Fourth Meeting of the ICAO Asia/Pacific Seamless ATM Planning Group (APSAPG/4)
(Hong Kong, China,3 to 7 June 2013)

 2013 APSAPG4

collapse Type Name : 2013 APSAPG4 ‎(29)
collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(2)
APSAPG4 Final report.pdfFinal report APSAPG/4 Jun 13, 2013Secretariat 
Draft Asia Pacific Seamless ATM Plan V0.9c with mark up.pdfDraft Asia Pacific Seamless ATM Plan V0.9c with mark up versionJun 10, 2013Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(4)
AP037-APSAPG4 States.pdfState Letter Ref.: T 3/10.1.21 -AP037/13 (ATM) Mar 20, 2013ICAO 
APSAPG4 - Pamphlet Final - 20130524.pdfNecessary Information for participantMay 30, 2013HK CAD 
OOD Rev.pdfOrder of discussionJun 30, 2013Secretartriat 
APSAPG4_GroupPhoto1.jpgGroup PhotoJun 10, 2013Hong Kong, China 
collapse Category : 3-Draft Seamless ATM Implementation Guidance Material ‎(4)
Seamless ATM Implementation Guidance v4 0 with all attachment.pdfDraft Seamless ATM Implementation Guidance MaterialJun 20, 2013Secretariat 
Appendix B State Seamless ATM Implementation Plan Template v3.0.docState Seamless ATM Implementation Plan TemplateJun 20, 2013Secretariat 
Regional Seamless ATM Reporting Form.xlsxRegional Seamless ATM Reporting Form (2 sheets) Jun 20, 2013Secretariat 
Template for comments - Implementation Guidance Material.xlsxTemplate for Comment on Implementation Guidance Material Jun 20, 2013Secretariat 
collapse Category : 4-Working Papers ‎(14)
WP01 Agenda.pdfWP01Provisional AgendaMay 28, 2013Secretariate 
WP02 Relevant Meeting Outcomes.pdfWP02Relevant Meeting Outcomes May 30, 2013Secretariat 
WP03 Seamless ATM Economic Analysis (IATA).pdfWP03Seamless ATM Economic Study May 30, 2013IATA 
WP04 Transition Altitude (Pakistan).pdfWP04Problems in Application of ICAO PANS-OPS Criteria related to determination of Transition AltitudeMay 28, 2013Patistan 
WP05 Seamless ATM Assessment Survey.pdfWP05Seamless ATM Assessment SurveyMay 30, 2013Secretariat 
WP06 Comments on the Seamless ATM Plan (Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Viet Nam).pdfWP06Comments on Seamless ATM PlanMay 31, 2013Thailand 
WP07 Asia Pacific Seamless ATM Plan.pdfWP07Asia/Pacific Seamless ATM Plan May 29, 2013Secretariat 
WP07 Attachment A Draft Asia Pacific Seamless ATM Plan V0.9b CLEAN.pdfWP07-Attachment AAttachment A Draft Asia/Pacific Seamless ATM Plan V0.9b without comments May 28, 2013Secretariat 
WP07 Attachment B Draft Asia Pacific Seamless ATM Plan V0.9b.pdfWP07-Attachment BAttachment B Draft Asia/Pacific Seamless ATM Plan V0.9b with commentsMay 28, 2013Secretariat 
WP08 Seamless ATM Implementation Guide.pdfWP08Seamless ATM Implementation GuideMay 30, 2013Secretariat 
WP09 Measuring Performance and Tracking Seamless Asia Skies Progress (IATA).pdfWP09Measuring Performance and Tracking Seamless Asia Skies Progress May 30, 2013IATA 
WP10 APSAPG Task List.pdfWP10APSAPG Task List May 28, 2013Secretariat 
WP11 Significant Points in the Draft Seamless ATM Plan V0.9.b (Hong Kong China).pdfWP11Significant Points in the Draft Seamless ATM Plan V0.9bMay 31, 2013Hong Kong, China 
WP12 Dissolution of the APSAPG.pdfWP12Dissolution of the APSAPGMay 31, 2013Secretariat 
collapse Category : 5-Information Papers ‎(5)
IP01 List of Papers.pdfIP01List of Working and Information Papers June 6, 2013Secretariat 
IP02 ATFM Zone.pdfIP02Air Traffic Flow Management ZoneMay 30, 2013IATA 
IP03 Identification of Safety Information Sharing Systems.pdfIP03Identification of Safety Information Sharing Systems May 30, 2013IATA 
IP04 Monitoring Seamless ATM Based on ASBU.pdfIP04Monitoring of Seamless ATM Based on the Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBU) FrameworkJune 03, 2013Hong Kong, China 
IP05 Viet Nam Surveillance Coverage updated.pdfIP05Surveillance Coverage in Ho Chi Minh FIRJune 6, 2013Viet nam 

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