​Asia/Pacific Seamless ATM Planning and Implementation Seminar/Workshop  
(Hyderabad, India, 21 October 2013)
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AP-ATM 133 ATM Seamless Seminar Hyderabad India 21 Oct 13.pdfAsia/Pacific Seamess ATM Planning and Implementation Seminar/Workshop Invitation LetterSep 11, 2013Secretariat 
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ASBU - Definitions of Objectives Targets- Metrics.pdfASBU - Definitions of Objectives Targets- MetricsOct 16, 2013ICAO 
ASBU Guidance on elements Equipage and Measurement.pdfASBU Guidance on elements Equipage and MeasurementOct 16, 2013ICAO 
Hyderabad Seminar 1 What is Seamless ATM.pdfPPT01What is Seamless ATMSep 16, 2013ICAO 
Hyderabad Seminar 2 Asia-Pacific Seamless ATM Plan.pdfPPT02Asia/Pacific Seamless ATM PlanSep 16, 2013ICAO 
Hyderabad Seminar 3 Implementation Guidance Material.pdfPPT03Implementation Guidance MaterialOct 01, 2013ICAO 
Hyderabad Seminar 3 Seamless ATM Implementation Guidance v4 1.pdfPPT03 ATTSeamless ATM Implementation Guidance v4 1Oct 01, 2013ICAO 
Hyderabad Seminar 4 State Seamless ATM Implementation Plan Template v3.0.docPPT04State Seamless ATM Implementation Plan Template v3.0Oct 01, 2013ICAO 
Hyderabad Seminar 5 Reporting.pdfPPT05Reporting Oct 01, 2013ICAO 
Regional Seamless ATM Reporting Form v2a workshop.xlsxPPT05 ATTATM Seamless Plan Reporting FormOct 01, 2013ICAO 
Hyderabad Seminar 6 Workshop.pdfPPT06WorkshopOct 16, 2013ICAO 

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