIRG-23 and progress.pdfWP/03Review of APANPIRG/23 Conclusions and ProgressFeb 28,2013Secretariat
WP04 - ICAO AI.2A - MET Deficiencies Update.pdfWP/04MET Deficiencies UpdateFeb 28,2013Secretariat
WP05 - IATA AI.2A - Availability of OPMET from ASIA-PAC.pdfWP/05Availability of OPMET from ASIA/PACFeb 28,2013IATA
WP06 - IATA AI. 2A - OPMET (SADIS and WIFS).pdfWP/06IATA OPMET Data Monitoring for ASIA/PAC (SADIS and WIFS)Feb 28,2013IATA
WP07 - IATA AI.2B - Timelines and Regulality of OPMET data.pdfWP/07Timeliness and Regularity of OPMET Data from ASIA/PACFeb 28,2013IATA
WP08 - ICAO AI.4A - Review ROBEX HB.pdfWP/08Review Updates to the ROBEX HandbookFeb 28,2013Secretariat
WP09 - ICAO AI.4B - Review ASIA-PAC ICD.pdfWP/09Review Updates to the ASIA/PAC ICDFeb 28,2013Secretariat
WP10 - ICAO AI.4C - Review OPMET related FASID Tables.pdfWP/10Review of OPMET related FASID TablesFeb 28,2013Secretariat
WP11 - ICAO AI.3A - IROG back-up procedures.pdfWP/11Review IROG Back-up Procedures and TestsMar 01,2013Secretariat
WP12 - ICAO AI.2A - WIFS  Secure SADIS FTP implementation update.pdfWP/12Review Status of WIFS & Secure SADIS FTP Service ImplementationMar 01,2013Secretariat
WP13 - SIN AI.3B - Review of OPMET Monitoring Rpt.pdfWP/13Review of OPMET Monitoring ReportMar 07,2013Singapore
WP14 - Chair AI.6 - TOR and Work Plan.pdfWP/14Terms of Reference and Work Programme of the ROBEX Working GroupFeb 28,2013ROBEX WG Chair
WP15 - THA AI.2D - IROG Back up Exercise 2013.pdfWP/15ASIA/PAC Inter-Regional OPMET Gateways Backup ExerciseMar 07,2013Thailand
WP16 - THA AI3B - REV.Performance Indices of ASIA-PAC RODBs.pdfWP/16Performance Indices of ASIA/PAC RODBS (Revised 09/03/13)Mar 11,2013Thailand
WP17 - JPN AI.2A - RODB Toky Performance Indices.pdfWP/17RODB Tokyo Performance Indices for METAR and TAFMar 08,2013Japan
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IP01 - ICAO - Meeting bulletin.pdfIP/01Meeting BulletinJan 17,2013Secretariat
IP02_NZ AI.2 - Proposed Automation of NZ Int'l METARS.pdfIP/02Proposed Automation of New Zealand International METARSFeb 28,2013New Zealand
IP03 - JPN AI.2A - Implementation of 30 hour TAF.pdfIP/03Implementation of 30 Hour TAF in JapanMar 08,2013Japan
IP04 - IDN - AI.4 - Proposed Amendment of FASIS Table MET 2A.pdfIP/04Amendment of FASID Table MET 2AMar 11,2013Indonesia
IP05 - THA AI.5 - RODB Co-ordination meeting - revised 20130321.pdfIP/05RODB Coordination Meeting (Revised 21/03/13)Mar 25,2013Thailand
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WP-C1 - Australia AI.C1 - Darwin and Tokyo VAAC BackupTest.pdfWP/C1Darwin & Tokyo VAAC Backup TestFeb 28,2013Australia
WP-C2 (c) - ICAO AI.C2 (c) -Review regional SIGMET Guide.pdfWP/C2Update on SIGMET GuideFeb 28,2013Secretariat
WP-C3 (e) - ICAO AI.C2 (e) - Review status of regional migration to GRIB2.pdfWP/C3Regional User Readiness for the Migration to GRIB2Mar 01,2013Secretariat
WP-C4 (a) - SIN AI.2C2 (a) - Review of SIGMET Test 8.pdfWP/C4Review of WS SIGMET Test 8Mar 07,2013Singapore RODB
WP-C5 (a) - JPN AI.C2 (a) - Progress with SIGMET Test WC and WV.pdfWP/C5Progress with SIGMET Tests - WC and WVMar 08,2013Japan
WP-C6 (b) - SIN AI.C2 (b) - SIGMET monitoring for 6 non-participating States.pdfWP/C6SIGMET Monitoring for 6 Non-participating States in ASIA/PAC WS 0 SIGMET TestsMar 07,2013Australia & Singapore
WP-C7 - JPN AI.C1 - Report on backup tests between VAAC TKO and DWN.pdfWP/C7Report on Back-up Tests Conducted between the VAAC Tokyo and DarwinMar 08,2013Japan
WP-C8 (d) - JPN AI.C2 (d) - Preparation for SIGMET Advisory.pdfWP/C8Preparation for SIGMET Advisory at Japan Meteorological AgencyMar 08,2013Japan

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