Asia/Pacific GLS Seminar (Sydney, Australia, 6 & 7 December 2012) ICAO Asia/Pacific Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) Development Workshop 2012 and The Tenth Meeting of the Performance-Based Navigation Task Force (PBN/TF/10)
( Nadi, Fiji,10-13 December 2012)
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FINAL REPORT PBNTF10 Final.pdfReport of the GLS Seminar and Report of the Tenth Meeting of the Performance Based Navigation Task Force and PBN WorkshopJan 04,2013Secretariat
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AP118-12 (ATM) PBN WKSHP and TF10_States.pdfGeneral InformationNov 28,2012ICAO
AP154-12 (ATM_States.pdfState Letter ref. T3/8.30-AP154/12 (ATM)Nov 28,2012ICAO
Group Photoxx.pdfGroup PhotoDec 14,2012Secretariat
IP WP Template.docWP/IP TemplateNov 28,2012Secretariat
PBN Implementation Workshop Schedule V-3 28 Nov 2012.pdfPBN Implementation Workshop SCHEDULEDec 11,2012ICAO
X_BPMN2_0_Poster_EN.pdf1General INformation 227/02/2013ICAO
collapse Type Name : Asia Pacific GLS Seminar (Sydney, Australia, 6 & 7 December 2012)- ‎(1)
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AP154-12 (ATM) ATT-A_GLS Seminar Draft invite letter.pdfInvitation Letter to Asia/Pacific GLS SeminarNov 28,2012Australia
collapse Type Name : PBN Workshop 2012 (Nadi, Fiji, 10-11 December 2012)- ‎(11)
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01 - PBN 101 V-1.pdfPerformance-Based Navigation 101Dec 11,2012IATA
1 - PBN Airspace Workshop_What is an Airspace Concept.pdfWhat is an Airspace ConceptDec 11,2012IATA
02 - PBN New Specs.pdfPerformance Based Navigation Implementation New Navigation SpecificationsDec 11,2012Australia
2 - PBN Airspace Workshop_Airspace Concept Development Process.pdfPBN Airspace Concept Development Process: An OverviewDec 11,2012IATA
03 - PBNTF_WS_20121210.pdfProcedure Design Criteria for the New Navigation Specifications & GLSDec 11,2012Japan
05 - IFP and Quality Assurance.pdfInstrument Flight Procedure Process and Quality AssuranceDec 11,2012ICAO FPP
06 - Juergen Ruppert - RNP to xLS - December 2012 V0 1.pdfConsiderations for RNP to xLS OperationsDec 11,2012GE Aviation
07 - Mallett - Navigation.pdfDefining the Future Airspace & Aerodrome RegulationDec 11,2012Australia
08 - ATC Procedures  Training.pdfATC Procedures & TrainingDec 11,2012New Zealand
09 - PBN Operational Approval Training V-2.pdfPBN Operational ApprovalDec 11,2012IATA
PBN Implementation Lessons.pdfPerformance Based Navigation Implementation - Lessons LearnedDec 12,2012Australia
collapse Type Name : PBN/TF/10 (Nadi, Fiji, 11-13 December 2012)- ‎(24)
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OOD.pdfOrder of DiscussionDec 10,2012Secretariat
State PBN Plan Template V-1.docxState PBN Plan Template Dec 12,2012Secretariat
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(13)
Flimsy 1 Aid Substitution.pdfFlimsy 1Substitution of RNAV for Conventional AidsDec 11,2012Secretariat
WP01 Agenda.pdfWP01Provisional AgendaNov 29,2012Secretariat
WP02 Related Meeting Outcomes.pdfWP02Related Meeting OutcomesNov 29,2012Secretariat
WP03 Global Update.pdfWP03Global PBN UpdateDec 06,2012Secretariat
WP04 Regional PBN Implementation Progress.pdfWP04Regional PBN Implementation ProgressNov 29,2012Secretariat
WP05 Regional Navigation Plan and PBN Plan Update.pdfWP05Regional Navigation Strategy and PBN Plan UpdateNov 29,2012Secretariat
WP06 PBN Implementation in Japan.pdfWP06PBN Implementation in JapanNov 29,2012Japan
WP07 Task List Review.pdfWP07PBN TF Task List ReviewNov 29,2012Secretariat
WP08 PBNTF Planning.pdfWP08PBN/TF PlanningNov 29,2012Secretariat
WP09-FPP 2012.pdfWP09Report on Progress and Accomplishments of the ICAO APAC Flight Procedure Programme (FPP) in 2012Dec 06,2012APAC FPP
WP10 ROK PBN Procedure Design Issues.pdfWP10Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Procedure Design IssuesDec 06,2012Republic of Korea
WP11 Hong Kong New Nav Spec.pdfWP11New Navigation Specification in Advance unedited PBN ManualDec 06,2012Hong Kong, China
WP12 IATA GLS Survey.pdfWP12GNSS Landing System (GLS) Survey to Operators in Asia PacificDec 10,2012IATA
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(7)
IP01 List of Papers (3).pdfIP01List of Working Papers (WPs) and Information Papers (IPs)Dec 12,2012Secretariat
IP02 ICAO IP - PBN in NZ.pdfIP02PBN in New ZealandDec 12,2012New Zealand
IP03 Thailand PBN Progress Report-Final doc.pdfIP03Thailand PBN ImplementationDec 03,2012Thailand
IP04 PBN IMPLEMENTATION IN SINGAPORE.pdfIP04Thailand PBN ImplementationDec 10,2012Singapore
IP05 Hong Kong PBN Implementation update.pdfIP05Update on Hong Kong, China PBN ImplementationDec 06,2012Hong Kong, China
IP06 Philippines PBN Update.pdfIP06Update on Hong Kong, China PBN ImplementationDec 10,2012Philippines
IP07 Cambodia PBN Update.pdfIP07Update on Hong Kong, China PBN ImplementationDec 12,2012Cambodia
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(2)
PNG Nadi.pdfPNG PBN Implementation Plan Draft - Formalize (BPE)Dec 12,2012Papua New Guinea
Presentation_Thailand PBN  GNSS.pdfProgress of Thailand GNSS & PBN ImplementationDec 03,2012Thailand


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