Seventeenth Meeting of the Meteorology Sub-group (MET SG/17) of APANPIRG
( Bangkok, Thailand,13 - 16 May 2013)
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Final Report of MET SG-17 v1.1.pdfReport - MET SG/17 (PDF)Jun 04,2013Secretariat
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AP028 - MET SG-17_Invitation SL.pdfState letter Ref.: T 4/3.2:AP028/13 (MET)Feb 21,2013ICAO
Attachment 1 - (53) PAR List as of 15 May.pdfList of ParticipantsMay 15,2013Secretariat
group photo.pdfGroup PhotoMay 14,2013Secretariat
Order_of_business.pdfOrder of BusinessMay 13,2013Secretariat
WP-IP template.docWP/IP TemplateApr 26,2013Secretariat
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WP01 - ICAO Provisional Agenda.pdfWP/01Provisional AgendaApr 09,2013Secretariat
WP02 - ICAO AI 3.1 - Follow-up CNS-MET-16 and APANPIRG-23.pdfWP/02Follow-up Actions on CNS/MET SG/16 and APANPIRG/23May 07,2013Secretariat
WP03 - ICAO AI 3.2 - Review DGCA-49.pdfWP/03Action Items from 49th Conference of DGCAMay 07,2013Secretariat
WP04 - ICAO AI 3.3 - Review AN-Conf 12 Outcomes.pdfWP/04Review Outcomes of AN-Conf/12May 07,2013Secretariat
WP05 - Review APSAPG outcomes.pdfWP/05Review Outcomes from APSAPGMay 07,2013Secretariat
WP06_Chair WAFSTF AI 4.2 - WAFS Survey.pdfWP/06Survey on Operational Use of Services and Products from Service Providers of World Area Forecast System (WAFS) in Asia/Pacific Region and WAFS Training Needs of Asia/Pacific StatesMay 06,2013Chairman of WAFS Task Force
WP07 - WAFC Provider States AI. 4.2 - Developments to the WAFS.pdfWP/07Summary of Recent and Forthcoming Developments to the WAFSMay 07,2013WAFC Provider States
WP08 - Chair WAFSTF AI 4.2 - WAFS Implementation.pdfWP/08Regional Progress in WAFS ImplementationMay 06,2013Secretariat
WP09 - SADIS AI 4.3 - SADIS Developments.pdfWP/09Summary of Recent and Forthcoming Development to the SADISMay 06,2013Service Provider
WP10 - USA AI. 4.3 - WIFS Accounts.pdfWP/10WIFS AccountsMay 06,2013USA
WP11 - JPN AI. 5 - Use of VONA.pdfWP/11Use of Volcano Observatory Notice for Aviation (VONA) FormatMay 06,2013Japan
WP12 - Chair METHTF AI. 7.1 - MET H TF3 Report.pdfWP/12MET/H Task Force ReportMay 06,2013Chair of MET/H TF
WP13 - Chair METHTF AI. 7.1 MET H TF Work Plan.pdfWP/13MET/H Task Force Work PlanMay 06,2013Chair of MET/H TF
WP14 - ICAO AI. 7.4 - Updates Regional SIGMET Guide.pdfWP/14Updates to the Regional SIGMET GuideMay 07,2013Secretariat
WP15 - Chair ROBEX WG AI 8.1 - ROBEX WG Report.pdfWP/15ROBEX Working Group ReportMay 07,2013Chair of ROBEX WG
WP16 - Chair ROBEX AI. 8.1 - ROBEX Work Programme.pdfWP/16ROBEX Working Group Work PrograemmeMay 06,2013Chair of ROBEX WG
WP17 - ICAO AI. 8.6 - Updates ROBEX HB and ICD.pdfWP/17Review Updates to the ROBEX Handbook and ICDMay 07,2013Secretariat
WP18 - IDN AI. 8 - Update ROBEX HB.pdfWP/18Update on ROBEX HandbookMay 06,2013Indonesia
WP19 - ICAO AI. 9 - Review ANP and FASID.pdfWP/19Review of the ANP/FASID - Part VI (MET)May 08,2013Secretariat
WP20 - ICAO AI 11 - Survey on QMS implementation.pdfWP/20Survey on the Implementation of QMS in the APAC RegionMay 09,2013Secretariat
WP21 - ICAO AI. 12 - TOR Task and Tasks List of MET-SG.pdfWP/21Terms of Reference and Task List of the MET Sub-groupMay 08,2013Secretariat
WP22 - ICAO AI 13 - Update of MET Deficiencies.pdfWP/22Review of Deficiencies in the MET FieldMay 08,2013Secretariat
WP23 - TON AI. 13 - MET Deficiencies Update.pdfWP/23MET Deficiencies UpdateMay 06,2013Tonga
WP24 - IDN AI. 13 - AP-MET 06 Deficiency.pdfWP/24AP-MET-06 Deficiency UpdateMay 06,2013Indonesia
WP25 - ICAO AI 11 - Status and Highlights of Amdt-76 to Annex3.pdfWP/25Status and Highlights of Amendment 76 to Annex 3May 09,2013Secretariat
WP26 - ICAO AI 10.2 - MET-R-TF and MET-ATM Seminar.pdfWP/26MET/R TF/3 Meeting and MET/ATM Seminar 2013May 09,2013Secretariat
WP27 - ICAO AI. 7.2 - Space Weather.pdfWP/27Space WeatherMay 09,2013Secretariat
WP28 - ICAO AI. 3 - PIRG-RASG Outcomes.pdfWP/28PIRG-RASG Global Coordination Meeting - OutcomesMay 15,2013Secretariat
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IP01 - ICAO  Meeting Bulletin.pdfIP/01Meeting BulletinApr 09,2013Secretariat
IP02 - Chair WAFSTF AI 4.2 - Updated WAFS Service.pdfIP/02Update of WAFS Service Reference DocumentMay 06,2013Chairman of WAFS Task Force
IP03 - Chair WAFSTF AI 12 - WAFS Work Plan Update.pdfIP/03Update of Work Plan of WAFS Task ForceMay 06,2013Chairman of WAFS Task Force
IP04 - USA AI 4.3 - WIFS Performance.pdfIP/04Report on WIFS PerformanceMay 06,2013USA
IP05 - NZ AI. 5 - Wellington VAAC Industry funded Enhancements.pdfIP/05Wellington Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre - Industry Funded EnhancementsMay 06,2013New Zealand
IP06 - ICAO AI 10.1 - Review MARIE-PT meeting.pdfIP/06Review of MARIE-PT MeetingMay 10,2013Secretariat
IP07 - JPN AI. 6 - Progress on TCG TCAC.pdfIP/07Progress on Graphical Tropical Cyclone Advisory at TCAC TokyoMay 06,2013Japan
IP08 - JPN AI. 7 - Outcomes of VOLKAM-13.pdfIP/08Outcome of Volcanic Ash Exercise in Kamchatka in 2013 (VOLKAM 13)May 06,2013Japan
IP09 - USA AI. 7.2 - Termination of Tsunami Advisory.pdfIP/09Termination of the Interim Tsunami Advisory Service Provided by the United States' Pacific in the Indian Ocean BasinMay 06,2013USA
IP10 - USA AI. 7.2 - Radio Active Clouds -SIGMET.pdfIP/10Meeting the Requirement of Issuing a SIGMET for Radioactive CloudsMay 07,2013USA
IP11 - USA AI. 7.2 - Space Weather Prediction.pdfIP/11Space Weather Prediction Center ServicesMay 07,2013USA
IP12 - VNM AI. 8.2 - Updated OPMET Data.pdfIP/12Updated OPMET Data Availability in Viet NamMay 07,2013Viet Nam
IP13 - AUS AI. 5 - Darwin VAAC Report.pdfIP/13VAAC Darwin Management ReportMay 07,2013Australia
IP14 - JPN AI. 8.4 - Progress with SIGMET Tests.pdfIP/14Progress with SIGMET Tests - WC and WVMay 07,2013Japan
IP15 - USA AI. 8.8 - MET exchange Model IWXXM.pdfIP/15ICAO Meteorological Information Exchange Model (IWXXM)May 07,2013USA
IP16 - NZ AI. 10 - National Airspace and Air Navigation Plan.pdfIP/16New Zealand National Airspace and Air Navigation PlanMay 07,2013New Zealand
IP17 - USA AI 10.1 - ASBU.pdfIP/17ICAO Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBU) for MeteorologyMay 07,2013USA
IP18 - AUS AI 7.2 - SIGMET Format (Rev-1).pdfIP/18Changes to the Australian SIGMET FormatMay 09,2013Australia
IP19 - AUS AI 4.4 - Use of WAFS Gridded CB.pdfIP/19Use of WAFS Gridded CB, Icing and Turbulence in AustraliaMay 09,2013Australia
IP20 - USA AI 10 - Total Observing Concept.pdfIP/20Total Observing Concept for the TAFMay 09,2013USA
IP21 - CHN AI 7.3 - Progress on SIGMET Advisory.pdfIP/21Progress Related to SIGMET Advisory in ChinaMay 09,2013China
IP22 - CHN AI 10 - Development of MSTA.pdfIP/22Development of Meteorological Services for the Terminal Area in ChinaMay 09,2013China
IP23 - HKG AI 7.2 Regional SIGMET Advisory Centres.pdfIP/23Concept of Regional SIGMET Advisory CentresMay 10,2013Hong Kong, China


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